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Default Re: Entry F - The Battle for Durin IV

A hole tore through the space-time continuum, a Bloodletter ploughing it’s hellblade through Causen’s chest. Solaris screamed out in anger.

‘Duck!’ Solaris called out, drawing his pistol and fired a shell at where Causen’s head had been.
At that instant a hole tore through reality, a Bloodletter stepping from the gaping void, right into the path of the bolt, which continued, separating its head from its shoulders. Solaris span around typing a code into the door, which slid open with a hiss. He quickly rushed inside, punching another code into a machine in the centre of the room. A rather large canister was ejected from the machine, which Solaris promptly picked up and clipped to his belt. Making sure it was secure, he charged down the corridor, drawing his swordstaff. Blue flames leapt down its length, and he leapt the last 20m into the control room. His blade ran straight through the first Bloodletter, which dissipated into nothing, droplets of blood dripping to the ground. Solaris span, bringing his blade up to block the next blow. It never came, a Legion bolt tearing its chest in two and detonated, spraying warp essence across the room.
Suddenly the chamber warped, defying the rules of relativity, and blood began to drip from the roof as a huge beast tore its way into reality. It was 10ft tall, with blood red skin and wielded a mighty battle axe. Its face was indescribably ugly, tusks jutting out from its mouth, resembling a bull. A bloodthirster, the greater daemon of Khorne. It roared in savage fury and charged at Solaris, centuries of blade art behind its belt. The axe came down hard, which Solaris knocked to the side, already predicting the next blow. Each bloodthirster had its own unique fighting style, but they were all derived from essentially the same art. Hit the enemy hard, fast and repetitively until it died. The blade used its momentum to launch into another attack, twirling up in a fast sweep. Solaris blocked it with his hilt and swept his own blade around, just missing the beast’s throat. It leapt back, surprised in the change of strategy, before drawing a whip from its belt. Another predictable move. It swung the blade hard, which Solaris diverted with a simple parry before lashing out with the whip. Solaris leapt to the side, drawing his pistol in his free hand. He jammed down the trigger, bolt after bolt impacting with the daemon. They were little more than an annoyance however and the daemon leapt forward in another attack. The blade came down in the same motion as before, but diverted at the last second, slicing into his upper arm. Solaris’s muscles contracted and his blade clattered to the floor as pain tore through the serenity of his mind. It was a stupid mistake, which he had made before – something he should not have forgot. The beast roared in triumph, raising its axe for the killing blow while Solaris dug into the warp. The blade swung down quickly, just as lightning leapt from Solaris’s hands, shocking the bloodthirster. Its axe cluttered to the ground and Solaris leapt to his feet, a blade of ice materialising in his hand. As the creature regained its balance, Solaris struck out at its legs and it stumbled forward, collapsing onto its knees, still stunned from the incredible voltage which had entered its system. He drew a knife from his belt and plunged it into the creatures shoulder. Ignoring the pain in his right arm, he used the leverage to leap onto the daemons back. Then he rammed the blade through its skull, destroying its corporeal form, which dissolved into blood – spreading thickly across the floor. Banished to the warp until its power manifested again. Solaris turned to see the last of the bloodletters fall backwards, no head evidently attached to its body.
Five of the Legion remained, standing, once again like statues. Causen picked himself up from his knees and Thyth lowered his chainsword. They had a long way to go. Fighting through all of the chaos forces to reach the pod was not an option. But there was an alternative, something Solaris had achieved once before. It had almost cost him his life. A pain tore into Solaris’s mind, throwing his thoughts into turmoil. They were coming again.
Solaris watched as the first daemonettes rounded the corner, almost gracefully, before it dissolved into nothing, a shell piercing straight through its torso. The shells were so potent that Solaris wondered if they had been ‘borrowed’ from the Daemonhunters. Not one had passed through the daemons yet. The only thought about it for a second however, before making up is mind.
‘Causen, Thyth. Come here now, hold onto my belt and don’t open your eyes. It would be better not to see where we are going,’ Solaris ordered them his voice wavering in concentration.
The marines were by his side within seconds and took a firm hold on his belt. He slipped into a trance, drawing the warps power, siphoning it into his body. He quickly scribed a rune in the air, releasing the power and tore a hole through reality, into warpspace. Then, without hesitation he stepped in, taking a small piece of reality with him. The sheer chaos of the warp tore at his mind, which struggled to make sense of the raw emotion that was now reality. Blood poured from the sky, raining down as water while streams of souls swarmed underfoot. The trees burned, spitting noxious fumes into the air. His mind screamed out in agony as the nothingness tore at his limbs, throwing his sane thoughts into turmoil. Quickly he drew into the very power which was so near to killing him and tore a tunnel back to reality, stepping straight back through.
He hit the metallic floor hard and fell to his knees his mind swirling in madness. Insane thoughts tore at the edge of his mind, blurring reality. A dark figure stepped up to him. Arizon.
‘So, the mighty Solaris is on his knees before me, flanked by his two mightiest comrades. I expected more. How did you get here?’ the silence was definite, as Solaris’s mind struggled to comprehend the language, less understand it.
