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1500 point newbie list
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Smile 1500 point newbie list


Iam new to tau, but not to 40K, and Iam starting my new army.
Here is a list I have put together to start playing with and expanding later on.

Please dont mind the misuse of abbrivs etc Iam new to tau

Commander airbursting fragm proj, TL PR, HW BSF, HW TL, drone contrl + 2x shielddrones

2x (3 crisis suits) TL MP, FL, TL with TL PR, FL HW TL, HW BSF

1x (2 crisis suits) TL MP, FL)

2x 8 fire warriors TL with BSF
2x devilfish Disruption pods, flechette disch

1x6 TL with BSF

hammerhead BSF, FlecDisch, Disruption pods, MT TL Burstcannons, RG

2x broadside (TA, TL RG, TL with HW TL, HW BSF drone controller + 2x shield drone

Aegis defenseline, quadgun

Total is 1491 points

The commanders goes into the unit of 2 suits, the 6 man warriors go behind the defline and hope they will not get stomped in turn 1.

I think I have a fairly balanced list in this.
3 scoring units
some anti air
Multiple ranges
AP 2 penetrating power
cover ignoring (for those pesky eldar bikes)
Anti meq
and Flamers for the time that my suits will end up in CC.
As you can see I have no markers, but to compensate a bit I have TL as much as possible

I you have a good idea, please let me know.
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I don't have time to really comment on this right now... but from a preliminary glance you are low on weapons that can deal with elite Teq and Meq.

If you repost this in the Tau specific section of the forum it will get more attention.
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