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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Craftworld War-Jen
The Serpents of the Dark Tide

We are the Ruin of Chaos, Our Joy is their Destruction and our Wrath is their Doom, Now until Their ending!
-War cry of Myrmidon, 8th Autarch of War-Jen

The Craftworld:

War-Jen’s construction was begun fairly early in the Craftworld timeline; as a result it’s quite large and well-constructed. Originally it was a bustling metropolis, but today its population is cool and calm, directing their energies to maintaining their great Army. Its aspect shrines are large, with great training fields and arenas. As a tribute to the vision of Crucis, War-Jen has colored black, leading the few humans who have seen its image to conclude that it is a Blackstone construction like the legendary Fortresses.

The Drive:

In the Ancient times, long before The Fall, the prophetic dreams which would eventually become critical to the Eldar’s survival were often disregarded. The Eldar of the time had little time for prophecy; nothing had stirred them from their complacency for millennia. Nonetheless, some of these dreams were recorded by the Seers, and after The Fall the survivors would consult these for clues or hopes that might be found within. One of these records was the account of Crucis, a Seer living on the Hunter’s Moon approximately 3 millions years before The Fall.

Crucis dreamed that he was hunting with an elderly man, and that as they stood on a hill the companion showed him a great Eldar city sprawling across the land below. As Crucis drank in its great beauty, a storm of fire and blood erupted from the city’s center and consumed it. Scores died in torment, and the city’s buildings themselves were corrupted into horrible mirrors of their past beauty. Crucis could see small pockets of his kin huddled on rooftops, looking in vain to the heavens for salvation as their number dwindled. But the Gods could not be found, instead something far different came. From the North, Eldar dressed as great Serpents appeared, flying above a vast Tide of dark water. This tide washed across the city, extinguishing the flames and calming the torment.

As the waters receded, the corrupted buildings changed again, becoming magnificent spires of black stone. The Serpents shepherded the survivors from the shelters, bringing them to city’s center where all, including the Serpents themselves, threw off that which differentiated each other and became one people. Taken aback, Crucis looked to the old man for answers, only to find him gone.

This Prophecy has become the center of the faith among the Eldar of Craftworld War-Jen. The Seers believe Crucis’ dream was a message from the last of the Old Ones, who once directed the Great War against the C’tan. They believe that the Old Ones foresaw the Fall and Rebirth of the Eldar, and it is this which Crucis was shown. Since the Old Ones are gone, the War-Jen reason, it was their intention for the Eldar become the leaders of a new great army, the Serpents leading the black water to extinguish the fires of Chaos.

The War-Jen dedicated themselves to becoming the Serpents of Crucis’ vision. They influence and study the other races, looking for ways they might be united under their leadership. They make war to strike those who aid Chaos, either purposely or inadvertently, and turn them back toward the true enemy. They search the depths of space and lost tracts of the Webway, looking for the knowledge and tools of the Old Ones which will help them unite old enemies into the Black Tide.


War-Jen society is very martial, having dedicated itself to fulfilling the Prophecy. They call their take on the Path of the Eldar the Path of the Serpent, and it is focused on giving the Craftworld the tools it needs to fulfill Crucis’ Prophecy. The vast majority of the Populace follows the Warrior or Witch Paths, resulting in large numbers of Aspect Warriors and Warlocks. Those “civilian” War-Jen which remain are dedicated to maintaining and providing for this great army.

Unlike some other Craftworlds, clans hold little sway among the Serpents of the Dark Tide, as families spend little time together unless they are on the same Path. Instead, camaraderie is strongest among members of the same Path. In fact, several groups of Aspect Warriors coordinate their movement among the paths, maintaining their friendship as they move from shrine to shrine.

Generally, Warlocks direct day-to-day activities, serving as local officials and officers. The Farseers are in charge of directing the Craftworld along the Serpents’ Path, acting as both Senate and Council of War. There are 2 Autarchs which are in overall command of the War-Jen, commanding its great Army and Navy. Technically outranking the Farseers, they are the titular “heads of state” for the Craftworld. However, since the Farseers and their subordinates keep the Craftworld on the Path of the Serpent, no War-Jen Autarch has ever defied their will.

