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1000 pts Tau for Annihilation Tournament
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Default 1000 pts Tau for Annihilation Tournament

Hi, this'll be my first tournament with my Tau army. My friends will participate, which will include CSM, Tyranids, Necrons, SM, IG and perhaps Orks.

I'd like to point out that I still don't have Piranhas or Sniper Drone Teams, and I'm already using all the Battlesuits I have.

Here it goes:

HQ1: Shas'O w/ AFP, CIB, SG, HWMT, StimInj, HWDC:1SD

HQ2: Shas'O w/ FB, PR, SG, HWMT, EjctSys, HWDC:1SD

Elite1: 2 Shas'Uis, both w/ TA, one w/ TLFB, one w/ TlPR

Elite2: 2 Shas'Uis, both w/ TA, one w/ TLMP, one w/ TLBC

Elite3: 2 Shas'Uis, both w/ TA, one w/ TLMP, one w/ TLBC

Troop1: 9 Kroot Carnivores, 1 Shaper.

Troop2: 9 Kroot Carnivores, 1 Shaper.

Heavy Support (HS): Hammerhead Gunship w/ Railgun, DP, SS, MT, DL.

[1002 points]

The idea: HQ1, Elites 2 and 3 are supposed to tackle mobs (IG, Tyranids, Orks); HQ2 and Elite 2 are supposed to tackle (C)SMs and Necrons; Shas'Os have a better BS, and TAs improve a lot the TL chance of hitting; Troops are boosted for Ld tests but should be used against vehicles; and HS should be able to hide and move anywhere I want while firing.
I'm ready to Point Deny my opponent by using the Ejection System, hiding my Railhead through its SS and even outflank my Kroot behind obstacles.


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