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Default Entry I - The Charynix Cataclysm

Title: The Charynix Cataclysm

Submitted as per your request.
Transcripts from the data-files of Audioslate Pi745Gamma2384016: Huxeus Outpost
Transcripts are last testimonies by troopers formerly under the command of Colonel Mikeal Hamner
Testimonies concern the whereabouts of suspected recidivist Colonel Mikeal Hamner
Testimonies of subjects acquired by Inquisitor Shemlen - 6534859.M41

Subject: Trooper Wholn Cern - Status: Terminated

“I dunno where the Colonel is, honestly I don’t, he didn’t tell us, he didn’t tell us anything. One day, the Colonel just took a bunch of ’is men south, dunno why. What are you going to do to us? I mean, we’re still loyal, I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? I mean… I mean you gotta let us go, right? It’s not fair. You can’t just get rid of us because you think our commander was a heretic right, we didn’t, we couldn’t, I just wanna go home now... Please.”

Subject: Sergeant Flen Marl - Status: Terminated

“The Colonel? I’m not gonna tell you where he is, he made us swear an oath on the Throne that we’d never give him up. He said do me, he said “Flen, you can’t let those guys behind us get me, I’m too important to go just yet.” and you know what? I believe him, I know the Colonel’s got a plan, a plan that’ll help everyone in the Imperium. I’m telling you, he’s not some heretic, he’s as devout as I am… what? Why are you laughing?”

Subject: Trooper Hassel Millwarry - Status: Pending Termination

“I’m not saying anything until I get a medal, the Colonel said that I was a good trooper, said I’d get a medal if I got out of Dranean alive, and well, here I am. I think I’m owed a medal, I think all of us who were at Dranean are owed medals, the things we saw there, honestly, it’s enough to send people mad. I think that’s what happened to the Colonel, saw one too many of those… those… those things and went over the edge. Not like in a heretical way, I know the Colonel, he’s loyal, really loyal, but after Dranean he was a bit… uh well, different. But then I’m only a trooper, I never got all that close to him, except when he promised me my medal, did it all personal like, said I was “a brave lad.” Am I gonna get my medal now?”

Subject: Trooper Siel Trass - Status: Terminated During Interrogation

“They were everywhere on Dranean! Dranean the damned, that’s what it was, damned! Everywhere, they even got inside peoples heads, right inside, inside the Captain and inside my mate Sarrel, poor Sarrel, he got the thing in the end though, shot the T'auk'cka, boom! No more monster in Sarrel’s head. Not me though, I couldn’t shoot mine, he’s still there, still inside, talking, talking to me. I don’t wanna have to listen anymore… oh good, are you going to get rid of mine too?”

Subject: Sergeant Markus Tristas - Status: Terminated

“The Colonel? Don’t even mention that rat T'auk'cka to me, he said after Dranean that it would be easy from now on, well now I’m being interrogated by the bloody Inquisition, hah! I dunno what kinda Shtlk the Colonel pulled but it’s landed us all in a heap of trouble, and he’s nowhere to be seen, probably off with his old friend alcohol, the Colonel couldn’t resist a drink, once when he was really drunk he said it kept the voices at bay, I asked him about it once, what he meant. He said that he meant the voices of the dead, of all the people who had died under him. I dunno though. He was pretty defensive, and the Colonel never struck me as a particularly caring type. Maybe he meant something else, what do you think? You’re the experts, was the Colonel, you know, was he… tainted? Oh Shtlk, oh Shtlk, oh Klkn, I just realised, I’m damned too now. The Colonel, that T'auk'cka made us swear an oath that we’d never talk about him, oh Shtlk, what have I done? What the hell have I just done?”

