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500 points aganst Tyranids
Old 24 Apr 2011, 19:28   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default 500 points aganst Tyranids

I've been trying to come up with a list that will suit me when fighting tyranids with 500 points. If you have any ideas for swapping in or out upgrades/units, please tell me, as I probably have no idea what I'm talking about, and this list probably sucks...

This'll be facing a tyranid army with mostly a ton of gaunts and gene stealers, but also a lictor and a carnifex.

Anyways, here goes:


Shas'o XV8 commander -

Cyclic ion blaster
Airbursting fragmentation projector

Total:115 points


One stealth team (Six units, one of which is a Shas'vre)

Shas'vre: Bonding knife

Two markerlight drones (as they come with the thing I'm buying, I'm assuming they count as part of the team, but if not, do I really have to pay 30 for each?)

Total: 45


Fire warrior team of twelve all with pulse rifles

Shas'ui (included in the twelve) -

Bonding knife

Devilfish -


Kroot Carnivore Squad (16)

Kroot Shaper -

Pulse Carbine
6+ Armor Save for Squad

Total: 194

Fast Attack:

Gun Drone Squad

Piranha Squad (Two Vehicles)

(These are my carnifex hunters)


Fusion Blaster
Disruption Pod (is this necessary against nids or should I use flechettes instead?)
2 seeker missles


Flechette (For defense against smaller nids)
2 seeker missles

Please be constructive, I'd rather not be flamed, I know I'm a newb.
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Old 18 Aug 2011, 17:51   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Hey mate, I am also fighting against a 500pt Tyrinid army. I also believe they will be focusing on quantity over quality. Warrior HQ over Hive Tyrant, lots of Gene Stealers, etc.

Your army is vastly larger than mine, a lot more units. I have chosen to bring in less, but better equipped units.

HQ - Commander Shas'o - Hardwired Droid Controller + Shield&Gunner
- Twin-linked Burst Cannon
- Hardwired Multi-tracker
- Cyclic Ion Blaster

Elite - Battlesuit x2 Shas'ui - Twin-linked Burst Cannon
& - Drone controller + Shield&gunner
Shas'vre - Airbursting Fragmentation Projector
- Twin-linked Missile Pod
- Hardwired Multi-tracker

Troops - Fire Warrior x 10 - Photon Grenades x10
(including Shas'ui) - Marklight
- Bonding Knife

- Kroot & Shaper

Total cost 498 pts

Best of luck to ya against those beasts.

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Old 18 Aug 2011, 23:42   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 10

Oh Dufflepud,
I know its been a few months since your post so this may be completely useless to you now. I looked over your "500pt" team and found it was bordering 1000pts

Looking through the list what it seems that you have done it not taken into consideration that the point score written next to the unit is one for just 1 unit within the squad. e.g. if you wanna have 10 Fire Warriors its gonna cost you 100pts, not 10. This was especially relevant for the stealth squad which was about 150pts short (however I am also unsure about the Marklight droids).

Other than that minor hiccup its a nice set-up.

Good luck mate,

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