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Default Re: Entry F - The Battle for Durin IV

Causen watched the Carnifex plough into his men and called for a retreat as Solaris charged at it, his blade glowing blue. Gaunts took this chance to swarm into the room, dramatically out numbering the Marines. What followed was a blur, the beast claw dropping to the floor and Solaris flying through the air into the wall. He didn’t stand back up. Causen watched the Carnifex stalking forward and made his decision, activating his paired lightning claws which began to crackle with surreal energy and charged forward, two of his bodyguard keeping by his side. He cut straight through a Gaunt and leapt into the air, ploughing a claw into the creatures remaining claw. It howled, spinning lashing out at him with its free talon as Causen dislodged his claw and slipped it off, drawing a large object from his belt. At this point Causens bodyguard drew their relic blades and lashed out at the beast, the crackling swords slicing thick cuts in the Carnifex’s carapace, aggravating it more. It turned away from Causen, which gave him the opening to leap at the creature, embedding his lightning claw into its upper back. Quickly he dragged himself further up its back and hung down over its merciless, hungry eyes. It reeled back quickly as he lodged the large object in its mouth and leapt off its back. A second later the beast detonated in a fiery inferno, leaving nothing but a singed shell. Quickly he moved over to Solaris, lifting him onto his feet and helped him towards the door, where the Marines were holding off. Only 100 Gaunts stood between them and safety.

Solaris watched as Causen duelled the Carnifex, showing his exceptional battle skill. As he saw the meltabomb enter its mouth he activated his heat gel layer, protecting him from the 1000 degree plus firestorm. Then quickly Causen moved over and helped Solaris to his feet. One leg was broken and at least three ribs, he decided as the pain from walking took its toll. Then the gravity of their situation took hold, a swarm of Gaunts remained between them and the safety of the corridor. There was but one option. Solaris tapped into the warp, using all his focus to ignore the pain and raised his hand. A familiar power crackled into existence; a lightning storm of unprecedented power leaping from his fingertips. Solaris fainted at this last exhaustion and fell limp in Causen’s arms. The Gaunts in their path were fried, and the rest held back, basic instinct taking over. The hive mind would regain control soon. Quickly they entered the corridor and sealed the door locking the reptiles out – for the time being.
‘Apothecary!’ Causen called out as he dragged Solaris up the corridor.
A white marine emerged from the distance quickly lying Solaris down and injected a series of drugs into his system. Quickly he removed the chest and thigh plates, drawing larger needles form his pack and inserted them into Solaris’s bones, activating the dormant polymer embedded in the marrow, fixing the fracture immediately. After a brief moment he cleaned Solaris’s chest wound and did the same with the ribs.
‘Barricade the door, otherwise it won’t hold long against our guests.’ Causen called out while standing by Solaris’s side.

A marine in black power armour, strode forward, ominously silent, bolter blazing. Skulls glared cheerlessly from its armour, white bones displayed instead of the normal trim. This was no Space Marine under the Emperors light. Blue flames danced around its feet, almost gleefully, as if they were waiting for something. A well worn symbol was barely visible on its left shoulder pad.