Other Craftworlds may not yet share their beliefs, but this does not disturb the War-Jen too greatly. They see those who reject the Path of the Serpent as the huddled masses from Crucis’ vision. Other Craftworlds’ faiths are treated with respect, but the War-Jen view of the gods is very different from many of their kin. While most Eldar still have great faith in the power of the Eldar Gods, even believing that a new god, Ynnead, will arise from the death of the Eldar and strike down Chaos, those who follow the Path of the Serpent believe the time when the Eldar could count on their gods for protection has gone. Their salvation must come by their own hand, or not at all. When the Phoenix Lords return for the Rhana Dandra, they too will be traveling the path of the Serpent, and join the War-Jen in leading the Dark Tide against Chaos.

Heroes and Leaders:

Currently the 2 Autarchs of War-Jen are the Princes Entei and Tanis, veterans of combat on the ground and in the stars. They share this command equally, and there is no division of the Craftworld’s forces among them. Before a campaign, or on the eve of battle, the two will plan and assemble their War Hosts together.

Prince Entei is nicknamed “The Firestorm,” both for his volatile personality and penchant for wreaking havoc on the battlefield. He generally fights on foot, leading the warriors of War-Jen into battle propelled by his own muscles (and maybe a Warp Jump Generator). He’s a great hero of many battles, often scoring many kills with a Reaper Launcher or Fusion Gun and then storming in with his Power Glaive Re-Hamm to greet the enemy in person.

In Appearance, Entei surrounds himself with the trappings of his office. At peace he wears voluminous robes, emblazoned with the image of the Serpent. At War, his banners are bright and proud, his helmet tall and double-crested, and his armor garishly reflects his Fiery will.

Prince Tanis has a less heroic reputation than his comrade, but those with knowledge of such things would easily rank him the Superior Campaigner. Tanis has a knack for utilizing the mobility and lethality of the Eldar, often breaking off engagements only to strike with amazing speed where the enemy is not expecting him. Unlike Entei, who is not satisfied unless he’s bringing the might of the War-Jen to bear, Tanis prefers commanding smaller, faster forces to outflank the enemy or counter-attack their attempts to outflank the Eldar.

In appearance, Tanis forgoes Entei’s fire for cool confidence. At peace he wears subdued yet regal tunics. At war, his warrior’s armor is minimally embellished; his banners simply hold the Rune of the War-Jen. Unlike Entei’s infantryman’s approach, Tanis typically favors riding into battle on a Jetbike with Laser Lance in hand, directing his men and always ready to charge in to their aid.

The Farseers of War-Jen make up the Serpents Council, which directs the Craftworld along its Path. There are several offices on the Council whose holders head various divisions of labor. Among the most important is the Seer of Guard, who oversees the Spiritseers that tend to the Wraith warriors in slumber and battle, the Seer of War, who oversees the rest of the Warlocks, and the Seer of the Path, who protects and maintains the texts and errata which the Council consults to help them fulfill Crucis’ Prophecy.

The Army:

The War-Jen’s dedication to living the Prophecy is reflected in the standing Army, it’s huge. While all Craftworlds can gear their population to war when war calls, for the Serpents of the Dark Tide war is always calling.

Compared to other Eldar War Hosts, the War-Jen have much fewer of the Guardian “citizen-soldiers.” Almost all the Guardians of the War-Jen are tasked with manning the vehicles and heavy weapon platforms of the army, there are no Guardian infantry formations. The Wraith and Aspect Warriors do most of the fighting for the Eldar, led by the Autarchs and Seers. Guardians are their drivers, their pilots, their gunners, and their healers.

Although their population remains fairly strong, the War-Jen have not waited for times of crisis to create Spirit Warriors for battle. In the Craftworld’s Awesome Hall of Fallen heroes, large numbers of Wraith warriors are carefully maintained. As abhorrent as this disruption of the afterlife is to all Eldar, the Serpents view these constructs as the first Warriors of the Dark Tide. In battle, the Wraith warriors are colored the black, highlights in flames of blood red, to reflect the Dark Tide washing away the fires of Chaos.

Exiles of the War-Jen are those who grow tired of the Path, as with all Craftworlds, and also those who take it upon themselves to quest for secrets of the Dark Tide. Many young warriors strike out on their own or in small bands, traveling across the cosmos in search of tools to help the Serpents in their mission, returning hardened and capable Rangers and Pathfinders.

Although the Serpents of the Dark Tide hold no hope of salvation from the Laughing God, his hatred of Chaos makes them secure allies. Seers of the War-Jen have traveled the Webway with the Harlequins to consult the texts of the Black Library, and the enigmatic warriors of the Laughing God readily join the followers of the Serpents’ Path in battle.
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