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Default Re: Space Wolves: A Comprehensive History

Runic Staffs
-Runic Staffs are mighty artifacts carried by Rune Priests that are imbued with the most powerful wards the Rune Priests can devise that protect the wielder from the psychic attacks of his enemies.

Leman Russ Exterminator
-Normally Space Marines do not have access to Leman Russ tanks, however in honor of their Primarch the Space Wolves maintain a small number of Leman Russ Exterminators.

The Fang- Fortress of Wolves

The Fang is the Fortress Monastary of the Space Wolves. Each Great Company keeps a headquarters in the Fang, and the Fang is where new recruits are transformed into Blood Claws. The Fang is also home to many of the facilities of the Chapter including the majority of the most sacred places to the Chapter, ancient artifacts and mighty forges. The Fang also happens to be the single tallest mountain in the Imperium, one of the greatest fortresses of mankind. The Fang is so tall that its highest observation room is actually situated above Fenris’ atmosphere. Considered the mightiest bastion of the Imperium outside of Terra there are few enemies indeed who can challenge the Fang.

The Fang is encased in immensely thick armor, with powerful defense lasers as ancient as the Space Wolves themselves and powered by long lost technology. Void shields superior to that found on even the most magnificent of Imperial warships protects the fang and the mountain is so vast that its upper reaches actually form docks for space craft used by the Chapter. The Fang despite it’s immense power has nearly fallen several times in its history, but despite the desperate hours the Fang has encountered in its long and glorious history the Citadel of Wolves still stands testament to the power of the Space Wolves, the Adeptus Astartes, and the Imperium.

Homeworld- Fenris

Fenris is the homeworld of the Space Wolves. A planet locked in cold much of each year and wracked by tectonic shifts that change the landscape of the planet greatly each year. The constant shift and harsh conditions shape the people of Fenris into a hardy and strong breed. Tempered for battle in the constant war for survival against the elements, the monsters of the great seas, and competing tribes, and that is the way the Space Wolves like it. Instead of reforming the society of their homeworld as most Legions did, Leman Russ kept Fenris the same, kept the various sea going, island living tribes the same as they had always been, to keep them hardy and strong. As the tribes war the Space Wolves monitor their efforts, and every so often when two tribes wage war against each other, a wolf skull masked priest will appear on a fiery chariot in the sky to watch. Whenever the Wolf Priests of the Emperor’s warriors is watching, the tribes of fenris cease what they were doing and re-form their battle lines. If a tribe had been raiding an enemy in swift and merciless butchery, they will instantly cease and allow their foes to be armed. For only in true battle can the Emperor’s chosen see the warriors of Fenris at their best, and choose those worthy of ascent.

The seas of Fenris are home to creatures that seem to be straight from the legends and nightmares of the people of ancient Terra, yet they are very real to the inhabitants of Fenris. Enormous and deadly Krakens, sea Dragons that could swallow armored tanks whole and massive predatory sharks. Once an outsider has seen the fury and power of such creatures, one gains a new respect for the people of Fenris, who challenge such beasts with iron spears and axes, aboard simple longboats called Dragonships, that are much of the time barely a fraction of the size of the mighty sea wyrms that the people of Fenris hunt.

In opposition to the chaotic change of Fenris’ mighty seas, the massive continent known as Asaheim is home to the Space Wolves themselves. Populated by mighty Ice Trolls and Fenresian Wolves and other monsters the Aspirants and Space Wolves often test their skills against the various beasts populating the glaciers, ice plains, and mountains of the continent.

The Chapter Fleet

The Space Wolves maintain fifteen ships in their fleet, one for each Great Company and three in reserve. Each of the fifteen ships is unique unto itself, the fleet including many different classes and configurations of vessels. Two of the Chapters ships are massive warships akin to Imperial Navy capitol ships. The Fist of Russ is the ship of Egil Ironwolf which he claimed in combat when his Company’s own ship was badly damaged. Slightly larger the Pride of Fenris is the personal ship of Logan Grimnar.

Political Relations

The Space Wolves are a curious Chapter when it comes to Imperial politics. Logan Grimnar is completely unafraid to defend his Chapters autonomy and will wage war even against other Imperial institutions if he feels it is just. Most particularly Logan Grimnar has very strained relations with the Inquisition after the 1st war for Armageddon saw the Inquisition round up the planets populace in isolated labor camps at the conclusion of the campaign.

The Space Wolves are also notable in that they have a firm alliance with the Navigator House Bellisarius that predates the foundation of the Imperium. House Bellisarius provides the Space Wolves with 24 of their best Navigators in exchange for 24 Space Wolves known as the Wolf Blade, to serve as a bodyguard for House Bellisarius’ leadership. A significant number of Space Wolf heroes have at one time or another been part of the Wolf Blade. Since House Bellisarius is an ancient and powerful Navigator house, they maintain a headquarters on Terra, and thus service in the Wolf Blade provides the Space Wolves with inside experience into the politics of the Imperium. Some of the current heroes of the Chapter that have served in the Wolf Blade include Ragnar Blackmane and Logan Grimnar.