‘You must have entered the warp… and then tore a hole back to reality. It was a very dangerous plan, and because of it you have lost. Solaris, or should I say…’
A clarity came to Solaris’s mind at that instant and he lashed out with the warp, knocking Arizon backwards before he leapt to his feet, the warps energy throbbing through his veins like only once before. His blade leapt through the air into his hands, shining with a blinding energy. Arizon stood to his feet and the daemons formed a semi-circle with the northern wall around them.
‘Face it Solaris. You are outnumbered one hundred to one, and even if you do survive us, you have to contend with the limitless Tyranids. You have lost.’
‘You should know one thing about me, Walter. I never lose.’
The last line was spoken with confidence, breaking the chaos lord’s smile.
‘You will be destroyed.’
‘Who ever said we were alone?’
‘No-one else survived, and even if they did, they have no hope of reaching you.’
‘That is where you are wrong my old friend.’
At that moment a black mist materialised in the air and formed pylons along the perimeter of the semi-circle. Quickly they solidified into the five remaining Legion, their guns shouldered, each covering a portion of the semi-circle. Arizon’s grimace lifted, warping into a smile.
‘You are still impossibly outnumbered. Even with the help of the legion…’
‘I would prefer this was between you and me anyway. A chance for us to settle our old debts,’ Solaris smartly replied, crouching into a defensive position, with the blade poised to strike over his head.
Arizon took a step forward, drawing his blade from its sheath. It was as black as the night sky, but constantly shifting. Pure evil. He raised the blade in two hands before bringing it down. Solaris re-directed the blow, lashing out with his hilt. Arizon stepped backwards before launching into a flurry of slashes, each effectively parried before taking a step back. Solaris drew upon the warps power, heightening his senses before lunging out, his blade carving a path straight towards his head, but at the last time he twisted it, changing the direction of the blow. Arizon parried it sloppily, leaving a brief opening in his defence. Solaris took full advantage of it, slamming his hilt into the lord’s chest, knocking him back. Then, in the brief moment it gave him, Solaris brought the other end of the blade around, tearing a huge gash up Arizon’s blade arm. He roared out in anger, slashing wildly with his arm to no avail. Solaris leapt out of reach and drew more of the warps power, heightening his reflexes.
‘It is over Arizon, your arm is mangled,’ he called out, there is no escape.
‘So strike me down, channel your warp energy into me, and then you will die.’
Solaris accepted the invite ramming his blade hard into the lord’s undefended chest, forcing every last drip of power into its body. He had made the mistake of using too little before… Arizon collapsed to the ground, nothing more than a corpse.
‘Now that’s finished…’ Solaris remarked, turning back to Causen.
But he did not finish the statement, as the ground shook with warp energy, the very foundations of the chamber shuddering. Solaris turned towards the corpse, which began to bubble, the limbs expanding, as it rose into the air. It formed a huge humanoid shape, the warp essence refining, great muscles bulging from pure emotion and huge horns expanding from its almost beast-shaped head. The black blade rose into the air too, doubling in size – sizzling of nothingness. Solaris took a step back, readying his swordstaff. Then it stopped growing, and everything solidified. It stood, hunched forward, head lowered before it looked up malice shown clearly on his face. Then it laughed, a deep resounding noise, taunting Solaris.
‘Thankyou for providing me with the energy to perform the transformation. You have made me a daemon prince,’ its voice boomed, not totally human.
‘And I will destroy you again,’ Solaris snapped back, lowering his blade over his head.
‘You do not stand a chance against me.’
‘We’ll see…’
The daemon prince, Arizon leapt forward at an amazing speed, bringing the blade down hard. Solaris leapt to the side, slicing out with his own blade which was parried instantly. Arizon lunged forward, before launching into a series of blows, each knocking Solaris more off balance. Solaris tapped into his warp power, throwing a bolt of lighting at Arizon, who shrugged it off, only halting for a second. Then he continued forward, Solaris continually blocking blow after blow before lunging out with a surprise slash, only to watch it glance off the daemonic armour on the prince’s shin. Then suddenly he was backed against the wall, blocking each blow less and less effectively, before Arizon halted. He raised his blade above his head two handed, and it sucked the light form the air, its black nothingness growing in influence before he lunged, bringing it crashing down. Solaris raised his blade to block the blow, putting his weight behind it, and they clashed together with a metallic clink. Then it snapped, clean in two, Solaris’s prized weapon, his one remaining link to his past and erupted in a flash of bright light. He dropped it in disbelief and the daemon prince grabbed him by the shoulders, pinning him to the wall.
‘You will be destroyed!’ he yelled, drawing one hand back into a fist.
Solaris resisted, his armour heating from the warp energy he was channelling through it, and a shockwave erupted from this chest. But the daemon prince held firm and his fist powered forward, directed at Solaris’s head. A fist caught it, materialised from nowhere. A black fist, glowing with blue fire. The Legion. Arizon yelled out in anger lunging at the Legion, but his blade passed straight through its torso. It leapt forward, dematerialising, before rematerialising on his shoulder, a bolt exploding on Arizon’s head, and dissipating back into the mist before he could retaliate. The others on the perimeter began to blaze away at the crowd of daemons, felling beast after beast, their clips never emptying.