Subject: Captain Emmil Hamner - Status: Undergoing Excruciation Techniques

“You know Mikeal was my brother right? Well see now I doubt you know anything about this, but there’s such a thing as brotherly love. You can torture me all you want; you can threaten me with death, but I would never betray Mikeal, never! We’ve been through too much for me to ever do that. I’m telling you, you’ll never get anything out of me, you’re wasting your time. Besides, Mikeal’s too clever, too cunning to be caught by the likes of you. He made Colonel for a reason, you know? He’s long gone from here, beyond your reach, beyond anyone’s reach, ‘cept that of the Emperor, of course. No matter how far Mikeal goes the Emperor will always be with him. He was with Mikeal on Dranean, I know ’cause Mikeal told me so himself, told me he could hear the Emperor speaking to him, guiding him. That’s why he left us, divine command apparently. So that means I’m doing to Emperor’s work by being here and by not telling you anything, torture me all you want but I’ll never denounce my brother or the Emperor.”

Subject: Trooper 1st Class Frattan Ropper - Status: Terminated During Interrogation

“You’re going to kill us, aren’t you? That’s what the Inquisition does, I know it. You’re all butchers and murderers. I’m the same, I kill people, it’s my job. I kill and I serve, that’s what the Guard is all about. In the Guard we’re told to follow orders to the letter, so that’s what I did, I followed the Colonel’s orders, he told us to stay behind and hold off the enemy. I didn’t know why we were fighting other Guard, but I trusted the Colonel, ever since he got us through Dranean I’d do anything for that man. Now you’re going to kill me for following orders, for doing what I’m supposed to do, for doing what your Emperor told us to do. Hahaha, do you see it, I mean it’s so Y'xa'uuk thick it’s not funny, haha, you can’t see it? By the Emperor, are you really that stupid? You can’t see the irony even when it’s staring you right in the Y'xa'uuk face. You’re all just butchers, you filthy Inquisition dogs, you’re nothing but butchers and cowards.”

Subject: Lieutenant Flint Marrx - Status: Terminated

“If I don’t tell you, you’ll kill me won’t you? Ok then, but please, don’t tell anyone else here that I‘m telling you this, the others, I don‘t know what they might do to me if they found out. The Colonel, he… he’s heading for Charynix, I dunno what that means, he just said he was going to Charynix. Is that a place? Could be person too though, couldn’t it? Look, I’ve told you what you want, will you please let me go now? I want to go home, back to Caldi, back to my family. Can I see my family again? If you let me go I could, couldn’t I?”

Submitted as per your request
Last transmissions received from Charynix Orbital Station G174Pi Enduring Vigilance
Message received by Rogue Trader vessel Flame of Glory and forwarded to Inquisitorial Outpost Epsilon304. Message was Vermillion level coding.

Unidentified vessel detected on the edge of the system. Vessel entered through warp route Alpha 37298, suspected re-route from Kappa 136.532 via Terribus Maxima.

Vessel has so far failed to respond to repeated communiqués on wide-band open vox. Station crew has been called to arms. Main batteries have been armed.

Vessel has entered main sensor range. Vessel identified as Divine Purgation, Imperial Navy frigate currently engaged in the transportation of the Serkian 8th Imperial Infantry Regiment. Records show that the Serkian 8th have not been formally ordered to this system. Possibility of rogue intent.

Divine Purgation has entered range of the stations main batteries. Orders are to fire when fired upon.

Divine Purgation has remained inert for two standard hours. No communications have been successful and no hostile action has been taken.

Divine Purgation has begun to move into a combat ready position threatening the station. All crew have been informed that combat is likely immanent.

Main lances of the Divine Purgation have been activated. This station has incurred massive damage, main defensive batteries have been neutralised.

There is little life support left. This station is crippled, very few systems remain active. The Divine Purgation has transferred to a closer orbit with Charynix. Such orbit suggests either troop deployment or bombardment.

Submitted as per your request
Diary scraps recovered by Ground Team Gamma 6 (codename Ragnarok) on the surface of Charynix whilst in pursuit of Mikeal Hamner. Scraps are damaged in places due to weathering.

Day 13
The colonel’s getting more and more edgy, the further we go into this ravine. I don’t like it one bit. Colonel keeps scouting ahead, he doesn’t even use the recon teams. It’s almost like he alone knows the way. I didn’t know the colonel had ever been here before. I'm not sure if well make it out of here alive

Day 14
Where’s the colonel taking us? He keeps on whip whispering under his breath, I think what I’ll do is try to get close to him and hear what he’s actually saying. It’s not like it’ll be hard to do, there’s only about twenty five of us here. I wonder why the colonel chose us. As far as I can tell the only thing we share in common is were part team into the emen enemy outp Dranean. Could that connection?

