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dark eldar need help
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Default dark eldar need help

okay so i got a bunch of dark eldar for 90 but no codex i have ordered the codex but i do not know what to add next or if i bought a decent army or not

i have:
20 wyches
10 kabalite warriors
2 venoms
4 raiders
5 wracks
1 void raven bomber
20 hellions
1 ravager
6 reavers
1 haemonculus
1 succubus
1 archon

any ideas on a good army list and ideas on what to add next?
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Looks like there are some perfectly playable units in there. I say get the codex and play around with it to see what you like, then build from there. I only play against Dark Eldar on occasion, so I don't know enough about them to give you proper insight beyond what the other guys at my club use (one uses venom spam, one uses a mix of random models... the venom spam is usually the scary one).
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