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Default Re: Alpha Legion & Daemons

Originally Posted by Abael
Can Cultists summon any kind of daemon or only Furies?
"The Alpha Legion may include Daemon Packs." This implies that they may not use other Daemons, such as Greater Daemons or Daemonic Beasts, thus meaning that Furies would not be allowed.
Daemons of any kind may be summoned by an Icon of Chaos Undivided, meaning that Cultists may summon any of the Daemon Packs.

Additionally, can they still take Cult Marines as an Elites choice?
"Alpha Legionaries can only bear the Mark of Chaos Undivided..."
Alright, I'm back by my books and while I agree with the assessment that AL can take any of the cult daemons AND they cannot take Furies.... I still don't get why, in fact the whole idea makes no sense to me at all, but I digress...

I do not, however, agree with the idea that they cannot take Cult Marines as an elites choice. After reading the section again, I take the above quote to mean they can take the MoCU but need not feel obligated to acquire the mark and may not take advantage of nor be considered as AL for purposes of determining special characteristics such as cheap infiltrate SHOULD they bear the mark of a cult. And being such a cult member, they would fall under the category of "marked differently from presiding Lord" and thus be scheduled an elites slot. Does this sound RAWish?

At this point, I feel an explanation from myself is needed. I am writing up the background fluff of my emerging army now and have decided to use a Rogue Trader from the good ole days before the Heresy as my Lt./Lord. After fleeing the boundaries of the galaxy with his corrupted Space Marine retinue in tow, he returns with rare geneseed of one fallen marine and barters for the transformation into a chaos marine with the help of Fabius Bile.

Now, I would like to eventually include some elites choice EC as part of the unfolding of his eventual spiral into the depths of hedonism as his isolated company turns to the worship of Slaneesh whilst raiding and pillaging far from the Eye. His cultists would be of two distinct groups and be modeled that way. The first group would be his crew of non-marines with the second being worshipers from the planets where he lands to wreak havoc and visit brothels. His crew would be modeled as guard-style figures while his planetary cultists would be more typical.

Is this fluff sufficient to explain why he'd break with the standards of AL as he's not really a part of it? The whole idea is to build a basic AL army first with his more military-styled crew-cultists and then delve into daemon packs and planetary-cultists as my financial terms allow before finally converting over to Slaneesh in the long term.

This is kinda why I wanted to use Furies instead of cult daemons as it would illustrate the slide even better as I phase out Raptors in order to move into alignment with Slaneesh cult restrictions.
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