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Default My Elsy'eir Sept cadre...

Hey guys. I First posted a similar thread in the showcase section, figuring that i posted it in the right place, guess i was wrong or i just got very unlucky and overlooked. I was wanting to show off some of my finished tau models and see what people thought. This section of the forums was very helpful when i was working out some of the little details of the army. So heres a link to the first two units done for my growing tau cadre.

As the title of the thread states, i am using Elsy'eir as my tau sept. Some of the reasons is cause it was a lesser known sept, i liked the symbol for the sept and cause there was no official sept color mentioned. So with that being stated, i opted in the end for a dark red/ almost burgundy color for my sept color. I originally wanted to go with purple, but i couldn't get a purple shade that i liked with the yellow. It was either to dark or to lavender and just not the right shade. So i opted with the darker red to give them there own color and help them be different from the blood red of Vior'la.

Anyways, heres the first unit of 12 fire warriors and the 3 stealth suits. I am working on my commander and the marker drone for the stealth suits. Also they are glossy in the photo's, as they had just been given a coat of gloss coat. They have sinced gotten there layer of testors dull coat and look less glossy now. Also on the paint table is the 12 kroot and 2 more crisis suits which will be finished after i get the commander done.

As i am first building this force for a build/paint army challenge at the local gw store. The goal is to do 200 points a month for the next 5 months. I am behind a little as i started late. So i started with a battleforce, an extra crisis suit, hammerhead and a commander as my starting force for my tau. I am still short of having 1000 points and will have to add something to that intial purchase but will figure out what over the next month or two. Also my own personal objective for my tau force is to have an army that is up to 2k in points and fully painted in a simple, effective looking and quick to paint scheme. I think i achieved that with this scheme, as its a quick for me to paint scheme, looks striking, and doesn't take long. It took me 4 painting sessions to paint the 12 firewarriors and 3 stealth suits, with each session being between 3-4 hours. So to paint the 15 models i might have spent 10-12 hours tops to get them completely done and that included the basing.

Well tell me what you guys think. Again i am working on my commander, and i have opted to just hand paint the sept symbol on the few models that will get it. Mostly that is the back of the crisis suits and vehicles, and after painting the one on the commander, it wasn't difficult, just a little tedious and time consuming but i have painted much harder army icons in the past, so this one was fairly easy.

I will update as i get more pics up on the site as well. For a comparison to my other army and the painting, my DIY marine chapter also on my pbase account is a good example of the differences in detailing one army and speed painting this one. Also of note, my marines aren't finished, and i have several half sized tac squads, characters, and a dread/tank done, but thats about it, with dozens of marines in various stages of painting. So it will be nice to actually see an army finished and fully painted on the table.
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