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experimental broadside list
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Default experimental broadside list

I had a minor epiphany the other day and i decided i had to build this list. It's simply 9 broadsides with multi-trackers leaders with targeting array and HWMT, 15 stealth suits with targeting arrays and fusion blasters(2 groups of 6, one of 3) a cheap shas'el (preferably with plasma rifle) and stuff the rest of the points with troops of your choice. i went too small groups of fire warriors for a 1500 point game.

i tried this out against a chaos nurgle army, and boy did it do the job. he had a land raider with terminators and typhus, rhino with 10 marines, rhino with 10 berserkers, a nurgle demon prince, and 10 more chaos marines armed to the teeth.

i had one broadside team on the left right and middle of the deployment zone. all the troops on capture points and the stealth in reserve to deepstrike. my hq was in cover waiting to see where he was needed most. i popped the demon prince with one volley of railguns and a shower of missles, i blew up the marine rhino with another broadside team and the land raider was crippled beyond repair turn one. i lost one fire warrior.

turn two, the two six man stealth teams deep striked behind the footslogger marines and pumped them full of plasma. the last rhino got blown up and the land raider was split like a tin can. i killed half the beserkers and most of the formerly rhino bound marines.

turn 3 the three remaining beserkers killed my entire group of firewarriors on the right hand side, but they were quickly moped up with railgun and sms. i sent one marine troop running and the other pinned down by stealth teams.

the 4 terminators and typhus were all killed when the broadsides each fired into the group. this left him with 1 point and me with one. i jumped my stealth suits to be within contesting range and he conceded.

overall it was very efficent. i think if i did it again i would just replace the stealth suits with crisis suits and more fire warriors. the stealth were hard to hit but couldnt make any real dents into the enemy.

so what do you think? nice list or no?
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