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Default Entry L - Pulsing Storm, Pulsing Blood

Title: “Pulsing Storm, Pulsing Blood”

Meaning of TAU words are taken from for the consistency purposes.

Aloh'Nan – Cold Sword
Sho'Ka'Anuk – Vigilant Bird
M'Yen'Sha – Unforseen Wind
Eldi'Au – Winged Fear
Mon'Shas – Black Flame
J'Kaara'Nan – Mirror sword
Sha'Kayon – Storm Hunter
Mon'Kir'shash'vre – Black Castellan
Bentu'sin'B – Gifted Shepherd
Shoka'Shas – Vigilant Flame
Mont're'Retha – Temple of War
Il'porrui'Sha – Storm Emissaries


***Orbit of Lagan IX, Command Cruiser Mont're'Retha***

Communication with Cruiser “Sho’Ka’Anuk” has been Terminated, - reported the indifferent metal voice of the onboard computer.
Both Aun’Vre Bentu’sin’B and Kor’El Shoka’Shas looked pale and disturbed. Their eyes expressed both sadness and disbelief. Silence lasted no more then few centi-decas but for the two TAU, it seemed to last much longer. Their faces were changing and many thoughts passed thru their minds. Finally Ethereal turned his sight towards the Kor’El and broke the silence,
- My friend, you must follow me now, - They both have excited the command room and headed towards the Aun’Vre private quarters. Two tau were silently striding thru the hall and in few centi-decas they had approached the elevators. Aun’Vre ‘s hand slided over the control panel and his fingers quickly entered the needed destination.
Lights raced on the inner holo-pannel symbolizing elevator’s position, and soon the doors had opened and both TAU had walked into the cabin. As the door closed, Ethereal had disturbed the silence once more.
- It is unfortunate indeed my friend, - he said with barely noticeable shaking in his voice, - But the important thing is what we can do about this situation… - Aun’Vre made a pause and turned toward his companion, His face had suddenly changed and his gaze became focused on young Kor’El ‘s eyes, - You will speak of this to none , - said he with a strong and sturdy voice, - The radio transmission from Sho’Ka’Anuk had never reached us, make sure to dispose of the recorded files immediately after this conversation, - continued Ethereal. As Aun’Vre spoke the face of the young Kor’El had changed from sadness onto fear and shock. His eyes opened widely. His face expressed the need to say something, but words just seem to be stuck in his mouse. Finally he gathered up his will and replied,
- But, why would we… - as he was beginning to speak, Aun’Vre Had swiftly interrupted him
- This is a matter of preserving our Tau’va and serving our people, - he said with a monumentally strong voice, his eyes looked cold and his gaze was unshakable,
- As far as we know, the ship is lost to us, it is lost to the Tau’Va which means it is lost to all of us, - His gaze had suddenly eased the grip on the young Kor’El ‘s conscious and Bentu’sin’B add with slightly easier voice,
- For all we know the Sho’Ka’Anuk could have been destroyed by the Gue’la Strike Cruiser… Either way, it is lost to the Tau’Va, but this is what we shell report to the higher command, - Ethereal put the hand on the Shoka’Shas shoulder, - I hope you can understand this course of action my friend.
Kor’El ‘s mind was distorted and confused, thru fear and chaos he suddenly felt the comforting touch of Aun’Vre on his shoulder, his eyes and mind were slightly eased. His mind had finally stopped racing and he looked at the situation with a calm eyes, Few centi-decas later he was finally able to reply – Yes… yes I understand the need in this decision… I shell prepare the report on this incident and submit it to you for your approval… - Finished he as the door of the elevator had opened in front of him.
Aun’Vre had walked in to his quarters and turned to the Kor’El, there eyes met again and Ethereal said with a much calmer voice – You should rest, you have been thru enough in past 3 decas then most tau do not experience in their life time… I shell notify commander Mon'Kir'shash'vre to lead the retreat maneuvers and the evacuation of the Lagan IX.
- Thank you..., replied Kor’El after a short pause. – I shell be back and… normal in no more then 2 decas…
- Take your time, - said Ethereal and smiled with a slight, carrying smile.
Shoka’Shas had walked into the elevator and slided his hand over the control panel, his mind was still broken and his thoughts shattered and distorted. He leaned on the smooth metal wall of the elevator and closed his eyes. He could not believe that just 5 decas could have change his mind and life so much. Only about 5 decas ago, he had other things to worry about and his mind was safe and strong…

