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Army List Tutorial :: The Basics
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Default Army List Tutorial :: The Basics

Adding an Army

To add a brand new army, simply type in a name into the text box provided to the left (see screen shot below):

All you have to do is type in the desired name for your army in the first box provided in the highlighted area and then select which codex/army book you are using to represent that army from the list beside it. Then just hit the "Add Army" and you should have something like this:

And now you have your first army for you to add units to!

Adding a Unit to an Army

Once you have one or more armies added to your account, you can now start to add units to them!

Start by clicking on the army you wish to add a unit to (an example of where to click is shown below):

You should see the rather large "Add A Unit" form near the bottom of the page appear after you've added an army or two, like this:

The important fields on this form are marked with a small red star (*) which are mandatory and must be filled out. The rest are optional and may be skipped, although the more information you put in, the better and more useful your army list will be.

A brief rundown of the fields requested are:
  • Unit Template: Do you want to start off with a pre-done unit template to save yourself some time. Simply select a unit template you wish to use from the drop down menu to begin.
  • Army: Which army does this unit belong to?
  • Section: Which section of the Force Organisation Chart does this unit fall under. Note: Miscellaneous is used for any units which aren't don't take up FOC charts and the transport section is used for transports which are bought with another unit like a Rhino with a Space Marine Tactical Squad.
  • Unit Name: What is the name of this unit? This may be a fluffy name for the unit.
  • Unit Type: Which unit type is this army according to the codex is this unit? Is it a Howling Banshee squad or a Tactical Squad?
  • Points Cost: How many points does this unit cost to buy after all the upgrades and wargear is added to the base cost?
  • Model Count: How many physical models does the unit consist of? Count unit champions but not unit transports.
  • Notes: Some useful notes for yourself about this unit, or perhaps some fluff about the unit.
  • Number/Squad: : What does this unit consist of in terms of models and unit types. Is there a unt champion and if so, list it here.
  • Wargear: List the weapons and wargear the unit is carrying (or just the options you have picked).
  • Other Upgrades: Does the unit or even the unit champion have access to any Exarch or Psychic Powers which must be bought or specified before hand?
  • Transport: Does the unit have a transport?
  • Painted: Is the unit all painted and based and if not, how far along is it on a scale of 0% to 100% with 0% being unprimed models and 100% being fully finished and varnished.
  • Modelled: Is this unit assembled (or even bought) on a scale of 0% to 100% with 0% being unassembled and 100% being fully assembled.
  • Battles Fought: How many battles has this unit had in its battlefield carer in total (don't worry as this is acceptable to be left a '0&#39
  • Battles Survived: How many battles has this unit survived? (again a value of 0 is perfectly acceptable)

Once your happy with the information for the unit, hit the "Add A Unit" button and (assuming no errors are found), your new unit has been added to the relevant army list!

Managing Army Subsets

Army subsets are a method breaking up one army into multiple smaller armies for easy access and for splitting up a collection into usable chunks.

After you've finished adding your units to your army list(s), you can create as many army subsets as you like to organise things into logical sub-lists.

To do so, simply view whichever army you wish to create create a subset for by clicking the armies name in the box at the top.

When you have the army in question on screen, you may notice a new section apear at the bottom, below where you add an army:

All you need to do then is type a name into box provided and hit the "Add Subset" button.

Each subset you create will appear beneath the relevant army, as so:

When you have created all the army subsets you want/need, you can then begin to assign units to them!

The unit assignment process is relatively simple and straight-forward one. Begin by hitting the "Manage Army Subsets" button down the side when viewing the army you' just created subsets for:

You should be presented with a screen that looks something like this:

You'll see a summary of the army units as well as a summary of the current army subsets near the top of the page (below the army summmary) as in the screenshot above.

Below each unit is a small table featuring all the subsets you have created and by checking the relevant checkboxes below the applicable subsets, you can assign units to which subsets you want to.

As more and more units are added (or removed as the case may be) from the army subsets, you should notice that the total points for each subset change to reflect your choices.

You may also want to make use of the subset management points caps that were recently added:

On the "Subset Summary" table, there are a few options beside the total points column. One is a textbox which you can put in a total points limit for each Subset. It will notify you if your unit selections take a subset total above your specified limits.

If you want to keep informed of how many points you have left, simply check the checkbox beside your specified points limit and it will give you a little message with however many points you have left.

After making any changes to the subsets you desire, click the "Make Changes" button down at the bottom of the page to finalise it and your done!

Unit Tools

Each unit has various tools which make creating and editing your army lists easier.

By selecting a tool from the menu as shown here:

You can select which tool you want to apply to the relevant unit like this:

The tools are in order they appear in the drop down menu:
  • Edit this unit: Allows you to edit this unit when something changes.
  • Clone this unit: Creates a duplicate unit for you.
  • Remove this unit: Removes the unit completely.
  • Move up: Moves the unit up in the current army list, allowing you to re-arrange them.
  • Move down: Moves the unit down in the current army list, allowing you to re-arrange them how you like.
  • Remove coloured mark: Removes any previously applied coloured marks (see below).
  • Mark with [colour]: This will apply a small colour mark in whichever colour you select beside the unit name. Useful if you want to visually seperate some units from others without having to use a subset!

Army Tools

There are more tools that you can use which can be found to the side of the main "army table" as in the screenshot below:

A brief summary is listed below of what they do:
  • Convert Army List/View BBC: Displays the Army List BBC tag so you can use it on the forums as well as convert it to a variety of formats.
  • Email Army List: You can send the army list to someone else via email.
  • Set As Primary Army: By setting an army as a Primary, this will be the first army you will see when you visit the army list section and will also be the first army someone sees when they visit your armies.
  • Manage Army Subsets: Allows you to manage all the army subsets. See the "Manage Army Subsets" section for more details.
  • Rename All Armies: Allows you to rename all the armies and subsets quickly and easily.
  • Delete Current Subset: Deletes the subset your currently viewing.
  • Delete Army:Deletes the army your currently viewing (as well as any units and subsets there may be for it.
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