The Gene-seed of the Space Wolves contains the flaw known as the Curse of the Wulfen. This genetic heritage of Leman Russ gives the Space Wolves continuously growing canines, heightened senses of smell and hearing, but also a terrible curse. For those battle brothers that cannot contain the beast within them, they transform into monstrous werewolf creatures, half man, and half wolf. For this reason the gene-seed of the Space Wolves is never used in the creation of new Chapters and no known successor chapters are known. The only chapter suspected to be descended from the Space Wolves, known as the Wolf Brothers, is a mystery to the Imperium. Some theories suggest the Chapter had some sort of genetic mutation due to their distance from Fenris and had to be disbanded and cleansed. Others suggest that the Wolf Brothers may actually be the personal bodyguard of Russ appearing alongside the 13th Company in battle. The truth is still a mystery to the Imperium at large, though there are certainly those among the Inquisition who would dearly love to know the answer, if only to use it against the Space Wolves.


The Space Wolves are brought up believing in mystic legends and sagas of star striding wolves, horrendous monsters and mighty heroes. Mistrustful of technology and sorcery the people of Fenris are a brutal but noble people and this bearing is brought to the Chapter by the recruits. Central to their belief system is Leman Russ and the Emperor, whom they see as the greatest pinnacles of mankind and heroes to inspire valor and honor.


The battle cries of the Space Wolves varies from company to company, however a common battle cry is simply a blood curdling howl the Space Wolves let loose when they charge into battle.

Company Markings

The Space Wolves have no Chapter symbol, instead the markings of each company take on the symbol chosen by each Wolf Lord and as such are constantly changing. The symbols will usually be significant from the sagas of Fenris and usually include some form of wolf iconography. The markings for squads have to do with their type and are also varied from squad to squad and company to company. Some traditional colors however are red and yellow for Blood Claws, red and black for Grey Hunters, white and black for Long Fangs, and black and yellow for Wolf Guard.

History of the Space Wolves

Primarch Leman Russ

The sagas relating to Leman Russ are known to the galaxy largely due to the efforts of one Gnauril the Elder, a contemporary of Fenresian King Thengir. The sagas tell how one of the infant Primarchs came to rest on a distant world from Terra known as Fenris. Given the harsh climate it is unlikely that any lesser man would not have survived, but Leman Russ was a Primarch, and no lesser man. According to the Sagas Leman Russ was taken in and raised by a Fenresian she-wolf. Russ’ companion wolves Freki and Geri are believed by many to be his original pack brothers, raised at about the same time as Russ himself. Russ even attested at times to his “lupine parentage,” which can perhaps attest to some of the traditions and unique organizational aspects of the Space Wolves themselves.

However the real tale of Leman Russ begins with Gnauril’s saga “The Ascension of the Wolf-King” which tells the tale of when Russ first met the nobility of Fenris. The tale tells that one fateful Hellwinter, when the young Primarch went with his pack to raid a nearby human settlement. The young primarch smashed through the village, breaking into the store house to steal great slabs of salted meat and fighting with immense ferocity against the villagers to allow his pack to escape with their spoils. The villagers were astounded by what they had seen and petitioned their king, Thengir of Russ. The King sent a hunting party within the week armed with the best weapons he could muster, razor sharp blades and drake-poison tipped arrows.

The hunters tracked down and slew many of Russ’ pack, including the venerable she-wolf herself. Russ was found defending the body of his pack Alpha against the hunters, even pin cushioned with poisoned arrows. Despite his insane constitution Russ succumbed to the sheer quantity of potent poison and was subdued and gagged. Bound and gagged Russ was brought before the King. That evening the wolf-man was brought before King Thengir and told to grovel for his life. Instead Russ raised himself to his full height and let out a roar that was so loud and lasted for so long that many had to leave the Kings hall rather than hear any more of it. Then Russ spat a huge gobbet of blood and poison straight at the King, un-cowed and with golden eyes shining with pride.

After that night Russ was taken into the personal care of the king and was taught to fight and fish, and very quickly to speak. Russ showed a great aptitude with weaponry and indeed anything he did. Before long Russ even bested the Kings champion in a contest of battle axes. It was then that the King deemed Russ worthy to receive a name, and so Leman Russ was born.

The next years of Leman Russ’ life are mostly hearsay and legends, some of the legends tell of Russ tearing up Oaks with his bare hands, others of wrestling a Fenresian Mammoth single handed and roasting it whole, and of sending armies of King Thengir’s enemies fleeing without sustaining a scratch. Whatever is really true, the fact is that Russ’ fame spread far and wide and when Thengir died, there was no question as to the succession. King Leman Russ took the throne.

The remainder of the saga has never been written, but kept alive through oral tradition within the Space Wolves and every member of the chapter knows the tale by heart. On every Allwinters eve the Rune Priests tell the tale of Russ. It was during one such feast that Inquisitor Chalfont snuck a vox-recorder to the feast and at the table of Great Wolf Cormack Wolftongue, a record of the tale was made.

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