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2500pts; Tau verse Eldar/IG
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Default 2500pts; Tau verse Eldar/IG

Set up: Vanguard strike (corners)/purge the alien (kill points)

-Initiative won by Eldar/IG. Squadron of 3 Leman Russ tanks set middle front of deployment zone with 2 chimera's trailing, 3rd chimera staged to atk along my right flank along with Eldar Farseer and 6 warlocks on jetbikes. Full squad of jetbikes sets up rear of Russ's with warlock and attached Autarch. Another full squad of jetbikes with warlock sets up to run my left flank.
-Tau main team of 3broadsides with 2 shield drones sets up in deepest corner, hammer head just forward of them, twin linked crisis suit team just right of hammerhead. 2 broadside team with 2 shield drones sets up slightly right of them. Shas'O positions just forward of them with pathies in front of him in terrain and 6 man team of FW screening pathies. 12 man squad of FW set up in open next to pathies devilfish. Up left short side just past main broadsides sniper drone team sets up in terrain, 6 man FW team just forward and further up side of drones sets up to screen. Kroot flank, Shas'El, 2nd crisis suit team, stealth suits and single broadside with ASS in reserve.
-Eldar striking scorpions infiltrate in building on left side of table deep enemy long side but out of his deployment zone.
-I (Tau) steal initiative. (I really should have taken pics or something...)

--Turn 1:
-Tau(me): 12 FW team loads in devilfish and get behind building far right on friendly long side of table. Hammerhead moved around to get movement bonuses, Shas'O jumped out of cover to shoot as did crisis suit team with TL missile pods. Pathies light up left most enemy chimera and launch 2 seekers from devilfish, both do nothing. Broadsides fire up Russ squadron, scroe 1 hull point damage to 1 tank. All other fires manage to down 2 jetbikes except for hammerhead who drops pie plate on farseer/warlock jetbike squad killing 1 warlock.
-Eldar jetbikes boost in and run virtually on top of hammerhead (autarch squad) and main broadsides (left flank squad). Farseerer moves behind building devilfish headed for for cover as tanks take out 6 FW team screening pathies. Many psy attacks thrown, little effect. Striking scorpions fail to roll enough to properly clear building, run back inside.

--Turn 2:
-Tau(me): Kroot, stealth team and fusion blaster/plasma rifle equiped suit team enter battle. Kroot enter on left side stacking up right behind left flanking jetbikes. Stealth tm and crisis suits enter far right by farseer and IG chimera. Kroot rapid fire kills all but 4 jetbikes in left squad. Massed fires kill all but Autarch (wounded) in central jetbike squad. Broadsides fire kills 1 Russ and makes another unable to shoot (except snap shots) next round. Devilfish, stealth suits and fusion/plasma team kill all but farseer and 2 warlocks, fail to take down chimera.
-Eldar: 4 remaining bikes from left side squad move to assault main broadsides, overwatch from broadsides reduces squad to 1 bike who does not have range to assault. Autarch uses psy to inflict 4 wounds on Shas'O though stimulant injector/feel no pain saves 3 for single wound taken, then assaults hammerhead. All combined remaining fires destroys "scarey" suit team with fusion/plasma combo.

--Turn 3:
-Tau(me): Shas'El and ASS broadside enter fight. Kroot move forward toward striking scorpions in building (opponent makes comments of how they will assault and that will be a fun fight because i have numbers and he has skill and speed, I smile). FW in devilfish forget to dismount AGAIN... Hammerhead moves out of CC with Autarch, Shas'O finishes him off with plasma rifle and missile pod. 6FW team screening sniper drones turn and finish last jetbike from left side flankers. Kroot rapid fire striking scorpions leaving only Exarch alive with 1 wound, pathie railriflemen finish exarch. ASS broadside destroys right flank chimera, stealth suits and devilfish finish survivors. Shas'El kills a warlock with CIC. Broadside tms 1&2 bring 2nd Russ to 2 hull points of damage. Everything else fails to do damage.
-Eldar: Farseer and last warlock charge and immobilise devilfish. Russ's fail to damage due to scatter. Rear chimera moves up and flames and shoots at stealth team, kill gun drone. Nothing else succeeded in anything.

--Turn 4:
-Tau: Kroot move into building stepping over scorpion corpses. 12FW team, now dismounted, rapid fire farseer and last warlock finsihing them off. missile pod crisis tm wreck chimera, IG squad position behind it to block line of sight, kroot see from building and fire into wiping out squad. Broadsides take down 2nd Russ.
-Eldar: Final chimera fires into stealths again no damage, last Leman Russ fires deep into tau lines, kills shield drone.

--Match ends there due to time limit.
-Tau: WYSIWYG= +2pts, over half of army painted= +1 pt, squads killed= 9pts, killed enemy warlord= +1pt
-Eldar: Painted army= +2pts, squads killed= 2pts, first blood= +1pt
---13/5 Tau win.
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That seems to be the theme with Tau vs Eldar. And bringing IG as a back up? I know the tanks are great but Tau eat tanks up. Then he is left with IG which give you more VP it seems.

I did never think to reserve Broadsides with ASS. I usually throw two Shield drones on them and they last till the end. Unless a drone dies and they run off the table. But I started taking an ethereal for that.
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I thought I might try a different tactic. A single broadside, tm ldr with HW multi-tracker, ASS, TL plasma rifles and a pair of shield drones so as the enemy begins to move he can come in and focus fires as needed either from a safer location, possibly shooting flanks, or to possibly draw the enemy in a new direction.
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Kroot Shaper
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Great battle report
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