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The Garden of Kadesh (2D/ 3D Game concept/Models)
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Default The Garden of Kadesh (2D/ 3D Game concept/Models)

Anyone played Homeworld? - Well its space combat tactical PC game, I highly recommend.
There's a race in it, a NPC, called the Kadesh (Plural is kadeshi) - I plan to design and make some nice models for the race and some new ones, like heavy cruisers, carriers, Ion Corvettes ect.

Some Vids for those who dont know what im on about -

Introduction to the Kadeshi

Anyhow, you dont want to read too much do you. :P

Lets get it on with the design and construction.

First on the Hit list is the Swarmer. This was included in the game as a standard model.
Concept sketches for the Kadeshi Swarmer (Small Light Fighter which swarms the enemy in their hundreds, co-ordinating in shoals)

Update when i start modeling. ;D
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Default Re: The Garden of Kadesh (2D/ 3D Game concept/Models)

Im a noob at mapping so this project im going to rely on maps to provide 90% of the detail. Only way ill learn :P
Here we have a base 3d model at 190 Polygons. I set up some UVWs and have imported into Mudbox, sketched out some of the basic shapes of the ship. Exported and stick into max for now. Im going to edit in photoshop and generate a displace map from that.
Or thats the plan. Never done it before, we shall see how it goes. :

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Default Re: The Garden of Kadesh (2D/ 3D Game concept/Models)

Cool model.

But, I must say, it looks kind of Mass Effect-ish.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: The Garden of Kadesh (2D/ 3D Game concept/Models)

Lookin pretty good for a low poly model. A few views other than perspective would be nice though. What program are you doing the modelling in?

On a side note, "90% of the model in texturing" does not mean you suck, quite the opposite in fact. As a general rule geometry should only exist to create a silhouette (unless it's necessary for lighting purposes, but thats somewhat dubious at best) or for deformation purposes. The fewer polygons the better. I personally have never used mudbox (though ive used a bit of Zbrush, more so Photoshop CS4's 3D painting for ease of use) and if you can map it instead of modelling it, you're far better off. Look into normal mapping (or others to your taste, like occlusion or good old fashioned bump, better yet a combination) for adding detail.

PS: Homeworld was awesome, though the Gardens, in my opinion, were really one sided, as it gave the side with the drone frigates (i think thats the name, the one with the wireless gun pods) and cloaking fighters a ridiculous advantage. 2 drone frigates dominates those missions alone.
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