Day 15
We must be getting closer, the colonel’s looking more and more agi

keeps mentioning the Chrysalis

Day 16
Ok, now I think the colonel might really have lost it. I was on guard duty last night and I overheard him talking in his sleep. He kept on saying how he was going to restore the Emperor. Now pardon me if I’m wrong diary, but if it were that easy to restore the Emperor, wouldn’t we have done it already? Unless there’s some terrible Inqiu InquisitianInquisition plot to keep the Emperor on his Golden Throne, but how unlikely is that?!

Day 17
We’ve been walking for days now, I wonder why the colonel didn’t just drop us closer to this Chrysalis thing. It’s pretty scary, but I’ve noticed that the further we go into this valley the darker it gets. Even when it’s broad daylight, it’s beginning to look like twilight. I’m getting kind of scared now.

Day 18
It’s only 07:00 hours Terran Standard Time, a few days ago it would have been daylight here, but it’s really dark now. I’m having to write this passage using my torch light. I can still see the sun… but, and I know it sounds crazy, I have this ominous feeling that the sun can see me back.

Day 19
I think we’re finally here, the colonel stopped us earlier than usual, and now he’s gone forward with nine others. I think maybe he’s gone to get this Chrysalis thing. I hope so, I’m tired and I’m getting pretty scared now. I keep hearing things in the dark. Whispers… whispers like we heard on Dranian.

This evening the colonel came back with something, I could see that much at least. He wouldn’t show it to anyone though. I was talking with Lorsk about it and he thinks it’s the Chrysalis too. I hope so, maybe we can finally get the hell out of here.

Day 20
Good news and bad news. The good news is we’re finally going back, but the bad news is that the whispers just won’t go away and the sky isn’t getting any brighter. Personally I think it’s the Chrysalis. Maybe the whispers and the darkness are caused by the Chrysalis.

Day 21
I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt I was running, and then there shad it was getting larger and trying to consume my own
I hid from it, but it found me, no matter where I went it always found whisp eternity I don't want to be here at all

Day 22
I had more nightmares again tonight. They just won’t stop, please, please make them stop.

Day 23
I know how I’m going to get rid of the nightmares. I’ll destroy the Chrysalis, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll wait till the colonel’s asleep and then I’ll kill the Chrysalis. After all, that’s what the whispers have been telling me to do.

These notes were found next to the body of a guardsman. Cause of death is believed to have been a las-round to the stomach leading to massive impact trauma and death through hyperventilation and shock.

Submitted as per your request
Report filed by espionage agent Torris Ekal under the command of Inquisitor Edrin Vake. Agent Ekal began trailing colonel Hamner two days before Ground Team Gamma 6 (Ragnarok) discovered the corpse.

The object that Colonel Hamner acquired on Charynix was clearly the root cause of the paranormal events that beset the planet. I was able to observe the object several times from long range although it appeared to be immune to any attempts to scan it. The object, now known to be the Chrysalis of Sharenau was roughly the length of a mans forearm and about three times as thick. It was liquid silver in colour though often it would flash blue and gold in the twilight. I have to say that the strange visions and whispers that I experienced whilst close to the Chrysalis are not an experience that I would wish to repeat. (It should be noted that espionage agent Torris Ekal was mind-scrubbed after filing her report to avoid potential corruption) I could tell that the soldiers that Hamner had brought along with him were also unsettled by the events, at least two of them committed suicide and I watched three desert together one night. One trooper actually attempted to destroy the Chrysalis, however he was killed by colonel Hamner.
Hamner himself appeared to be reacting to the Chrysalis in a very different fashion to his soldiers. Whilst his men showed enmity and often outright fear towards the object, Hamner guarded it with almost parental care. Often he would cradle it in his arms whilst whispering softly to it. At one point I managed to get close enough to record some of what Hamner was muttering. I have enclosed the file in my report.

Audio-file submitted by espionage agent Torris Ekal. The speaker has been confirmed as Mikeal Hamner: CO of Serkian 8th Imperial Guard regiment.

