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Future Changes to Warnings/Smites
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Default Future Changes to Warnings/Smites

The mods are in the process of refining a system to which we have already agreed upon in principal amongst ourselves (just the final details need tweaking ).

The warning system we have in place (the %age warnings given my mods) will stay, but be augmented by the forum smites as well.

Smites will not be given by mods anymore. Instead, it will be an automatic warning of a variable amount (depending upon what happened and how severe the rule infraction is - worse 'crimes' getting higher warning levels).

The major change is that if you reach 50% warning (or more), you will receive a smite as well as the warning. These smites will then serve as indicators of how many times you've reached the 50% warning level. Should you acrue 10 smites in total, you will be banned.

This should curtail any potential 'unfair' treatment arguments we, as mods, sometimes get (such and such got a warning, but I got a smite for the same type of offense arguements ).

Now that leads us onto the meat of the "refinements" I spoke of above, which the mods are presently discussing; what to do with the previous acrued smites! So please be aware that this part of the change-over is still being debated amongst ourselves and whatever we decide to do will be brought in here for discussion and dissemination.

Discussion: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,95217.0.html
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