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Default Re: Entry L - Pulsing Storm, Pulsing Blood

- Commander J’Kaar’Nan had also reported getting a clear visual on the hostiles,
approximate time to the designated sector is 10 centi-decas, - finished the voice of the onboard computer

Shas’El ‘s did not make the cadre wait for the response.
- Excellent, said he, - It appears the maneuver was successful. We are disembarking in 5, get ready, - finished he with an unshakable courage in his voice, anyone who heard him now, knew that he was ready for a true battle.
With these words a huge aircraft extended the landing gear and engaged retro thrusters slowing down and soon gently landing on grassy plain, raising clouds of dust and debris. Landing ramps quickly extend with a loud whistling metallic noise and dropped on to the ground raising more dust.

Two squads of Fire warriors quickly poured out of the hull’s upper deck, at the same moment two transports and two heavy tanks gently yet quickly slided out of the lower deck preparing to pick the Troops. Crisis teams, lead by Commander M’Yen’Sha, followed the armored column. Quickly boarding passing by transports, fire warriors joined the formation.

As the soon as column departed, the manta quickly retracted the ramps and took a course on to the kroot combat camp to participate in the evacuation. Advancing quickly towards the intended location, the column loosened the coherency and forming cone-like formation. Light of a bright blue star “Lagan” erratically played on the armored hulls of the speeding however crafts, as they raised dust, speeding towards the battle. Shas’El quickly ordered a scanner sweep and initiated last minute communications.

- Sha'Kayon, Eldi'Au. I am hoping the mirror maneuver was successful and you and your cadres are on your way.
- Affirmative, - replied Sha’Kayon, - we are heading towards the perpetrators as we speak.
- We are good on our end too, - replied Eldi’Au – Lets give them what they have coming for them.
- Excellent, - continued Shas’El, - J’Kaara’Nan as soon as you get visual, fire at will, we will intercept in 15.

The conversation was cut short as with these words, the battle field was rocked by a series of air shuttering explosions. Shas’El was already trying to sweet the area with scanners but in a moment, he realized that his eyes were all he needed. In the sky, the spectacular aerial combat was taking place. Two Gue’la gun boats were trying to shake off the Mon’Taal interceptors of their tail. Gue’la vessels quickly split ways, dividing and diverting TAU interceptors. Yet valley after valley, one of the gunboats couldn’t shake of the persistent TAU.
One of the Ion cannon blasts clearly rendered the left turbine engine useless. Quickly, a huge armored metal construct had started to spectacularly fall from the sky leaving a trail of pitch black smoke. In few moments, the gunboat slammed right into the dirt, raising a storm of debris and metal shrapnel. Violently burnings, the crashed Thunderhawk exploded, sending storm of metal shrapnel in every direction. Several of the sniper and pathfinder teams of the J’Kaara’Nan cadre, had to quickly to duck and cover. The once who weren’t quick enough, fell victims to metal shards, bolts and other pieces of hull that pierced TAU’s nanoceramic armor like card board when they hit.

The second squad of interceptors however, led by tiger shark, failed to outperform the skillful maneuvers of a second aircraft. The only success was the fact that the squad had managed to drive the enemy away from the main encampment.
Finally Shas’El saw a third aircraft, flying close to the ground and dropping two rhino units along with 5 motorized Gue’la. The transport and bike squad had quickly trusted toward the encampment, while rhinos, covered in clouds of smoke dust, split and took course towards the flanking TAU cadres.

Observing this, Shas’El quickly started to send the orders on the intercom.
- Mon’Taal, split your forces and push the third aircraft away from settlement immediately! Don’t let it start bombarding our positions!
The warning however was sent to late as the transport had already unloaded every missile that it carried, the valley of “hell strike missiles” as gue’la called them, approached the encampment with an alarming speed. Kroot and Gue’la quickly poured out of the barracks and bunkers, dropping to the ground. In a moment, the valley slammed into the base. Bunkers, fuel supplies, ammo storages and barracks were hit in blown to bits spilling flame, shrapnel and gravel in every direction. Few missiles nicked the grounded Manta that aided in the evacuations. Luckily the payload of the missile couldn’t come close to penetrating the force fields and armor of the aircrafts.

