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How to Post Images [Image Heavy]
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Default How to Post Images [Image Heavy]

[size=15pt]How to Post Images/Pictures - Detailed Help[/size]
With Screenshots

Step-by-step summary:-
1. Image selection
2. Get the Image hosted
3. Prepare Post
4. Preview
5. Post away

[size=13pt]1. Image Selection[/size]
First step should be to find an image worth posting in your topic. A couple of general guidelines are as follows:

Ensure that the image is big enough to show everything you need to, but not too big that is shows too much. For example, if you had an image that shows a nicely painted unit but also has a lot of unnessecary background to it (your painting place, for example), then you may need to get rid of the excess background. I suggest using a program like Photoshop, but it can be done in paint.

If your using Photoshop, you can crop the image as needed using the selection tools, and/or change the image size to get a better sized image. However, I've included a mini-tutorial below to show you how to do it in MS Paint.

How to Crop Images in MSPaint
My base Image. In this image I just want the picture of the Griffon and not the stuff to the right.

Using the Selection tool (the Box with the dashed lines up near the top left hand corner), I draw a selection around the parts I want to KEEP, like so:

I then hit [ CTRL ] + [ C ] to copy (alternatively go to Edit > Copy) as in this Screen shot.

I then hit [ CTRL ] + [ N ] to create a new picture (alternatively go to File > New). Screen shots below:

This next stage is quite important, otherwise you'll end up with a white border along the bottom and/or right of the image.

There are a couple of dark blue squares (that are hard to see most of the time) and you need to DRAG the image area so that it's SMALLER then the image that is about to be pasted in. Find it so that the mouse turns into two diagonally pointing arrows (pointing to the top left and the bottom right corners). Click and hold when the mouse turns and then move the box until it's smaller then the image that you copied. You should end up with something like this:



Now hit [ CTRL ] + [ P ] (alternatively Edit > Paste as in the next scren shot) to paste in your copied image into the new space.
A popup message box will appear. Just hit "Yes" and you'll end up with something like this the end result:

All the remains is to save by pressing [ CTRL ] + [ S ] (File > Save As), shown below:

Then just type a filename, a file format. It is highly recommended that you save it as either Jpeg (with the .jpg extention) or as a GIF (with the .gif extention). However, it is important to note that not all MS Paint have support for saving them in these formats, therefore you may have to save them in a Bitmap format (with the .bmp extention). It may take longer to upload Bitmapped files then the other suggested formats, but it won't effect your ability to post them in the slightest.

[size=13pt]2. Get the Image hosted[/size]
The next step will be to get them hosted somewhere on the net. You may have some webspace available, and you could simply upload them to that if you have it available.

However, if you don't then getting them hosted for free is the next best thing.

For this I strongly recommend [url=http://www.photobucket.com]Photobucket{/url} for a number of reasons:
  • It's completely free - although it is ad-supported
  • It will convert your bitmapped images into JPG format for you automatically. Don't worry about this at all.

You may have an account at Photobucket, but for those who don't, I'll go through the steps of getting registered.

Step 1.
Go to www.photobucket.com
Step 2.
Click on the Join Now link (screen shot included below to help you).

After clicking on that link, you'll get a screen like this:

Input all the information it requires, such as Username, chosen password etc. Then click on the green submit button.

You'll get another screen asking for more details, such as ZIP code, country etc. Although all the fields are required, you could always hold back the truth and create fake information if your that sensitive to your details being held on their system.

After all that information has been given, you'll be asked to log in using your chosen Username and Password. You'll then get a screen that looks like this:

To start uploading images, you use this form:

Simply click the "Browse" button and then find the image you want on your hard drive as follows:
Browse Box Open

Image Selected and about to click "Open", which will make the box turn into this (note that I'm ready to upload the bust2.jpg).

Images are being uploaded

If a different message popups, there has been something gone wrong with the upload. The message is usually very clear about what has gone wrong and the common onse are:
  • Upload was cancelled (usually by hitting escape during the upload process)
  • Image was in wrong format (because it got saved with the wrong extention, in a format not supported by [url=http://www.photobucket.com]Photobucket[/ur]} etc)

After you've got your images uploaded, you'll need to get the URLs for the image(s) you want. After successfully uploading your images, scroll down the page a little and you'll see this:

As you can see, there are a number of previews for me. Depending upon which one I want to post in my topics, I find the image I want from my previews and then copy the text from the bottom box which should look like this:

It will be helpful if you copy this information now, or you could have the window open and open a new window to type your post in. Whichever method you use to is entirely your decision on that one. However, the text your going to paste in should look like this:
[size=13pt]3. Prepare Post[/size]
Find the board/thread you want to create a new topic/post in and create your post as you would leaving spaces for all your informations as needed. Or you could just type away and add in the images are you go along, as I did when creating this article. Whichever works best for you. You are strongly urged to run the spell check before posting any images into your post however, the spell checker may mistake your image URLs as errors, especially if the image tag didn't get pasted right.

[size=13pt]4. Preview[/size]
One of the most important steps, especially since Images are involved is to preview your post. This ensures that all your images show up correctly and that everything looks right.

[size=13pt]5. Post Away[/size]
All that remains is to hit the post button.
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Default Re: How to Post Images [Image Heavy]

I would like to add something that I found out the other day, which means that you need never put "Warning image heavy" at the start of your picture posts again.

[size=18pt]Creating clickable thumbnails[/size]
Firstly you will need an account in photobucket as that is the only image hosting site I know how to do this in.

Start by following steps 1-2 as shown by FT, but at the end, instead of clicking the image code at the bottom click the little check box underneath the picture(s). (Shown by the large red arrows) I will be using my two favorite images for this.

Next you need to scroll down to the bottom and click on the "generate HTML and IMG code" button, shown by the large red arrow again.

You will now see a new page, click on the "IMG clickable Thumbnails for message boards-reccomended" code shown by the two red arrows, when you have done so the whole code will be highlighted blue, as shown in the picture.

Now you follow steps 3 to 4, using This code instead of the IMG code,the code should look something like this:


Which will result in this:

As you can see this is very useful as it will stop any side scrolling for larger pictures and make the page load up faster. And to see the pictures in full size you just need to click on the thumbnails. Simple!
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