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TGS Planet tutorial huge numbers (and pics) of pics enter at your own peril
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Default TGS Planet tutorial huge numbers (and pics) of pics enter at your own peril

This tutorial is a GIMPified version of Rav's planet tutorial which is way better than this and can be found here (bear in mind that the title does say your modem will explode) enter at your own peril

What you will need: GIMP, time, possibly google earth or equicvalent and paint or equivalent

Start a new image 1000 X 1000 pixels.

1. If you don’t have google earth find a nice texture on the internet and skip ahead to step 3. Open google earth, find a bit of earth that you think looks like your planet.

2. Take a printscreen and copy it into paint:

3. Make a selection and copy it into your planet’s image.

4. Scale the texture (what you just copied from paint) so both its dimensions are 1000 or greater (keep the aspect ratio the same).

5. Move it so that there is no white space surrounding the texture and that features you want to be seen are roughly in the centre of the image and anchor the layer.

6. Make a circular selection of fixed size (950 X 950) from pixel 25, 25 (you may need to zoom in).

7. Invert the selection and press CTRL +K.

8. Using the fill tool with the following settings: Fill Type FG colour (which should be black), Affected area fill whole section, opacity 100%

9. Click select, none. Then use the Magic wand tool to select areas by colour.

10. Right click on your selection, click layer then colours then curves.

11. On curves change the colour balance by clicking on the graph, this will affect the colour of your selection.

12. Click OK and then select, none.

13. Make you own atmosphere effect or use this one. Copy it into your planet image and edit colour as necessary.

14. Click OK and anchor/merge down the layer. Then if you want clouds continue, if not skip to step _. Make a new image with a transparent background of 950 X 950.

15. Now, use the lasoo tool to select each individual cloud shape (for each cloud follow the next few steps once for each cloud).

16. Right-click, select filters, render, clouds, pure noise and click OK.

17. Now right-click again, select filters, noise and scatter HSV, set the value to 20 and saturation to 0 and click OK.

18. No click select, none and blur entire cloud a little.

19. Select the cloud (roughly) right-click, filters, noise, Scater HSV with the volume at 20 and the saturation at 0.

20. Now, right click, select layers, colours and then curves. Where it says channel select Alpha.

21. Pull the point at the right down about ¼ of the way.

22. Click OK. Select a circle with fixed dimensions, 950 X 950 from point 0,0 and copy it.

23. Paste your cloudscape into your planet’s image, position it so that all of the clouds are over the planet.

24. If necessary, right click, layer, colours, curves and edit the colour. Then anchor the layer.

25. Now make your own shadow or use this one and copy it into your planet.

26. Now rotate the shadow and position it as desired on the planet and anchor the layer.

27. Make a circular selection of fixed size, 950 X 950 from point 25,25.

28. Right-click, select filters, select glass effects, apply lense. Set the lense refraction index to 1.50 and click OK.

29. Click selct, none. Right click, select filters, select light effects and use a Gflare or FlareFX or supernova at a point that makes sense for your shadow. This is your sun.

And here is the finished article as a GIF:

Apologies for huge pics.
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