Only about 5 decas ago…

***5.7 decas ago, Orbit of Lagan IV, TAU cruiser Sho’Ka’Anuk***

A quiet sound of the ventilation was the only thing that disturbed otherwise perfect silence in the command room of the ship. Shas’El M'Yen'Sha was standing tall next to the holographic map. Next to him, leaning on the wall silently, was his blood brother Kor’El Aloh'Nan. Both of them quietly looked at the holo-map that had revealed a terrifying visage.
Shas’El firmly slided his hand over the map and the device had responded with a quiet wailing noise and started changing and showing new details of the conflict. Suddenly, he quickly flicked his fingers and the map showed the proximity of space near the Farm world, Lagan IV…
- That’s all that the scout ships have found so far…- Finally broke the silence Kor’El, - A single Gue’la “Strike Cruiser” was spotted just a deca ago approaching the inner orbit of Lagan IV. Perhaps the company will split its forces after initial assault on Lagan VI?” Added he with a slight hope in his voice.
- Perhaps… - answered Shas’El without lifting his eyes from the map. – “But Unlikely…” he took his hand of the maps holo-interface which responded with a slight noise – “With only 4 worlds of any value in this system, Gue’La are likely to hit farm worlds next. With our main defense base-point taken over, that is the most logical choice… Lagan IV is next and with it, the system’s main farm world and the primary kroot encampment - Said M'Yen'Sha with a sturdy but calm voice. – Any word from the central flagship? Or the Central command?
- No. – replied the Captain. – We had sent a distress signal but the assault happened so fast… If our scouts weren’t happen to nearly bump in to the Gue’la formation, we wouldn’t even knew that Lagan VI was taken over. We have sent the signals to the main formations and central command, but so far we have not received any response. Perhaps we should wait for..
Shas’El turn his gaze upon his brother and cut his phrase short with a swift response
- For what? You seen how fast our main bastion was annihilated! And this is a farm world, with little to no interplanetary defense! It will be slaughtered in less then a deca! … Even if Gue’la were to underestimate us and split there forces, two or three gunships will be enough level this world’s defenses and settlements of our brothers into the ashes while we sit here and wait for the command’s response. – finished M’Yen’Sha.
- So what do you purpose brother? Asked Aloh'Nan with much sturdier voice.
- We have to intercept the Gue’la forces on the ground and hold them off long enough for the planets full evacuation, – replied Shas’El with a calmer tone – He took a step forward and laced his hand on the Kor’El shoulder. – These are our brothers, they would do the same for us. This our Tau’Va to fulfill.

Aloh'Nan looked at his brother silently and then finally nodded.
- We have to contact the interplanetary defense immediately, – He added and quickly slided his hands over the holo-map in a complex pattern and the maps expanded into several communication screens, maps, tables and a control panels. Kor’El ‘s fingers gently activated multiple commands and the holo-map’s transforming and changing it at will. In few second the signal to the Lagan IV was sent and the same message was sent thru the ship’s internal network. - Now it is just the matter of time finished Aloh'Nan
- I shell prepare cadre for the shock deployment. If we want to avoid the direct contact with the enemy vessels we must wait for them to assault the planet and then drop our own force. - replied Shas’El
- I shell shutdown the engines so the ship will have less chance of being spotted and the element of surprise will remains with us… It is our only chance as I see it, - added Kor’El
- Right, We are going to have to mobilize all available cadres. I think we must send the escort ships and the Kaara’la scouting cadre ahead so they can start the evacuation…

