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Default How the heck to I beat Eldar?

Admittedly, I'm still learning tricks in this very complicated game, but I just don't know how to avoid getting slaughtered when I'm up against Eldar. Here are the problems I run into, and the few things I have come up with (mostly read) to deal with them.

Harlequins with Shadowseer: Get some protected fire in close to them, or give them a barrage or two from warfish and hammerheads. Still very dangerous, but I think I can handle them OK.

Avatar: he's tough, but my commander with shield drone, Plasma Rifle, and Fusion Blaster can probably handle him. Or I can just stay away from him as he's not very fast.

The guy who casts Fortune: Is it worth trying to DS something behind him so you can get a shot, or should I just not bother shooting at whatever he Fortunes this turn?

Here's the big one, their indestructable vehicles: I never seem to get the first turn, so I have to deal with glancing-only hits on fast-moving skimmers, but they always have upgrades that make it even worse. I can keep a vehicle from shooting by hitting it repeatedly, but that means I have to devote one of my relatively few tank-killing units to keeping it down. It doesn't take many vehicles before we've stalemated and only the lower-powered units on both sides are doing anything useful. With that holofield (or whatever it is that lets them roll two dice on the vehicle damage table), I'm not going to destroy it. With another annoying upgrade that they always have, any "can't move" result becomes, once again, a "can't shoot". Being asked to roll better than 3 on both of two dice means I'm only going to do anything but keep it from shooting with 1 of every 4 hits. Even if I can get an immobilize result, they don't die (some kind of emergency landing gear?), although I then start rolling on the Penetrating chart.

My list varies a bit, but generally it includes my commander as mentioned, three broadsides, 2 or 3 deathrains, 2 warfish (1 with FW's, 1 with PF's), an ionhead or skyray, and a small kroot squad. Other options include sniper drone teams or stealth teams with gun drones, and I usually have an ethereal hanging around to give me some chance at passing morale rolls.

So how do I take down those blasted Eldar vehicles? Or should I give up and ignore them?

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