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ex-necron might go TAU
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Default ex-necron might go TAU

Hi guys!

I've been playing my Necron army for 8 years now. But with the 5th ed rules it's become harder and more boring to play with them. And I doubt i'll see a new codex in my lifetime

I've always hated the story about the Imperium (being a humanist :P)
And the only aliens that has fascinated me was TAU. Only played against TAU once and I got phased out by broadsides and Rail rifles. Round 6

So I wanted to ask you what kind of tactics are good for use of TAU and the big no no's.


(I have the TAU codex btw)
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Hi, tau is a good choice. I personally never liked necrons their so slow...
the most obivious and important point is stay out of close combat, only kroot or vespids should ever enter close combat. Fire warriors, the tau infantry, arn't as tough or strong as space marines but have better armour than imperial guard. so their biggest bonus is GUNS, they have some pretty good guns.

Name - Range - strength - AP - type
Pulse Rifle - 30' - 5 - 5 -rapid fire
Bolter - 24' - 4 - 5 - rapid fire
Lasgun - 24' - 3 - none - rapid fire

As you can see the pulse rifle is genrally better compared to imperial standard weapons, their is a smaller version of the pulse rifle called a pulse carbine but that only has 18' range and isn't that good. Another tau weapon, the railgun has a powerful range 72', str 10, Ap 1 shot that is pretty good at taking down tanks.

thats all i'll say for now, if you have any questions, ask.
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