His sentence was interrupted as the holo-map communication screen started to flick and then morph into the image of the Commander on interplanetary defense, - Master Shaper “Wailing gaze”. The cold voice of the machine reported that the connection with Lagan IV has been established. Kroot’s face had barley showed any frustration beside a slight shaking of his quills. Both Tau quickly turned there eyes towards the holo-map and Kor’El quickly spoke to the shaper.
- Greetings brother, I understand that you have received our message?
- Indeed, - replied kroot with a slightly disturbed voice, - What are your suggestions?
- We have to evacuate your kindred and the Gue’Vesa stationed at that this world. The Gue’la assault force will likely to hit the planet in about two to five deca
- I see…, - said kroot and after a slight pause continued, - I will administer the full activation of all available inter planetary defense, we shell prepare… As kroot spoke the sentence, the holo – map started to change again and quickly showed a second channel with the emergency message. The cold voice of the machine kindly noted that the scout ships had just reported spotting three smaller vessels leaving the main Gue’la ship.
- They will enter the atmosphere in approximately one deca, - concluded the message.

Both TAU were puzzled by this turn of events. Shas’El turned to kroot and without wasting a centi-deca concluded,
- Those are vanguard gunships, they will attempt to take the planet with less force so that the main fleet can continue its movement. There is no time left to waste, we must initiate the drop immediately, - he turned his gaze to the Kor’El and nodded, Kor’El looked at his eyes and nodded back.
Three of the commanders silently looked at each other and then the communication was terminated. Shas’El quickly walked towards the elevators as the Kor’El had approached the holo-map and administered the high alert status throughout the ship, informing the crew and other cadre leaders about the upcoming plans.
As Shas’El was entering the elevator, he pressed the button on his headset which activated the inner-ship communication lines. As the elevator raced thru the ship’s hull towards the arsenal and landing bays, the Shas’El did not wasted a single moment. Cold voice of the inner-comm soon replied that the connections with all 4 leaders were established. Loosing no time M’Yen’Sha started the conversation with a swift yet calm message.
- I trust that everyone had received the ship-wide message and the necessary intelligence on targets and the terrain, so we shell get right to plan.
- It is kinda of an early notice don‘t you think? The meal is in less then a deca, isn’t it better to fight on the full stomach? – Replied, sarcastically a playful female TAU voice.
- J’Kaara’Nan, this is not the time for your nonsense sharades! Especially when your cadre is the one going vanguard! – Furiously replied M’Yen’Sha, - Administer your stealth suits and sniper teams to set up cross fire traps at the possible trajectories of the foe’s maneuvers, then…
Shas’El’s sentence was suddenly interrupted by the cold voice of the on board computer that stated that Enemy’s ships will enter the atmosphere in approximately a 0.79 deca, -
- Scout detachment had identified ships as a single assault transport of a class “thunder hawk” escorted by two “gun boats” of a class thunder hawk, - concluded the mechanical voice.
- Looks like the Gue’la had decided to play out a fast blitz here, - quickly concluded a sturdy TAU voice.
- Commander Mon’Shas sums it up very well, - added M’Yen’Sha , - Ok back to the plan, J’Kaara’Nan ‘s and Mon’Shas ‘s cadres are going vanguard to set up the evacuation positions. As soon as Gue’la will enter the atmosphere, the rest of our forces will land in the attempt to outflank the enemy. We must push them back for our ground forces to be evacuated, any question? - finished Shas’El and listened to the comforting silence of the response.
- Very well then, - said he with a calm and reassuring voice, - To arms brothers and sisters.

As he spoken these words, the automatic message reported that he is arriving to the cargo bay A-2. The elevator smoothly came to stop and a polished metal door of the elevator gently slided into the wall. The laud cacophony of metallic noises mixed with the voice of TAU Fire Warriors and crying of sirens instantly invaded the mind of Shas’El. As he was exiting the elevator a quick though raced thru his mind, “We must hurry, this is no place for failure”. M’Yen’Sha raced towards his cadre’s manta. The majestic air craft was softly standing on the steel plated floor. As he sprinted toward his suit, he saw his cadre loading their guns, checking equipment and entering the XV’s. As he sprinted towards his Crisis Suit, M’Yen’Sha yelled towards his comrades
- Il'porrui'Sha ! Lock and Load it is time for a battle!, - In response, the TAU standing near the manta yelled as one
- For TAU’VA for our Brothers!

