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Default Re: Entry I - The Charynix Cataclysm

Submitted as per your request
Vox transmition recovered by orbiting Rogue Trader Flame of Glory. Message was relayed to Inquisitorial Outpost Epsilon304

Help, oh Throne… oh holy Throne, it’s horrible! The chrysalis, whatever it’s called, it just exploded and then this, this, this thing … oh Throne it was horrible, it was like a giant bird, but it looked all mutated, like something from a nightmare. It, it, it was just there. The Colonel, he was terrified, he was shouting and screaming and then the bird looked at him and he was gone. We just ran, me and Belan and Serus. We ran whilst the birdthing was busy killing everyone. But I think we’re safe now, I hope… I, I, I do don’t think that it can get through the trees too easily, it was pretty big. I mean, it was big, like tank big, I wish I had my Russ here with me, she’d protect me. Why did we abandon our vehicles… Colonel made the same mistake on Dranean!
Huh? What’s that Serus? Can I hear something? No I, oh Shtlk, oh Shtlk, oh shi…

[Audio-file ends]

Submitted as per your request
Message received by Inquisitor Torran Noth whilst stationed on Inquisitorial Outpost Epsilon307. Message was sent from Outpost Epsilon304. Message is as follows.

Inquisitor Noth

It has come to my attention that several incidents have been reported in and around the planet of Charynix in the Irregularis System. These events appear to be connected through the possible involvement of Daemonic forces. As an agent of the most holy Order of the Hammer, I feel that this particular matter would fall under your direct area of expertise. I suggest that you take immediate action with regards to these events, let us not forget that the vital hive world of Camulodonum lies but a short warp jump away from the Irregularis System.

Your faithful friend: Inquisitor Grit Estarrak. Ordo Xenos

Submitted as per your request
Excerpt from A treatise concerning memorable conflicts within the Carcasus Cluster. An historical text penned by noted Camulodonum Historian Simone Schaema.

There have been many wildly conflicting views over the fate of Enduring Vigilance, the Charynix Orbital Station. Some claim that a sudden system failure caused a critical malfunction of some sort which destroyed the station. The lack of any evidence or indeed detail to support such a claim only reinforces both the mystery of the case and the fact that many people who make that particular claim are not mechanically minded enough to do so. Other theories suggest attack by an ork ship, again doubtful for there have been few reports of any greenskin ships operating in the Carcasus Cluster. Other theories include an attack by a renegade Imperial Navy vessel, a somewhat blasphemous claim I fear, for no one would willingly turn from the Emperor’s divine light. The cause of the disaster will I fear forever remain a mystery.

One thing is certain however, just weeks after the destruction of the station a Space Marine strike cruiser was detected in the space around Charynix. There also appears to be several pieces of evidence pertaining to a landing made by the Adeptus Astartes, multiple landing craft were detected onboard the cruiser as it passed by Camulodonum, although this is often the standard payload of a Strike Cruiser, meaning that such speculation is frivolous story telling at best without evidence. Some people believe that as Chaynix is now under Inquisitorial Interdiction, the chapter of Marines in question was no other than the fabled Grey Knights. Of course there is very little evidence from what I can gather, that such a chapter even exists, much more likely the Inquisition merely used the services of a different chapter, there are after all, several chapters that operate within the Carcasus Cluster.

Submitted as per your request
Excerpt from Deliverance: A fictitious tale inspired by the events on and around Charynix. This, a work of fiction penned by infamous author and recidivist Cey-Es Gotto is almost entirely inaccurate as to the subject matter at hand, especially pertaining to the Grey Knights in his story. However this does present a somewhat interesting read, and the outcome of both this tale and actual events are much the same.