The encampment was in disarray. Most kroot remained calm however and retreated towards the nearest trenches, preparing to fight of the approaching motorized spearhead. Gue’Vesa however were far less quiet and started an erratic retreat towards the Mantas. The cadre under command of Mon'Shas, which aided and overseer the evacuation didn’t waste the time and reacted immediately. Fire warrior teams quickly rushed towards front line to cover the retreating gue’vesa and open fire up on the approaching enemy. The landscape was lighten with bright blue flashed as valley after valley of pulse shots exited the heated barrels of pulse rifles and slammed into every object that crossed their pass. A near unshakable armor of enemy stopped most of them and saved the Gue’la from the destructive fire power unleashed up on them. Some of the rounds however ruptured the fuel lines of one of the motorcycles and damaged the power core of the armor of the rider. Disoriented, the enemy’s bicycle had spin out of control and collided with a huge rock, exploding on the impact and throwing a mangled and partially dismembered corpse of a rider into the dirt in front of him.

Meanwhile, without wasting a single moment, M’Yen’Sha had quickly trusting towards the approaching APC. Scanning the incoming transport, he quickly dropped the message over the inter-com.
- All cadres, switch to the infra-red scanners, fire at will! Eldi'Au move in to intercept the
motorized squad immediately! We can not afford to let them reach the encampment!
- I’m on top of it, - quickly answered the grizzled and vigorous TAU female voice of the
shaky inter-com.

At this time the battle field was turn open with multiple combats, shaking from the explosions and lightened up with fire pouring from the barrels of the guns. The air was filled with dust and ash.

On the flanks, the hammer heads and XV8 teams of both Eldi'Nan and Il'porrui'Sha cadres had quickly opened fire up on the approaching APCs. Ion cannons and missile pods let loose of hail of particle impulses and explosive missiles creating waves of fire and energy. Gue’La APC couldn’t stand up long enough to this onslaught and soon, rendered with wholes and burning, the transport had exploded setting chunks of metal into the air.
On the left flank, M’Yen’Sha had quickly scanned the wreckage and failed to find any traces of live occupants. A though raced thru his mind, - “It’s a trap” He quickly repeted it out loud over the intercom
- It’s a trap! - yelled he over the link, - They’ve outsmarted us! we must …–
His words were interrupted with hail of bolt gun shells and plasma particles flying his way out of the smoke and dust screen and slamming into his suit and the surrounding objects. Some plasma shots hit his comrades, turning two XV8s suit into the molten metal scarp piles and ripping half of the arm from another. Shas’El and his squad hastily reactivated thrusters in attempt to dodge the incoming waves. Few shells hit commander’s XV8 left leg and ruptured hydraulic fuel lines.
- Sustaining damage in the left leg, - Alerted him a metallic voice of the on board computer, - losing hydraulic pressure.
- Seal it of, - subconsciously ordered Shas’El, - Identify targets in range, engage both weapon systems.
- Targets identified as Elite Gue’la, charging Cyclic Ion Blaster, targets are in striking distance.

Switching their plasma rifles into the full auto fire, Shas’El and his squads rained death up on the enemy squad. Two Gue’la dropped instantly as plasma melted thru their armor in seconds, turning their flesh and bones into ash. Three more got some of their limbs melted of in few short moments. The whole squad quickly ducked into cover, throwing grenades to distract the TAU. Metal Shrapnel couldn’t damage the XV8’s armor, simply scraping some of the outer layers and leaving burned tracing marks all over the armor plated constructs.
It is time to smoke them out quickly though Shas’El and ordered the friendly APCs to swing around the obstacles and unload the troops.
- As you say, - responded drivers and quickly pressed the redirected engines towards the cover. As the vehicles swinged around the cover, Crisis teams lay down cover fire.
Yet Gue’La were relentless, firing valley after valley of shells and plasma burst towards the approaching vehicles. Few of those managed to damage one of the engines of the second APC. The vehicle had spin to the left and loudly crashed on its belly sliding thru the dirt. Troops inside were pinned, unable to get out with bolter shells bouncing of the vehicles hull. The first team however managed to disembarked under hail of bolter fire and let loose the rain of pulse rounds and valleys of photons grenades on the Gue’la, taunting them to leave the cover.
Gue’La were trapped, with no way out and their wounded dieing from the pulse fire, remaining enemies lead the last charge up on the pinned warriors. But retribution from TAU was swift. The valley of plasma and Ion cannon blasts left nothing but smoking corpses, carters and molten armor on the ground.
- No targets are sited, - calmly reported the computer.

