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Army Lists & Army Builder Army Roster Files
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Default Army Lists & Army Builder Army Roster Files

For those of you who have bought the Army Builder, I have added the ability to import their Army Roster files into our Army List section directly.

To create a Roster file, when you've got your army list up in Army Builder, go to File > Save As and then give it a notable name and be sure to remember where you've saved the file (it'll come in handy a little later).

To import a roster file, simply create an army (or use an existing one) in the Army List section, and then hit the "Convert Army Builder Roster File" button the right hand side in the "Toolbox".

You'll then be asked which army you want to covert the units over to, and which file to convert. Your wanting the file you created in Army Builder (one that ends in ".rst") and when you've found your Roster file and selected it, simply hit the Convert button.

All being well (and barring any errors), you should now have some more units in your Army Lists. It is recommended that you review your new units and make any changes as nessecary as the conversion process probably won't be perfect.

Note: This currently only works for Warhammer 40k roster files, so don't try doing it with Fantasy rosters or other game systems. Support for Fantasy ones will be added soon.

Anyway, enjoy!

PS. You need a registered copy of Army Builder to be able to save roster files, in case you guys were wondering....
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Default Re: Army Lists & Army Builder Army Roster Files

That is awesome. I had army builder, but scratched the cd and forgot my special numbers, so I don't want to pay another $50 for a new one... I do love the system though.
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Default Re: Army Lists & Army Builder Army Roster Files

I know I'm a relatively new member, but I will say thanks for all the work you've been putting in, and I'll say that this certainly seems to be one of the more cohesive forums I've come across

[img width=650 height=74]http://i537.photobucket.com/albums/ff340/80JT/Ilpoetasig.jpg[/img]

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