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Newby 1750 list vs Grey Knights
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Post Newby 1750 list vs Grey Knights

Hi everyone,

First go at a list so im sure there will be many mistakes... Please forgive me!

Bonding Knife
Plasma Rifle
Shield Generator

2X XV8 BodyGuard
Missile Pods
Plasma Rifles (one on each)

3X XV88

Sky Ray
Smart Missile System

Smart Missile System

18X Kroot
(1 a Shaper)
17X Save

2X 12X Firewarriors
2X Devilfish
2X Smart Missile System
= 600

8X Pathfinders
8X Photon Grenades


Coming up against a grey knights army

Roughly Land raider rhino palladins termintars a shooty squad and a combat squad...

Hoping I have enough firepower and good markerlight use to pick them off...

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