Whirling energy cavorted around the mighty stage that Ekkarbar; the daemon overlord had created for himself from the bosom of the earth, for Charynix herself was moulded and shaped by the will of that terrifying being. Phantasmagorical essences swirled and eddied about the scene like musical notes being paraded through the cataclysmic mind of an insane composer. But upon that timeless plane there stood not one, but two Gods. Grand-Duke Garzel of the Grey Knights stood firm as the terrors washed over him like a tsunami upon a rugged and scarred coastline, he would not be undone by the foul trickeries of Ekkarbar, nor would he succumb to the mind-bolts that the daemon thrust upon him. Garzel, who believed that through his faith he was far greater in strength than any such beast, raised his wrist mounted lascannon… he fired! A searing beam of white hot energy cascaded into the daemon, the lance burned away its’ psionic defences and lacerated the very core of the creature. The daemon did nothing, nothing that is, until it started to laugh.
A soft, lilting tone whispered through the dense forest of Charynix, pervading every atom of the world, seeping, like some twisted malaise into a healthy body. The whisper was such that it should have been labelled a wither instead. This withering whisper dragged itself deep into Garzel’s heart and for a moment he felt a weakness in his limbs and his mind… but not his soul. Never would Garzel allow his soul to become tainted with such foul blasphemies.
Slowly Garzel advanced towards the daemon, his steps were slow and ponderous, as though he were wading through a deep mire, but through the moors of pain and nausea he fought onwards. Every step took a millennia, every yard gained was a light-year, but a triumph nonetheless. After what seemed like an eternity, after a journey in which his entire being was in danger of being lost to the dark eternal night, Garzel stood face to face with the daemon overlord: Ekkarbar!

Garzel ducked a scything blow from Ekkarbar’s mighty talons. His own force-axe hacked into the daemon’s flanks, yet there was no discernable effect. Ekkarbar sang as it swung blow after blow against the Grey Knight, its attacks were a flurry of impossibly quick strikes, and yet somehow Garzel managed to evade them. Ekkarbar was releasing the full brunt of its soul, every ounce of its power and passion was layered into its assault… and still! Garzel responded to the dirge of the daemon with his own battle hymn, a mantra to the Holy Emperor on His eternal throne. Garzel’s attacks were perfectly poised, every swing was as precise as a surgeons scalpel, every parry a timed manoeuvre… and still!

Neither warrior succumbed to their wounds, neither warrior let tiredness overcome their limbs or otherworldly appendages. Each combatant was perfectly matched, and then Ekkarbar unleashed its full power!

Garzel’s broken body smashed into a tree trunk, demolishing it with the impact. As the stricken Grey Knight lay supine on the ground Ekkarbar approached, its baroque form a mass of twisted metal and flesh lumbering over towards Garzel. The Grey Knight rose slowly, on broken limbs that barely managed to lift him to his knees, uttering what sounded to Ekkarbar like curses.
“Oh Knight!” sang Ekkarbar in a deceptive siren moan “Why do you curse your fate now?”
Garzel looked into the blackened eye sockets of the daemon and replied in a voice that was filled with both pain and a grim determination.
“Oh death! I wasn’t cursing… I was praying!”

The storm of the Emperor hit the daemon like a thunderbolt, the heavens parted and a cascade of divine energy washed over the battlefield, a manifestation of the Holy Emperor’s divine purity, it was anathema to Ekkarbar and all his vile ilk. The daemon began to wither, whispering curses in a vain hope that it might allay its eternal and inevitable death. Garzel bathed in the radiant glory, and knowing his task to be complete and his Emperor pleased, he allowed himself the luxury of dieing.

As you can see my lord Inquisitor such an account is woefully inaccurate, although the author makes no secret of the fact that he wrote the tale with little or no evidence to support it. What is remarkable however is how much his description of the Emporer’s divine miracle closely resembles the lance strike used to terminate the daemon vessel of Mikeal Hamner and banish Sharenau to the warp after the Grey Knight units on the gorund identified the danger.

All of these files my lord I deemed relevant enough to send to you, knowing your interest in this case due to your past involvement with Mikeal Hamner and the Serkian 8th. I only hope now that your curiosity will be satisfied and you will not attempt to delve any further into the Charynix Cataclysm, for such would be a very bad idea indeed.
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