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Forum Ranking System [Updated: 15th April 08]
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Default Forum Ranking System [Updated: 15th April 08]

Okay lets explain this:

You start off as a Kroot Warrior. The higher your post count, the higher up the ranks you go. The highest rank possible is Ethereal - although this is hard to gain!
The rank system is as follows:

1st rank: Kroot Warrior
2nd rank: Kroot Shaper
3rd rank: Shas'la
4th rank: Shas'ui
5th rank: Shas'vre
6th rank: Shas'el
7th rank: Shas'o
8th rank: Ethereal
Below are how many posts you need to gain each rank. It gets harder and harder the higher up the ranks you go:

Kroot Warrior: 1 Post
Kroot Shaper: 35 Posts
Shas'la: 75 Posts
Shas'ui: 150 Posts
Shas'vre: 350 Posts
Shas'el: 750 Posts
Shas'o: 1250 Posts
Ethereal: 2500 posts


If a member is part of the Tau Online staff, they will have badges underneath their names:

Moderator of a board:
Global Moderator:

Custom Titles

Okay how do you get one of these you ask? Well there's 3 ways:
  • If you gain enough competition points and select a custom title as your prize (see the relevant stickied topics in the competition board).
  • If your seen as a good member around the forums. This isn't post count based- you need good posts to get a custom title not lots of post.
  • Get +25 karma

Please remember that post counts don't really matter; they're just a number. Please don't make useless threads just to get your post count up.
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