Solaris picked himself of the ground, picking up a hellblade from the ground and strode purposefully towards Causen and Thyth. He span, blocking a blow from a Bloodletter before it burst into flame, a bolt through the skull. The Legion were taking their toll to the last. Arizon roared in fury, his blade cutting into the side of another one of the Legion as the others were forced back and cut down by the horde. Black armoured bodies littered the floor. The last remaining Legion leapt at the daemon prince.
‘Causen, Thyth. We are leaving now!’ he yelled out, gesturing towards the sea of daemons milling before them.
‘Through there?’ Causen replied, turning away from the sea for a second.
‘Yes, just get close to me!’
‘This isn’t another of your crazy schemes that is going to get us killed is it?’
‘No, this is one of my crazy schemes that may just save our life! Now come here!’
Thyth moved towards him first, too quickly. Solaris watched as a Bloodletter leapt from nowhere, its sword plunging straight through Thyth’s torso and ripping a hole through his chest. Solaris leapt forward, catching him as he fell; while lightning leapt from his other hand, incinerating the unlucky daemon. Quickly, dragging Thyth he moved towards the exit passageway. His blade was held out threateningly, while he formed a null zone, destabilising the daemons forms. Causen was beside him in seconds.
‘Leave me. I am no more use to you…’ Thyth spoke quietly, the fight not quite having left him.
‘I will get you out of here.’
‘You will not escape dragging me!’
‘I am not leaving you!’
Thyth responded, in kind, his dagger digging into Solaris’s left wrist. Solaris dropped him immediately taking a step back.
‘Leave me! I can hold them off for as long as possible.’
At that moment Arizon noticed them near the doorway and moved suddenly to their position, cutting down the last of the legion along the way.
‘Solaris!’ He yelled out in fury, ‘You will not escape from me again!’
‘I will hold him off, now fly!’
‘You will forever be remembered my brother,’ Solaris said softly.
At that last word he turned, and sprinted down the corridor, Causen by his side.

Thyth raised his bolter, levelling it at Arizon’s head as the beast advanced, firing shell after shell into his skull. For his part one actually scratched the lord’s cheek before the lord trod him into the ground, crushing the Marine’s adamantine chest plate into the plasteel. He died, fighting to the last.

Solaris drew on the power of the warp, constructing an orb of energy around himself and Causen as they ran, ploughing through line upon line of Daemon. Arizon had made quick work of Thyth, and was now in pursuit. The shield was weakening with every blow. He rounded a corner to the left, now charging up the far eastern corridor. Another chamber was ahead. As they burst into the chamber his shield failed. Cabinets were cast to the ground being used as improvised cover, las-weapons sprawled across the floor. The imperial armoury. He picked up a laspistol from the ground, holstering it before spearing his hellblade through the first Chaos Space Marines torso. Causen leapfrogged ahead of him, charging through a pack of the traitors, dropping a meltabomb at their feet. He didn’t stop to observe the consequences. Solaris followed, forming a layer of dense air around himself while leaping over one of the barricades to the surprise of an unsuspecting Marine. In theory it would cause bolts to detonate before it reached him, rending them useless. He would rather not test that. With a roar of anger, Arizon signified he had entered the room and Solaris picked up the pace, weaving through the strategically placed Chaos Space Marines. Then he saw the front, a wave of Tyranids leaping out from the doorway. They had to make it through the corridor, which stretched 700 metres to the other en of the complex. That hadn’t stopped him before. He caught Causen, who had hesitated, before leaping head on into the horde, summoning his powers. A great flame erupted from his palm, clearing the corridor ahead of them while they charged forward, readying his blade. He leapt through the air, feeling the sickening crunch of Tyranid bodies cracking beneath him as another roar echoed behind him. Causen followed suit, leaping onto the mass and they continued as if leaping from stone to stone across a river. With considerably worse consequences for failure. Then he slipped, falling into the masses of Gaunts. Solaris turned, seeing Arizon entering the other end of the corridor and made his choice. A shockwave kicked out from his blade, throwing the Gaunts to the ground and off Causen. Solaris rushed to his side, lifting him to his feet and while running back towards the Gaunt line. He dug a needle into Causens injection port and helped him move faster, another flame incinerating the corridor ahead of him. Another Carnifex rounded the corner, its talons were held menacingly by its side.
‘Causen, I need you to help me.’
‘You’re not going to do what I think you are going to. Are you?’
‘We’re going to jump it.’
‘You crazy shl’t. Why do you always jump?’
‘Look behind us.’
Causen stole a glance over his shoulder with twenty metres to go, to see Arizon bearing down on them.
‘Now!’ Solaris cut him off, pumping his legs.
They leapt into the air, soaring straight over the unintelligent beast, and hit the ground at a run. It didn’t turn, not bothering to concern itself with them. Something much larger – and therefore more of a threat – was still approaching. Solaris ploughed through ten metres of Gaunts before entering the next chamber. He kicked out a shockwave, pushing the Tyranids back while turning sharply to his left and entered a small side room in the corner.
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