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Timing was on Gemiel’s side, and she glanced back to see a large group of citizens slip in behind her. Slowing to a walk, she turned left into a back alley, and then took a right into another. She continued to walk, keeping to back alleys and only venturing out into the public streets to cross them and enter the network of back alleys at the other side.
After what seemed hours, Gemiel allowed herself the time to cool down, regain her wits and to ponder her next actions.
Returning to the Palace or her Convent was a death warrant, she knew that much. She was alone now, in hostile world without aid.
“Why have I been forsaken?” Gemiel asked herself.
‘You haven’t been forsaken Gemiel’ seeped into her mind in a warm and inviting voice. She smiled to herself at the comforting nature of the voice and allowed herself to remember the sweet promises it had made to her and the many rewards she would reap. It had grown to be a part of her since childhood, and it had used her deep-rooted hatred of her life as a Sororitas to take a hold of her. It had always known what had made her join the Convent and had turned the memories of her mother into a thing of loathing. Where she had once venerated her mother as a saintly figure, she now saw she for what she was, a pawn to a dead corpse. The memory of her mother on her deathbed when she had made both Alica and Gemiel promise to join the convent was now a thing of detestation.
A shadow crept across her vision, breaking her from her reverie.
Snapping her head to face the creature casting the long shadow, she knew it was an Astartes from the sheer bulk and the rounded outline but the livery was hard to make out due to the harsh contrast between the stranger and the two suns flanking it.
She tried to move, but just couldn’t. Something unseen had a hold of her body.
“Gemiel” said the stranger.
“Yesss” she managed despite her muscles fighting the movement.
“It is time” the voice came again and with it, the muscle lock that had affected her seconds before dropped away. “Time for me to die?” asked Gemiel, flexing her muscles as if she hadn’t used them for days.
“To begin your destiny” the voice came again.
“Are you a servant of Slaanesh?” she asked.
“I am not a servant of She Who Thirsts, but I am as damned as you” the stranger voiced.

“I want all the transports locking down! No one leaves this world!“ Holt boomed, glaring at the line of serfs he had sequestered to act on his behalf. “I also want the ALL communications recorded and filtered!”
With row of nods, the Inquisitor nodded himself and the serfs filed out to do their assigned tasks and carry out his commands. The Librarian had was silent during the entire exchange.
When everyone had gone, he turned to the Librarian, “something’s up, even I can see that and I’ve known you for, what an hour?”
“I’ve lost contact with Adual” he muttered in a low voice.
“Who in the name of the Emperor is Adual?” Holt asked.
“He’s a brother Librarian I came here with” Aran replied.
“And the significance of that would be?”
“I don’t like it… It is a matter of honour within our Chapter to keep brothers abreast of all developments in a war zone He’s been shutting out my psychic communications for the last two hours” Aran said, unsure of whether he should be voicing it in present company.
Something snapped into place for Holt “How did you get here, Librarian?”
“Thunderhawk, of course” replied Aran.
“Where is this Thunderhawk now?”
“It should be holding station at Unity Plaza.”