Solaris sat bolt upright feeling no pain in his chest or leg anymore. As his vision returned and he discovered he was sitting in a store room of some kind, crates stacked to the roof. He drew a knife from his belt and cut a chunk of wood out of the nearest, a small shell falling into his hands. It was a bolter shell of some form – but unlike any he had seen before. He dug the knife into the tip to discover a green liquid encased in it. Test rounds, and what a better time to test them? Solaris scooped out a handful and deposited them in his ammunition pouch, before locating an empty clip and loading 10 rounds into it. Causen rounded the corner and turned to face him.
‘Nice to see you’re up.’ Causen stated, handing him his swordstaff.
He accepted it before replying.
‘You know me, I never slow down,’ he replied slyly.
‘Yeah, well you are going to have to break that rule. The only reason you are standing is the amount of drugs we pumped into you.’
Solaris pushed past Causen drawing his pistol and loaded in the new clip.
‘How long until the door is breached?’ he asked, walking into a considerably larger chamber, configured as a weapons testing room.
‘Can’t you just rest for a minute?’ Solaris gave him a quick glance silencing the retaliation, ‘5 minutes, give or take.’
‘How many casualties have we taken?’
’15 Marines were overrun – holding them off for us.’
A crash broke the relative silence as the door was breached. Solaris sighed.
‘No rest for the weary… I thought you said 5 minutes.’
‘Give or take,’ he said, smiling.
Solaris rounded the corner to a rampaging Warrior and levelled the bolt pistol at its head.
The bolter bucked and the round exploded on impact with the skull, the green substance rapidly eating through its carapace. It collapsed to the ground, headless.
‘Nice.’ he muttered, aiming the gun at the next unfortunate warrior.
It collapsed to the ground a second later, many more following its death. But not enough guns could be brought to bear on the corridor, and the Marines were forced back into another gun line. Solaris stood slightly in front of the line waiting for the next Carnifex. The hive mind had sent one to break the line every time they were stalemated so far, and there was no reason for this to change. Then ominously, the flow of reptiles halted.
‘Causen,’ a Marines voice began over the comms, ‘There is something large in the corridor…’
Solaris smirked, just as he predicted.
‘Marines, move back and re-establish the gun line,’ Causen replied, stepping forward and activating his lightning claws.
‘We’ll take it together.’ he voiced to Solaris.

A daemon leapt from the shadows, its hellblade cutting through the first guardsmen. Horns protruded from its red skull, a mocking smile crossing its face. It brought the blade around in a slashing motion, felling three more guardsmen. The blood flowed from their bodies and the beast roared in laughter. Blood for the blood god.

‘Fire!’ Causen’s voice yelled over the radio as Solaris turned around.
A huge beast stood, rising above the doorway, much taller than a Carnifex and it carried an aura of power. It wielded a tremendous sword in one hand and a whip in the other, backed up by two talons, large enough to crush a tank. Suddenly the Marine’s bolters sprang to life firing entire clips into the new threat. A shimmering energy field leapt up around it, and the bolts detonated in thin air, not even marking the beast. Then it turned to face Solaris, its eyes alive with intelligence. A hive tyrant. One of the only beasts here with its own mind. It bared its bone-white teeth, advancing with bone rattling thumps towards Solaris, who moved into a defensive position, his force weapon bared over his head.
‘Bring it.’
The beast leapt forward with amazing speed, bringing its sword down with force enough to annihilate a tank. But Solaris swung his staff across, diverting the blow while bringing his pistol to bear. It bucked, as a shell detonated on the beast’s chest, not leaving a scratch. But it did gain a reaction. The whip lashed out from nowhere relieving Solaris of the gun while it lunged with one of its talons. Solaris hit the ground, ducking under the blow before sweeping his staff up, cutting through the fleshy tissue on the creatures arm. It screeched in anger bringing its sword down hard, as Solaris rolled to the side, the blade creating a sizeable crater in the floor, before sweeping across with his blade. It halted on the creature’s shin, a shockwave spreading up its leg. Solaris was stunned; the blade should have cut straight through. The moment of hesitation was all the beast needed, one of its talons ploughing into his calve. Solaris’s muscles contracted, tearing the wound right down his leg, flesh being torn out in jagged clumps. The wound clotted instantly due to his superhuman blood the near lethal amount of platelets working their magic. This did not however assist the pain and his entire lower body felt as if it was on fire. The creature forced its way into his mind now that he was in agony. Quickly Solaris cleared his thoughts, constructing a mental block. The power of the hive mind knocked aside the barrier effortlessly before readying for the kill. It was not prepared to face what followed however. Solaris struck back with unprecedented ferocity, knocking the mind back. Quickly he reverted to reality, charging his blade with an enormous amount of power. He lashed out towards its chest, the blade embedding itself into the beast’s carapace, but the warp energy dissipated. The Hive Tyrant had incredible warp resistance. The breach in the skin was space enough to force into its mind and he took the advantage, pushing a full assault. Its mind recoiled before retaliating, but Solaris kept pushing, crushing every spec of resistance. Then there was nothing left. The mind had been cut off from the hive.
Solaris returned to his own body and the unimaginable pain it felt, drawing a needle from his belt and injecting it into his calve muscle. The pain dulled slowly and he hefted himself to his feet, retrieving his pistol in the process.
‘Solaris, can’t you even stay out of trouble for a minute?’
‘A minute? I think I managed an hour earlier… when I was knocked out.’
‘You have to remember that the only reason you are still standing is the drugs pumping throughout your system.’
‘I know that, but how could have you killed that without me?’
‘I don’t even know how you killed it, but try not to inject yourself any more. We don’t want you overdosing on the drugs.’
Solaris managed a brief smirk before, collapsing, his vision blurring to blackness.

