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Default Re: If you could build an RTS...?

I'd make an RTS based on Realm of Dissonance: Age of Strife.

So, what would I include:

Background: I'd set the game around 3925, on a border planet. I'd include five factions primarily - the Humans (Greater Humanity), the Masurii, the Moth're, the Evacians and the Karen'Din-Ai.

Buildings: In an attempt to obtain "realism", I would remove the ability to build new structures. Each player begins with a pre-built base, complete with sufficient defences to massacre any "Zerg Rush" attack that may come their way.
The battlefield would contain various neutral buildings, which can be captured by infantry and used. These buildings range from bunkers to communication facilities to resource-gathering spots.

Factions: Each faction has a distinct playing style, aiming for "unequal" play and encouraging gamers to use their faction properly.
Greater Humanity: All-rounders. The Greater Humanity have a reliable core of units, but are bolstered heavily by Mercenaries. These range from Alakittean combat teams (very fast infantry) to Makari Insertion Teams (very stealthy warriors). Mercenaries are very cheap to build, but constantly drain Credit while alive. As such, it is best to build them only when needed.
The Greater Humanity also allows players to dictate how they want their force to work. Their base can be upgraded to suit a specific faction. For example, taking the Merchant Station upgrades makes mercenaries cheaper and more common; taking the Republic Outpost upgrade provides access to Kairm Pact Republic formations, granting the Greater Humanity elite infantry; the Naval Base provides Navy Federation forces, improving the vehicles available; the Icon of Sin removes most of the Mercenary units, but grants access to As'noth and Genator formations, ranging from very cheap cannon-fodder infantry to super-weapons that inflict untold damage.
These upgrades are not available in single-player; the campaign forces the player to take the Navy Base upgrade, though the other formations appear as computer controlled enemies.
Evacians: Evacians combine numbers and strength to deadly effect. Their vehicles are the most powerful available, and their high-end Infantry is amongst the best in game. Evacian gameplay revolves primary around vehicles; super-heavy tanks, Anthropomorphic Battle Constructs (think Mechs) and artillery pieces combine to grant the Evacians unmatched armoured dominance on the field. However, Evacian armies still need plenty of Infantry to capture buildings. This is further complicated because their Heavy Infantry, the Iron Dragons, cannot capture buildings - this in turn makes the commander choose between killing power and capturing terrain.
Moth're: Moth're emphasise long range firepower. Their Flux technology is brutally efficient at tearing apart even heavily-armoured units, and in a firefight little can stand against a Mothrean unit of the same type. Flux weapons are far more powerful against vehicles than other infantry weapons, and their guns in general are very powerful. This is offset by a lack of armour, making the Moth're a "first fire" army - they can cause heavy damage, but cannot last long under return fire.
Karen'Din-Ai: The Karen'Din-Ai are crystalline serpents. They are masters of defence, being the hardest to kill, and have limited building capabilities via "Crystal Singing". This means the Karen'Din-Ai can reshape the battlefield to their own ends. However, they lack vehicle units, which makes them both quite slow, and vulnerable to armour-rushing. Karen'Din-Ai must build defences to channel and sabotage enemy tanks. The KDA's heaviest units, Bloodsingers, cannot capture buildings either, so again there's a choice between power and control.
Masurii: The Masurii are a rush army, pure and simple. However, due to the game's mechanics, they cannot simply storm the enemy base from the offset. Instead, Masurii must land-grab and do as much damage as they can early on.
To aid the Masurii in this, many of their cheaper units have their cost and recruitment time reduced as the enemy casualties mount up. This makes their low-end units increasingly desirable as the game progresses, as you can more easily overwhelm the enemy!
The downside of the Masurii is they lack heavy hitting power - they do not have the all powerful formations other armies do. The Masurii defeat the top-tier opposing units by swarming them, or ideally by never letting the enemy get enough resources to build them!

Resources: Each faction uses "Credit". Credit is granted in various ways depending on the faction. Each faction gains Credit for holding ground (territory is expanded by capturing buildings). In addition, some buildings grant more Credit, such as drilling stations or mines.
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