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Hello everyone! TAU question.
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Default Hello everyone! TAU question.

Hello everyone! I am gg and am new to this site and would really love some help. I was a left a sizable tau force from my older brother and wanted to know how I could use this, and or what point size force I can run.

Here's what I have:

2 Hammerhead
1 devil fish
11 kroot, 4 hounds, 2 krootox. 1 shaper.
10 fire warriors, Pulse Carbine.
31 Fire warriors, Pulse Rifle.
5 Broadside xv88 total. 2 of which are usable right now.
7 xv8 crisis suits.
2 ethereals
12 pathfinders
7 stealth XV15.
13 drones
1 shield drone
1 command farsight.

I have noticed there are wayy newer units out now.
And newer codexs, if I can still build something around this I would appreciate the help. Thanks Mates!!
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Hey man, you have a good amount of stuff here, I would say run your hammerheads' devilfish, your kroot +1 hound, your krootox, just run those fires with carbines as pulse rifles, your broadsides should all be put together as they are really good, your crisis, 1 ethereal, your stealth suits, farsight, and use your drones as markerlight drones and you'll do great!
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