A power armoured figure stood atop a huge podium, its black armour glittering with golden trim. A pitch black blade hung at its belt, alongside a fearsome array of other items. The most prominent feature however was the vertical scar running down its right cheek. A scar left by a weapon long gone.

Arizon! Solaris sat bolt upright the image of the chaos lord still residing in the back of his mind. It had been 50 years since he had last set eyes on that face and he had hoped to never see it again. Quickly his vision and hearing returned to normal, the sound of battle becoming all too obvious. Quickly Solaris lifted himself to his feet and moved out of the side room. They were now in the second level and had lost the first two rooms. He must have been out for a while. He entered a huge room and exited through the western door, moving into a small room which linked two corridors. Only 12 marines remained, guns blazing at the oncoming horde, they would not hold them back for long.
‘Causen, we cannot hold them off for much longer!’
‘You’re awake! Sorry, I thought that that might win me this state the obvious competition. Care to offer any more blatantly obvious information?’ a more than annoyed voice called back.
‘We are going to retrieve the gene seed now!’
‘Not if we can’t halt the Tyranids.’
‘Consider it done,’ Solaris called back, moving slowly forward, testing his wounded limit. He raised his hand, and lightning bolts erupted from his fingertips, frying the oncoming horde. That would buy them a few seconds. Another marine quickly sealed the door and they barricaded it. Solaris fused it with the surrounding wall and created a weak warp barrier. That may have bought them a minute.
‘Let’s go!’ Causen called out, turning on his heel.
They set off down the corridor at run and entered the massive chamber, navigating around the craters which had been used previously for training. Soon they reached the end and entered another corridor which stretched into the distance. Suddenly something pierced into his skull, rending his thoughts apart. He gasped out in agony, collapsing to his knees and grasped his skull. The pain was unimaginable. Whatever was causing it was immensely powerful. He cleared his thoughts and the pain subsided, retreating to the back of his skull. His vision slowly cleared to the other marines standing around him, alert and ready.
‘Something powerful is here. More powerful than anything we have encountered yet…’
‘Then let’s hope we don’t have to face it in combat. Have we got a way out yet?’
‘I’m still thinking.’
‘Well, we are running out of time.’
Then he looked upon the situation with a new clarity, and everything fell into place. Emperors tears, not now…
‘East wing, are you receiving? This is Librarian Solaris calling, what is your situation?’
Static washed over the radio waves. Causen looked in surprise at Solaris, a glint of fear crossing his eyes.
‘The geneseed is compromised then, and this is all in vain.’
‘Not if I am correct in my suspicions. There may still be a chance.’
The summoning circle, Bloodletter and Arizon, the chaos lord. They all pointed to one thing.
‘So Solaris, I believe that is what you call yourself now. You really are here. I was beginning to think we were wrong.’ a deep, rasping voice crashed over the radio.
Solaris stopped, standing up straighter. His worst fears were realised.
‘Walter, for what reason what may I owe your acquaintance?’
‘Don’t use that name. That was a long time in the past. As for the reason, to claim your life and that of everything else in this station,’ his voice was unmistakeably angry.
‘So the Tyranids were just an error in the plan?’
‘Naturally, but they will not prevent me from taking your life.’
‘We will see Walter.’
Solaris cut the communications and turned to Causen.
‘We need to get that geneseed now!’
Causen turned and began to run in one fluid motion, the rest of the marines quickly following. Solaris followed at the rear, bolt pistol raised. They quickly descended to the third level and entered a chamber of unprecedented length. A squad of chaos marines were fanned out at the other end of the room, forming a gun-line like the Shadow Hunters had been using against the Tyranids. Quickly Solaris tapped into the warp, feeding its power into his leg muscles and launched himself forward at the speed of a jaguar. The chaos marines didn’t know what hit them, as Solaris crossed the 500m stretch of room in 5 seconds, decapitating the first with a well calculated blow. They drew chainswords from their backs – and lunged at Solaris as one. He parried three blows while lashing out with his other hand, bolt pistol blazing, rending the heads off three other marines. Quickly he drew more into the warps power, enhancing his senses and felled three more marines in