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Default [BATREP] Tau v. Eldar, 1500 points, with pictures

Yesterday I managed to fit in a surprise game of 40k against a friends Eldar army. We played in his geek room (basement). The scenario was omega level Secure and control, with four loot counters placed on the board. [loot counters are marked with blue crosshairs in all pictures]

My list:
Shas'el, PR, FB, HW MT, TA
XV-8 Battlesuit (team leader) PR, FB, TA, HW MT
XV-8 Battlesuit (team leader) PR, FB, TA, HW MT
3x XV-25 Stealthsuit, 3x BC, 3x TA
10x Firewarriors w/ Dfish, FD
10x Firewarriors w/ Dfish, FD
4x Pathfinders, Shas'ui, Marker drone
Devilfish- SMS, DL, MT, FD
Piranha, FD, Seeker missile
Hammerhead, Railgun, SMS, MT, TL, FD
Hammerhead, Ion Cannon, SMS, MT, TL, FD
Broadside Battlesuit, SMS, ASS, HW MT, DC & 2x Shield Drones

His List (Wargear is approximate)
Eldrad Ultran
Farseer with Witchblade
Farseer with Witchblade
20x Guardians with Brightlance
5x Pathfinders
6x Fire Dragons, Exarch
8x Warp Spiders, Exarch
6x Swooping Hawks, Exarch
Wraithlord with flamers and Starcannon
Falcon with a pile of upgrades.

Due to escalation, the only unit I got to place on the table was my Pathfinders (yay scout rule!). He, on the other hand, got his massive guardian + Farseer unit, his Pathfinders, and the Fire Dragons. They set up in a line across one side of the board, ready to charge forward and sang the objectives right off the bat.

Turn 1:
The Eldar had fist go, and raced forward, trying to get into the bunkers. Everybody except the pathfinders used fleet, so no shots were fired. His Farseers started casting fortune and conceal on the Guardians, something that they would continue to do every turn for the remainder of the game.

The Tau swung their Warfish away from the brightlance, and launched a flight of missiles at the Fire Dragons, without success.

Turn 2:
Eldar reinforcements arrive. His falcon shows up in the corner, and some Warp spiders teleport forward behind his guardian pile. The guardians move up to the bunker line, and the Fire Dragons fleet their way into one of the bunkers. A long shot from the falcon stuns the crew of the Warfish.

The Tau show up in force. A Hammerhead, a Piranha, both of the mounted Firewarrior units, and all of the Crisis suits arrive. The pathfinders, fearing for their damaged vehicle, pile out. The Hammerhead launches a submunition into the Guardians, but is ineffective thanks to the efforts of the Farseers.

Turn 3:
The battle is joined!

The Eldar swooping hawks drop from the sky, tossing their grenades on the pathfinders and killing two of the Tau. The Guardians pile into the bunker, hiding behind it's cover save and their Farseer's use of conceal. The Warp spiders zip forward, losing a man to the warp. Likewise, the Falcon advances to bring it's weapons to bear against the newly arrived Crisis suit. Carnage insures during the shooting phase, as the Warp spiders crash the Piranha with concentrated fire, and Eldrad's repeated use of Eldrich Storm and the Guardians Bright lance serves to destroy the Hammerhead's railgun and stun the crew. The Fire Dragons take out the Warfish, and the Falcon smashes the nearest Crisis suit with a burst of anti-tank weaponry.

The Tau see the bloody carnage strewn across their forces, and respond in kind. Both Devilfish execute well placed FoF maneuvers, which in combination with the newly arrived Ionhead and the two remaining crisis suits means that the Swooping hawks (and their evil Haywire grenades) are destroyed utterly, and the Warp spiders are reduced to a single man. Two Guardians and a Fire Dragon also die, almost as an afterthought.

Turn 4:
The Wraithlord finally shows up, lumbering onto the battlefield behind his comrades as usual. The Guardians step out of their cozy bunkers and spray down a unit of Firewarriors, killing 6 and causing the remainder to flee for their lives. Eldrad uses mindwar on the Shas'el, killing him, while the pathfinders fire into the firewarriors, killing 4. The Falcon has a thing about Tau vehicles, as it destroys the nearest Devilfish. In assault, the Warp spider exarch, despite being all alone, manages to catch and kill the remaining Monat suit, while the fire dragons advance into combat with the drones from the downed devilfish. One drone dies, the other loses combat and flees- and escapes the Eldar! Unfortunately, the consolidate move brings the Fire Dragons into combat with the Firewarriors.

