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New Player First 1000 pt List Advice Requested
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Default New Player First 1000 pt List Advice Requested

Hi everyone. I have been browsing these forums for a little while now and finally decided to join in all the fun. I have not played 40k since 3rd edition and have decided to play again as tau.

Below is my army list. I am hoping to get some advice on how to make this list more effective. Suggestions for expanding this list into a 1850 pts and 2000 pts list would also be very welcome.

Thank you for taking your time to read this thread

Commander: PEN, Multi-spectrum, Iridium Battlesuit - 145pts

Ethereal: - 50pts

Firewarriors with Devilfish: 11 Firewarriors with 2 EMP grenades and a Devilfish with Disruption Pod - 196pts

Firewarriors with Devilfish: 12 Firewarriors with 2 EMP grenades and a Devilfish with Disruption Pod - 207pts

Riptide: Overcharged-ion accelerator, Twin-linked SMS - 190pts

Heavy Support
XV-88 Broadside: 3 suits with HYMP and SMS, EWO - 210pts

Total 998 points

I plan to put the ethereal into the 11 man firewarrior squad. THe Ethereal will not leave the devilfish but will provide support from within the transport. The 2 Devilfish will provide a very mobile force to capture and hold points. The 23 firewarriors should have decent firepower against light/medium infantry especially with the support of the ethereal.

The main firepower will come from the 3 missile sides. I plan to put the buff/tank-mander with them. With the PEN and MSSS, the unit will have reasonable effectiveness against MC and armour (however armour 14 will be an issue).

Riptide will hopefully place some pie-plates on MEQ/TEQ units. I am undecided about the second weapon, whether to use fusion blaster/plasma rifle/SMS. Also the lack of marker lights means that the riptide firepower will not be as reliable (ie. scatter and hit nothing). Stimulant injector would also be nice, however I cant squeeze out those 35 points.

Preference wise I am not so keen on crisis suits. Devilfish are more mobile, XV-88 packs more volume of fire and riptides are more survivable with better anti-MEQ/TEQ firepower. Crisis suit appears to be a mix of those, but doesn't excel in one area.

Any criticisms or feedback would be very welcome.

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Sorry I haven't been on in a couple days, I had exams.

The list looks fine. Just a few little points.

Be aware that a riptide without markerlight support is not going to be doing a lot offensively; be proud of it for tanking hits for a turn or two and don't expect it to pull much weight on the killing front.
I would go with the twin-linked fusion blaster on the riptide though... otherwise AV14 is pretty much just a checkmate.

Also, drop the EMPs from the fire warriors. Anti-tank is not their job and the chance they will succeed and not just get slaughtered is really not good. Also (now don't quote me on this one), I think EMP upgrade may be a squad upgrade rather than a model by model upgrade... If one takes EMPs they all have to. With the spare points maybe get the commander a flamer so he can at least overwatch?
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