one strike. He turned menacingly to the one which remained arm outstretched. His pistol however was back at his side. The marine raised its bolter defiantly as lighting leapt from Solaris’s fingertips, hurling the marine backwards into the side wall. He lowered his hand and crouched into a defensive position as the other marines reached his side. This was what he had been trained for. Facing the elite of the elite. Suddenly flames danced from the corridor and blood ran thick along the floor, spreading out from the door. Reality was being torn apart. The daemons were here. Bloodletters poured from the doorway, their hellblades poised to strike, glowing a violent red. Bolters blazed to life felling three of the Khornate warriors which dissipated into nothingness before they reached the marines. Solaris leapt forward dangerously, his blade swiping into the closest of the daemons as they clashed into the line. They were ferocious to meet in combat, their blade skills honed through millennia of fighting and blades cutting as easily through their armour as it would flesh and bone. Solaris swung around, bringing his blade to meet that of one of the beasts. They clashed with a resounding thud before Solaris lashed out with his left arm, a blade of ice materialising from nowhere before cutting through its neck. The Bloodletter turned into flames and vanished, banished to the warp. Within seconds only Solaris, Causen and one other marine remained, parrying blow after blow from the beasts. They would die fighting against 10 Bloodletters after facing thousands of Tyranids to get there. As Solaris parried another blow he felt a projectile soar past his ear, plunging into the head of the nearest daemon. Each and every single daemon dissipated into the warp, and Solaris’s hyper-alert senses heard 12 bolter casings clatter to the floor. He turned, blade lowered to their saviours.
They had appeared from nowhere, 10 black clad marines, almost ghostly visages. Skulls stared down from their armour, bones used as trim. Solaris spotted a small, worn symbol on one left shoulder pad, a hawk, comprised of flames. The Fire Hawks, better known as the Legion of the Damned. It was then he noticed the blue fireballs circling around their feet, a testimony to their past. He nodded, before turning back towards the door. The Legion would follow if they felt it appropriate. Black mist swept forward underneath his feet and reformed at the door, the Legion taking the lead. Whether this was through a warp-related power or something more sinister Solaris didn’t know. These were not normal marines, nothing form under the Emperors light. They stormed into the corridor and rounded the corner, guns blazing. Solaris followed in the wake of their destruction, not having to place a shot. Everything fell before the Legion, marine corpses littered the floor, and the daemons even fled before the ghostly apparitions. Some tried to retaliate, readying their bolters, but the gestures were futile. They were dead before the guns were even shouldered. The Legion did not miss a step. They charged down the corridor towards the command room and entered, guns blazing, every bolt taking a life. Then it became ghostly quiet. Nothing else was alive.
‘Nice,’ Solaris muttered, entering the control centre, taking in all of the bodies that littered the floor.
The Legion took up defensive positions around the door. Nothing would enter while they existed. Nothing would dare to. Solaris moved over to the holo-map. The door they had barricaded was still holding. It mustn’t have faced a Carnifex yet… Quickly he scanned the eastern wing. The chaos warriors were still defending the second level in the north eastern chamber, not having lost much ground to them at all. Then he saw it. A small room which branched off the main corridor in the second level. A room purpose built for evacuation, equipped with an escape pod. Causen stepped beside Solaris checking the map, and quickly located the same room Solaris had. His eyes lit up in hope. They could still make it.
At that moment everything went wrong. A hole opened into the warp, Daemonettes pouring into the room from nowhere. Solaris grabbed Thyth, the only remaining marine by the collar and hurled him backwards across the room while drawing his blade, felling the first daemon in one motion. The Legion reanimated, bolters blazing as the pleasure-obsessed daemons hit their lines, claws scything through their armour. Solaris lashed out once more with his blade before turning on his tail and charged down the main corridor towards the gene-room.
‘Solaris, take your time, the daemonettes are gone. The Legion tore them apart. Only two casualties were taken,’ Causens voice rang over the radio.
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