It’s soon, don’t wor…… soon we’ll be able to do what we set out to do. The voices, since Dranian… ces have been spea… to me… they told me where to find…… now we can bring him back… … the Emperor……………… ing him back and set humanity right again…… He’ll know what to do… I don’t know what he’ll…… but he’s got to………… he’s the Emp……one day there’ll be a stat… of me… right next to the Imper…… alace……… they’ll call me a hero……Hamn……great……and it’s……thanks to you……I don’t know why……been hiding all this time…… and why you chose me…… but I’m grateful……

[Audio-file ends]

Submitted as per your request
Dataslate containing a written account of the awakening of Sharenau made by one of Hamner’s men during the event.

The colonel told me to record this moment. He said that it would be a momentous occasion and that it would needs be written down for posterity.
Right now the colonel is standing in front of a great mound in the earth. He holds aloft the Chrysalis: the object that he has carried for over a week now. It is glowing blue in the pale light from the torches that the colonel ordered us to turn on him. I can see that he is smiling, clearly he is the only one of us who is not afraid.
There is a hollow carving in the mound, it looks as if the Chrysalis would fit perfectly into it. Perhaps the Chrysalis is some sort of key. It looks alien, maybe it is something eldar. I have never seen an eldar but I hear they are beautiful. The Chrysalis is certainly beautiful.
The colonel is lowering the Chrysalis as I write this, there is a look of triumph on his face. He has placed the object into the hollow.

Nothing has happened. The colonel looks disappointed, I think everyone else is relieved.

Submitted as per your request
An excerpt from the works of lauded Inquisitor Emanus Lorna. Her major work An essay concerning the combating of the Daemonic kin contains a full account of the Charynix cataclysm

One must take into account all possible reasons that one would wish to summon a daemon into this universe. Some, believe it or not do actually conduct their foul blasphemies for good intent, though they be woefully ignorant of the actual outcome of their studies. I refer you to the case of colonel Mikeal Hamner of the Serkian 8th Imperial Guard Armoured Regiment.

During the Serkian 8th’s assault on the enemy held world of Dranean, Hamner and his men regrettably came into contact with agents of the daemonic, though it is doubtful that any members of the regiment actually came into direct physical contact with a daemon. That the inquisition was not able to recognise the threat and eliminate Hamner and his men (with due honour) at the time represents a serious failing, but that is not what is on debate here. Hamner is believed to have come under the malefic influence of thrice damned Tzeentch, the so called “changer of the ways“. Hamner was presumably ordered to travel to the planet Charynix within the Irregularis System to recover the Chrysalis of Sharenau.

Evidence recovered by Imperial agents points to the fact that Hamner was blissfully unaware of the true nature of the Chrysalis. Many sources in fact state that Hamner believed the Chrysalis was a way to restore the most beloved Emperor to full existence. If this is true then it does indeed prove that certain individuals have been involved in the summoning of the daemonic for reasons that one could almost consider somewhat noble.

However this is not an excuse for laxity, there can never be any outcome other than total ruin when a daemon is suffered, indeed the events of the Charynix cataclysm prove this hypothesis true as well.
The Chrysalis of Sharenau was not some divine healing tool, rather it was the ancient host of a Lord of Change, a most blasphemous daemon of the “Great Mutator”. The daemon: Sharenau, had used the Chrysalis, an ancient tree, as a host body. Though the tree lacked any sort of sentient mind, it was still a living organism, and this provided the necessary framework for Sharenau to bind itself to the world for an immensely long period of time due to the slow ageing of the tree. However due to the mutagenic power of the daemon the tree eventually rotted and withered until it was little more than a husk which contained Sharenau. Presumably Sharenau used Hamner as a way of freeing itself from its immortal host body. Giving the daemon a more mobile and powerful body, if one that lacked the longevity of the previous host form. Quite why the daemon Sharenau used a tree in the first place is still a matter of debate. It is possible that it used the tree only as a means to an end. Hopefully that end came at the hands of the Grey Knights sent to exterminate the daemon on Charynix, although one can never tell where the scheming of the Great Schemer will end.
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