The ride over to Unity Plaza was a rougher one then any Holt had taken before. The silver armoured Astartes Rhino made every rock and pothole that went beneath the track jolt Holt’s spine.
When they had arrived, the Rhino slid to a halt and the rear ramp swung open. Aran and Holt were the first to disembark, followed by the Sororitas Alica.
Holt withdrew his powered blade and his pistol whilst Mars Aran unclipped his force axe and plasma pistol. The Inquisitor glanced out of the safety of cover provided by the Rhino at the scene playing out before him.
A line of silver armoured Astartes stood at ease as a Librarian dressed in the same livery as Mars Aran marched across the Plaza with a white armoured Sororitas in tow. Behind the line of Astartes, a silvered Thunderhawk sat waiting with its front ramp lowered.
“Stop in the name of the Inquisition” Holt boomed again as he rushed forward towards the Thunderhawk. He saw the traitor Librarian turn his gaze towards the Inquisitor and with a force of will, stopped the Inquisitor dead in his tracks. Holding the Inquisitor immobile felt the bonds holding him aloft strain as Aran tried to counter act Adual’s psychic will.
Despite the battle of wills going on, Alica wasn’t effected, her faith in the Emperor holding her true whilst she ran forwards with her bolter in hand. Drawing within range, she sprayed the traitorous Librarian with fire, breaking his concentration long enough for Mars Aran to break the shroud holding Holt.
“Tretan! stop Adual!” Aran ordered.
Before they could snap around, “Fire upon the Inquisitor and his traitors” Adual shouted whilst making more progress towards the awaiting Thunderhawk.
“Stop them boarding the Thunderhawk!” Holt thundered whilst rushing forward himself.
Sergeant Tretan acted as he moved to block the access ramp to the Thunderhawk. It was the only order that wouldn’t have him firing upon his own battle brothers.
Using his psychic might, Adual lifted the entire eight-man strong squad and threw them clear of the ramp.
With the Tactical squad effectively out of the situation, Holt raised his pistol and fired, missing his mark by a narrow margin.
Gemiel was simply too quick.
She had simply leapt over the burning bolt of plasma that Holt had aimed at her legs.
Mar Aran aimed his own plasma pistol at the traitorous Librarian and fired. Adual didn’t even need to see the explosive bolts to effectively stop them dead with his psychic abilities. Both loyalists cursed as his projectiles hung there, motionless in space before exploding in a white wash of light as bright as a small sun.
Holt was blinded momentarily by the explosion. Adual and Gemiel made good their escape as their backs had been towards the explosion and they scurry up the Thunderhawk’s ramp.
As Holt’s vision returned, the ramp was already closing and the Thunderhawk’s engines were already lifting the massive armoured behemoth into the sky.
The Inquisitor saw his chance and took it. Leaping forward, he felt his fingers catch at the edge of the ramp and he hung there, trying desperately to stop himself falling and to haul himself up.
He was too late as the ramp finally reached the top of its incline and with it, his grip on the ramp slipped away and Holt fell.
He hit the ground. Hard.
Cursing, his vision blacked out.

Holt heard hushed voices around him. He lay there for several minutes, listening intently to the whispered conversation going on around him before deciding the get up.
Blinking his eyes clear from sleep, Holt glanced around. He was surrounded by friends. Amongst them were Mars Aran and Alica, and he was surprised to see the Governess there too. Cilia and Dyrin were stood in the background and he gave them a meek smile.
“What in His name happened?” Holt asked, directing his question to the group rather then a specific person.
“You fell from the Thunderhawk” said Alica.
“That much I remember” Holt mused.
“You broke your legs and nearly severed your spine” Aran chimed in.
“Is that all?” Holt mused.
“Not really. The Thunderhawk did a pretty good job of cutting you up” Alica interjected chipped in.
“The Thunderhawk shot you a few times with its heavy bolters as it climbed off” Aran continued.
“And I thought being hit by heavy bolters was dangerous” Holt jested.
“You’ll be in a wheel chair for the rest of your life” stated the Governess with a broad smile plastered across her face.
For once, Holt’s smile was fake. It was something he had always hoped wouldn’t happen. He would rather be eaten by a Tyranid or run through by an Ork before having to be wheeled around for the rest of his life.
“It was always my ambition to be a servitor” Holt joked after a minute’s silence.
“Lucky thing then that she’s joking, and are you sure about the Ork thing, I know a few worlds that are plagued by them?” Aran chimed in.
Before Holt could shoot back Aran’s remark, Cilia cut in “first thing you should know about Holt is that he hates having his mind read.”
Holt saw the rest of the group turn towards Aran and Cilia and the Governess was the first to break the silence
“I’m sure he’ll be able to make a note of it somewhere in his Librarium.”
“What about the riots?” Holt asked the Governess.
“All the cultists are dead and the rioting has stopped, thanks to the Astartes and to Inquisitor Mintus.”
“Where the hell did Mintus come from?”
“He came after the Astartes arrived… helped clear out all the cultist dens.”
“Well, sorry I was unconscious for the entire clean up operation. So where is this Mintus now? I wish to call him a heretic for not coming sooner” Holt joked.
“He’s off world, we have no idea where is” said Aran.
“He needs his rest, he’ll be awake tomorrow” came a new voice, and Holt saw a new face appear beside the large form of the Librarian and was dressed in the white dress robes of a local medic.
Holt nodded before lying back down into his cot. He ignored the sounds of his friends filing away, and closed his eyes.
“Don’t you have to go pray, Alica?” Holt stated after the noise of friends leaving had died away.
“Still as sharp as ever” he heard Alica say before he fell asleep.
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