With these words, Shas’El jumped on to the battle suit that was standing on the equipment elevator platform near the manta. M’Yen’Sha quickly climed inside and laid on the metal-ceramic interior of the suit. He pressed an activation combination and rested his head and arms. In a split moment, the safety harnesses wrapped around his, arms, legs and body and the neuro-interface connectors quickly borrowed into his skin, thur the armor access points and the front piece of battle suit armor slided back in its place, closing him inside. M’Yen’Sha entered the battle suit hundredth of times, yet every time, this made him feel unease on both his stomach and his mind. His slipped out of conscious for a centi-deca or two but then a mild jolt passed thru his spine and he quickly regained orientation. His mind quickly focused on the goals at hand, and the suit was now just the nearly a part of his own body. A smooth female TAU metal voice of the suit’s on board computer loudly greeted him from the inside of his head and then cheerfully reported that all of systems were functioning at full capacity.

The monumental piece of TAU technology had quickly responded to the Shas’El ‘s subconscious commands and started to stride in to the Manta’s XV drop bay. The rest of the cadre were hastily entering the aircraft and strapping themselves in for a shaky ride. In a moment, the loading ramps were raised, and a huge piece of floor suddenly descended into the launching by, taking the Manta with it. The floor panel closed behind the decending aircraft, sleaing the drop bay. Four Gravetic hooks gently lifted, the manta up from the floor to.

As the aircraft was ready for its departure, Manta’s pilot broke the radio silence.
- I hope you have strapped your self properly comrades, we are free falling in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.

With these words, the gravitic hooks gently pushed the vessel into the space and the ship dived into the harsh cold vacuum of space. Inside the aircraft, despite the shock absorbing straps, the passengers felt quite uneasy. Pressed tightly, into there safety gear, every TAU, felt the pressure all over their bodies. The ship was building up speed and took course to intercept the potential ground forces of the opponent. With it, two other mantas, and the air support “Tiger Shark – Barracuda” strike squad Mon’Taal took similar courses. Two vanguard mantas however, pushed their engines to the limit and prepared for a “Semi-impact” atmosphere entrance.
Soon, the pilots of the second echelon could see how two vanguard vessels have lightened up with the atmosphere gas heating up and ionizing around the force fields that shielded the aircrafts from being incinerated.
Centi-decas, passed slowly as Shas’El and the entire second drifted sailed thru the void and anxiously awaited news from scouts and the vanguards. Shas’El ‘s mind was disturbed, but he forced himself into a stasis, closed his eyes and just waited…

Finally the radio silence was broken by a loud voice of the machine, reporting that the vanguard force send a message that the deployment was successful and the evacuation had began. The message that followed however, brought the vive of the upcoming battle right into the M’Yen’Sha ‘s mind.
- Scouts have reported that the gue’la Strike force will enter the atmosphere in 20, they will reach the ground forces in 50, beginning the count down, - finished the cheerful yet completely indifferent voice of the on-board computer.
- You heard the lady, - broke the silence Shas’El, - We are live in 45.
- Affirmative commander, taking noise dive in 15, hold on to your gear… - Calmly reported the pilot.
- Strike Squad Mon’Taal, taking out gun boats is a priority number one. Once the forces are dropped, all mantas are to aid in evacuation of our allied forces. In the name of Tau’Va brothers, - ordered M’Yen’Sha
- Affirmative, Shas’El – Quickly responded pilots of the aircrafts.

With these words, the echelon quickly started taking a nose dive into the atmosphere and preparing for strike. The fighter squad immediately parted with a main formation and trusted forward, to the intended interception sector. The mantas, engaged the afterburners and quickly started to descend into the atmosphere. Despite the supportive and anti shock gear, every passenger could feel when aircraft had finally hit the atmosphere and started to slice thru it.
Moments passed slowly and painfully both physically and mentally as the manta approached it drop of point. Soon the computer announced that the scanners had spotted the approaching Gue’la force.
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