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Karma System [Updated: 13th December]
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Default Karma System [Updated: 13th December]

These forums have a karma system - karma is an indication as to how you, as a member, are doing. Only the staff can change karma levels. If we (the staff) see a good post, the user will get 'applauded' for it, and if a member is posting stupid/pointless posts then the member will get 'smote'. The Karma system indicator is below everyone's names and looks something like this in the public forums.

Karma: 0

In a members profile, their karma is not totaled, and looks something like this:


The left hand figure, is increased when a staff member 'applauds' you, and the right hand figure is decreased when a staff member 'smites' you. As karma is an indication of how you are doing as a member, you can be rewarded for making good posts. At +25 karma, you will be given the chance to have a custom title. The staff members won't be applauding/smiting for every single post, it's only if there's a very good/bad post.

There have been a few questions raised about this, I'll post them and answer them below:

Q. Can the board mods affect Karma or is purely global moderators and admins?
A. It's the Global Mods and Admins, and board mods as well. Board mods can only edit karma on posts that are made in their board.

Q. So to get applauded, I must make all my posts mini-essays?
A. No. You don't need to make your posts massive. To get applauded you just need to make good/helpful posts. This doesn't mean your posts must be massive, it just means it must be clear and to the point of the thread.

Q. Huh? Someone just got a custom title and their Karma rating isn't at +25...what's going on?
A. Members can still get custom titles regardless of their Karma ratings. If you're a good member, and help out Tau Online as a whole, you might not have to get +25 for a custom title.

Q. How can I find out who has given me Karma?
A. There is a karma log available for members which lists all your karma (if you have any). Note that you may not be able to see who smote you and the topic you were smote is in hidden on purpose. If your unsure of why you got a smite, by all means, ask a mod about it.

Q. I've seen a post that I think should be applauded, what do I do about it?
A. If you see a post which is exceptional and you think it should be karmad, feel free to flag the post in question. Please be sure to leave a note for the mod with a reason why you flagged the mod and also remember that it's at the mod's discretion.
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