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Tau Please help turn this into a good 1500 point list
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Default Tau Please help turn this into a good 1500 point list

Hi im new to this and the forum but ive bought these models from a friend and am looking to make them into a cohesive army. None of the units bar the two tanks have been assembled so any advice on unit make up and weapons/equipment is much appreciated. I also do not have a HQ at the moment.

Fire warriors 12
Fire Warriors 12
17 Kroot

Fast Attack
Piranhas x3
Pathfinder squad x10


Heavy support
Hammerhead Ion Cannon
HammerHead Rail Gun

Stealth Team x3
XV8 Team Suits x3
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I Think that a hunter contigent with a huntercadre And an infiltration Cadre, could be fun. my idea is to use the throw away piranha/piranhas in the infiltration cadre to get most of your army you put into reserves to Come on quickly. This means your enemy can't set up his/hers army to fight specific things. I'm also new so let's see what others think about it.

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