M’Yen’Sha was relieved, but battle was far from won. The gun boats managed to shake of and hit few of the barracudas, downing two and then swooped towards the right flank. The picture there was not so lucky to begin with. Falling into the same trap that was set by the first tactical squad of Gue’La, the Sha’Kayon and his cadre were pushed right into a crosshairs of a passing gun boat. Most of the cadre was obliterated with a valley of turbo laser and auto cannon fire in split seconds.

A third combat took place in the middle of the battle field on the frontier of the settlement. The intercepting assault spear head under command of Eldi’Au had successfully distracted a motorized strike force from focusing on the camp. Three transports and two XV8 squads quickly circled around the disoriented Gue’la that tried to shake them off. Enemy fired erratically, trying to bring down the armored infantry and find the weak spots in the APCs armor. One of the enemy soldiers draw a strange hand held device and quickly strafed towards the closest, to him, APC. Raising an unusual weapon, he quickly squeezed the trigger. Weapon momentarily began to glow with a bright orange aura around its barrel and ejected a stream of a unnaturally high temperature stream of substance that burned thru a hull of the vehicle like a hot metal thru wax. The Fire warriors inside, who were used to bailing out, quickly opened the hatches and jumped on the ground as their transport felled down in flames with ruptured side and then exploded a few moments later. Warriors were pinned down, but the help came quickly. The other transports quickly unloaded the rest of the troops, which in turn dropped a hail of fire up on the gue’la forces. XV8s equipped as “fire storms”, quickly let loose missiles and burst rounds up on the targets. Gue’La retaliated with bolter fire, but the numbers were not on their side. As two of the bikes rapidly exploded throwing the incapacitated drivers out of the seats, the remaining soldiers, tried to brake the “vicious circle” by punching thru pinned warriors, slaughtering few with point blank shots and swift blows of chain swords.
But as soon as they tried to retreat the way they came, they have drove thru a sniper zone set up by the J’Kaara’Nan and her stealth cadre. Suddenly appearing stealth teams opened fire up on passing bikes, mangling one. The last one was lucky enough to escape the slaughter yet, the rail rifle round from the last remaining sniper team, found it target and ripped half of the enemy’s body on impact.

M’yen’Sha and his cadre moved on to the last remaining squad, but to his surprise, the squad was retreating. He quickly evaluated the situation and then spoken thru inter-com.

- All cadres are to retreat to the base camp immediately, - he said he with a swift commanding tone.
- But why, we have them on the run, we can finish them now! – quickly questioned him J'Kaara'Nan.
- Indeed sir, we only need to make one last push, - quickly added Eldi’Au
- Its not our mission sharply replied – M’Yen’Sha, - we have to evacuated our forces first. Gue’la will retreat and then they will hit us harder with their entire company. That w will not live thru. If we chaise off after one squad, we will waste precious time, - he said, and then added with sadness in his voice – and who knows how many more of us we will fall… enough TAU blood was spilled for one rota…
As all cadres quickly started retreating, and the surviving gue’la withdrew into their transport, a message from on the intercom suddenly broke the radio silence. The machine reported that captain of the Aloh'Nan had an ergent message.
- Patch him thru replied Shas’El M’Yen’Sha, - What is the urgency brother, - quickly add he as soon as the line was established.
- Its command brother… They have a message for us.
- So what is it? I have a good message for them, we have successfully bought time for evacuation.
- It is great news indeed… yet I suggest you to listen to this, said Kor’El with a flickering and sadness in his voice, - I am patching you thru

“This is Aun'Vre Bentu'sin'B, commander of the fleet in this sector. Commander M’Yen’Sha is requested to immediately retreat all remaining TAU forces from planet Lagan IV and to set course towards main fleet. You must leave kroot and Gue’vesa stationed there, so they can\ buy us some time. The evacuation of this world is not a priority for the Empire. Research and Development laboratories located on the Lagan IX is the system’s primary possession. We can not let it be destroyed. I understand that you took action based on your judgment with absence of a higher command’s guidance, but now you must follow the orders at hand. It must be done for the good of our people, for the good of our Empire, for the Tau’va.”
- End of message, - quickly informed him a metallic voice.
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