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Default Re: Iron Warriors.....worst possible chaos choice?

Originally Posted by blade_masda
to sum up, cauze I've been ranting here for a while, I'm not saying the iron warriors are a horrible army, i just saying that the other armies are phenomenally better. Iron warriors players, read the codex again and ask yourself "why am i choosing to give up all of this for a basilisk, vindicator and a couple of oblits???"

I couldn't disagree with you more. The cults and legions all have their power levels, and Iron Warriors happens to have a very high power level by comparison, especially in 4th edition. The overall push to shooting in 4th made Iron Warriors really relish their weapon access level, while the more combat oriented cults & legions really didn't gain anything. They're still very good mind you, but Iron Warriors are a very good choice for the competitive player to choose. They are without the fat of upgrades and marks, and instead, give you valuable options such as a 4th heavy at no loss to your army, and increased Obliterator access (which isn't used to get extra Obliterators, it's used to spread the Obliterators out into individual single model scoring units). It's completely competitive, scoring and without the fat that many Chaos players come to love to fill their lists with--upgrades.

Khorne is at a complete disadvantage in 4th edition and do not even compete with Iron Warriors at any level.
Tzeentch might as well not exist, frankly. They don't even come close to anything compared to Iron Warriors.
Slaneesh competes nicely with IronWarriors, very shooty, great in assault. The drawback is less models and higher cost.
Nurgle has a good resilience factor, but loses a lot of shooting and only fairs normal in assault. Advantage is all I.W.
Alpha Legion competes with IronWarriors, with the same weapon access; I.W. will have more guns likely. I.W. advantage.
Night Lords competes with I.W., but they too can only bring as much firepower and less, than I.W. Assault is the same.
Word Bearers competes very well with I.W., because they have access to the same guns, and still have room for summons.

Slaneesh & Word Bearers are the only two cult/legions in the Codex that compete on with IronWarriors in 4th edition.

We can all talk about opinions and clammer on about what we think it should be, but the plain fact of the matter is what actually works in tournaments around the world, and what doesn't. Funnily enough, the majority are the three I've listed: Iron Warriors, Slaneesh and Word Bearers.

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