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Tau 1000 points
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Default Tau 1000 points

Hello. I need a good 1000 point tau army. I am a beginner and this will be my first tau army.

Must have:
Commander farsight

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What do you currently have? and are you rocking the standard, and/or farsight enclave, and/or forgeworld codex?
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I want a farsight enclaves army
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So normally, when a person first starts out playing Tau (or 40k), I always recommend buying a Tau battleforce... and then a second Tau battleforce. This has everything you need to make a solid 1000 point army to learn with for the least amount of money (1 codex, 2 battleforces).

Farsight Enclave is a powerful book, but it is harder to play than regular Tau, more difficult to learn, and a Farsight Enclave army will likely be more expensive to start up than regular Tau (this is almost guaranteed because it takes 2 books to play).

With that in mind before I just jump right in and give you a 1000 point Farsight Enclave list, let's hear a little bit about you and what you're actually after.
What draws you to Farsight and Riptides?
How much experience have you had with 40k and what were those experiences (if any) like?
What is your budget (and in what currency is said budget in)?

Now, there is one safe purchase that I can tell you you will require 100%. That is the Tau Empire Codex. It contains all the information on all the units we have access to. Even if you eventually choose to build a Farsight Enclave, you will still need this book to do it. So pick that up first. This also has the added bonus of helping to give you a bit of context into how Tau work and by extension what you are looking for in your own Tau army.
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