The Broadside finally shows up, lumbering onto the battlefield behind his comrades as usual. The Stealths also arrive, dropping in behind Eldar lines in the hopes of killing off one of the Farseers. The pathfinders hurry forward, hoping to accomplish something, while the lonely drone from Devilfish beta makes a run for the closest objective. The other tanks move around (more than 6 inches in all cases) and fire a barrage of shots that kills the final Warp Spider and knocks out two of the Guardians. The Stealthsuits fire at a Farseer that got separated from the Guardians, but deal only a single wound. The Firewarriors hold their own in the combat, killing a Fire Dragon.

Turn 5:
The Wraithlord staggers around, firing and missing at the nearby devilfish. The Eldar Pathfinders pour a torrent of fire into the poor lonely drone, scattering circuitry across the landscape. The Falcon shoots up two of the pathfinders, but the Shas'ui remains focused on his mission: not dieing. Eldrad uses mind war and causes the Broadside pilots head to explode. In combat, the Fire Dragons kill two of the Fire warriors.

The Tau respond by not doing much of anything. The pathfinder Shas'ui races forward, firing wildly at a tank he can't hope to damage. One of the drones from the Piranha lifts out of the wreckage it's been hiding in and moves to hold the closest objective. The stealthsuits pour fire at the Wraithlord, but fail to wound. The Ion head sees it's chance to regain it's points, and moves in to blast away at Eldrad- and it kills him, much to my delight and the dismay of the Eldar. In combat the Firewarriors and Fire Dragons trade kills, continuing debate on who is more fiery.

Turn 6:
Staggering into the woods, the Wraithlord chases after the Stealthsuits. It's flamers manage to take out one, and when it does catch them in close combat (after rolling a 5 and a 6 to move through terrain- lucky bastard) it crushes them utterly. The Falcon, perhaps fearing what the crazy pathfinder could do, makes sure he will stay dead, emptying a full load of firepower into him. A bright lance shot from the guardians misses the closest Hammerhead. The Eldar pathfiders finally leave their sniper nest and fleet for the one unclaimed objective. In combat the Fire Dragons kill only a single Firewarrior.

The Tau, seeing that the battle is almost over, take a reckless approach with their vehicles. Hammerhead alpha tank shocks it's way into the guardian squad, bashing the ones nearest the objective and firing it's missiles into the tightly packed warriors, killing one despite the conceal provided by the farseers. The desperate gamble is meant to contest the local objective, and it certainly annoys the Eldar in the way. The Ionhead moves over and takes out two of the pathfinders- not quite enough to lower the unit below 50%, but it's close. The Fire Dragons finally manage to kill the last of the Firewarriors, setting them up in a great position to shoot out the side of the Ionhead.

No picture this turn. Sorry.

A dice is rolled to determine if the game continues...

And with a 6, it does!

Turn 7:
The Fire Dragons move into position and open fire on the Ionhead, and prove just how lucky the tank really is. The crew is shaken, even as the Falcon opens fire on t and misses wildly. The Wraithlord comes back out of the woods and looses a shot that destroys the SMS on Hammerhead Alpha. The Guardians charge the Hammerhead in their midst, setting off the Flecette dischargers and losing one of their number in the process. They fail to hit the moving skimmer.

And now the Tau see their last hope. Hammerhead Alpha tankshocks again, and this time the massive unit of guardians breaks. The remaining devilfish releases the drones, who assault the broken unit. Failing their morale check, the massive unit of Guardians and it's attached Farseers are scattered and destroyed. The Tau take possession of the objective that they had been holding, much to my delight.

I apologize of the blurred image.

And with a failed roll to continue, the game ends:
Tau points remaining: 415
Tau Objectives: 2 held

Eldar Points remaining: 456
Eldar Objectives: 2 held

Game is a draw

Final Comments

I was not expecting his psychic powers (having never played against Eldar before)- eldrich storm, especially, kicked the shit out of my tanks, spinning them around and forcing them to show the read armor to his heavy weapons. Mind war was also a nasty bit of work, killing off both my commander and my heavily defended broadside. My railguns were disappointing, as neither of them managed to do anything, and both were, infact killed as soon as they opened fire. My Ionhead, on the other hand, managed to survive the entire game, and did a lot of damage- it earned it's points back simply by killing Eldrad! It seemed as though my tanks were actually more dangerous once they had been hit a couple of times, as tank-shocking with the Railhead and the follow up from the devilfish (and it's Frisbees of doom) was the real game winner. I think I made the right choice in not engaging the Falcon- it was worth something around 200 points, and had as many of the protective upgrades as my opponent could fit on there, so I'm not sure if I could have touched it. As it was, the tank spent the entire game babysitting a lonely objective, and I never felt threatened by it.

All in all, it was perhaps the closest and most hard-fought game I've ever played. I've scheduled a remach for April, and I predict it will be similarly epic. (Plus, my friend has said he'll get some better lighting. Expect nicer photos next time!)

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