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Default Re: Iron Warriors.....worst possible chaos choice?

To start things off....
Originally Posted by Locky
Erhm Iron warriors are just as good as the other undivided factions in CC...
No they are not!!!!
If they were, they wouldn't be iron warriors!!!

Originally Posted by The Immortal Black Mage
In response to your comment about the oblits: if you use them correctly and deep strike them where they will be effective and have nice LOS and ranges of fire, nothing will be moving for quite some time ^>^
Nothing? what about another deepstriking assult squad, or a large squad of fast moving gaunts, or how bout ork stormboys who turn their much needed high save into...well..scrap metal (since I'm not allowed profanity) see, like i said, quite over rated, over used, and not too difficult to remove. like a splinter in then back of you hand, its annoying, but only requires tweezers to fix.

Now, what I'm seeing here is that a lot of you seem to think that i think iron warriors suck. well i know they don't suck, when use right they can be damned good. I just think the other chaos armies are all better, by far. ( BTW look at the title: "worst possible chaos choice" see- CHAOS CHOICE---CHAOS )

Now i know GW has to include them because of fluff and such, but you might as well play imperium because even the simplest imperium army could crack iron warriors with ease. yaya you can use a basilisk, but it is overrated. its weak armour and high tendency to die to even the weakest fire makes it a liability in smaller games. yes a know it has a good gun with the best range, but it becomes useless in smaller games, like 1000p.

Also, they completely get rid of daemons. Why on all of mork and gorks dust ravaged earth would you CHOOSE to do that? Daemons are what make chaos chaos. Yes they are unstable outside the warp, but that is why you summon them onto the enemy and let them run wild, removing all infantry from puny guardsmen all the way up to proud space marines. and greater daemons can crush a defensive line with ease. and iron warriors give up all of that for a pie plate and some oblits.

Originally Posted by Jackal
What makes other armies better hmmmm? Like the Night lords get as many Raptors as they want don't they? Or the Alpha legion get cultists.So the Iron warriors are just like them other armies that let you field more of one type of unit.
Well..... Raptors are actually useful, although very expensive (no I'm not complaining, they need to be that expensive to balance out the chaos force). Into a raptor squadron, you can throw 3 meltagun and a powerfist. Thats deadly!!!! (unless your like deathguad and miss all 3 melta shots and all 4 powerfist hits against a lieutenant...hehe lol) combine that with hit and run, you now have a formidable squad capable of ripping though man and metal alike. now cultists do not suck because they offer a cheap troop choice. in addition, they infiltrate and can have furious charge. In a 20 man squad, thats 60 S4 I4 attacks! you can also toolthem up with melta bombs. 20 guys with meltabombs infiltrating is quite frightening to ANYONE who has tanks. you may stop 10, or even 15 in a round of shooting but thats still 5 melta bombs on a tank. if they stay in cover they block off pathways your tanks can take because of their anti-tank capabilities. lastly, they can be tooled up with an icon to summon daemons. 3 squads infiltrating with icons, summoning 3 squads of furies onto the board on turn 2 or 3 can really mess up anyones battle plan.

and if you want to know about how much better other armires are than the iron warriors, just read the codex!!!!!! there are plenty of much better things in there

to sum up, cauze I've been ranting here for a while, I'm not saying the iron warriors are a horrible army, i just saying that the other armies are phenomenally better. Iron warriors players, read the codex again and ask yourself "why am i choosing to give up all of this for a basilisk, vindicator and a couple of oblits???"

--------------------END OF RANT--------------------
"Let the artillery vindicate this planet for houseing these beasts of men!!When i return, I don't want to see anything left but mulch, smooth enough to spread on my toast"

-Shas'el Dal'yth Tsua'm Ukos, in refference to the 13th Repentant Adeptus Astartes of Overlord Deathwing
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