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Battle Reports! 4 different Batreps.. .enjoy!
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Default Battle Reports! 4 different Batreps.. .enjoy!

Started playing again and thought people want to hear how Eldar is doing in different versions and also looking to put some good use to Tau allies so for that i thought i wanted to reach out to an bigger audience and hope you enjoy my reports and maybe even let me know how to improve myself with them.

In the order they were written as you can follow up reading the next one you'll see how my tactic and writers skill advance..

Eldar vs Imperial Guard 1850pts

Eldar vs Space Marine 1500pts

Eldar vs Tau 1850pts

Eldar / Tau vs Blood Angles / Imperial Guards

I hope you enjoyed them and i will continue to add more fights to this forum and i hope atleast some of you will enjoy them as this is the format i enjoy myself when taking an break from work or on the toilet, for me it's hard to watch those videos so i rather read and have an easier time going back if i need to double check something and some people may have interesting idées to build list but when i can't get what there saying it's no fun..

So hope you'll want more of this..


p.s if i have offended or posting this wrong just delete this post i just try to get the word out but not trying to step on anyone's toe.
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