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Default Re: Farsight Theories

Farsight had first contact with the necrons, who killed the Aun with his expidition. As their had been no contact with them before, he had no idea who he was fighting:

Originally Posted by Codex Tau
Seemed confused as to who the enemy was
His forces were being wiped out, when, as a last resort, he picked up a sword in pride of place in the temple, a temple with strange, tall thin beings with pointed ears as statues venerating a crippled one at a forge. Grabbing this weapon he was able to destroy the enemy.
With the sword came visions, and strenght. He saw a ghostly plain, where 100 of the tall thin warriors stood, wielding swords the same as the one he found, lead by a figure of molten fire itself. He saw as they clashed with the same warriors he had fought, and how, one by one they were beaten back. He saw death itself fight against the molten god, and a vast explosion when the molten god was beaten, that leveled the entire battlefield.

Then, he saw a female of the tall species, walking through the battlefield, picking her way through the bodies until she came to one, dressed like her. Kneeling down, with tears flowing from her eyes, she cradled his head as he took his last breaths.
"Have you seen?" He felt, rather than heard the words from the dying alien.
"I have," replied the female, "but how can he be the one? Only you could wield these weapons, and at great cost, so how can an alien hope to?"
"I know not, but this is what will come to pass. The only way the Yngir can be beaten is by him. Even Ynnead, may he never have to be woken, will only buy us time."
Farsight knew not, who they were, or who they spoke of.
"Very well, I shall see to it this future comes to pass," breathed the female. "He will take up the Sword, and I only pray, in their naivete, they will be strong enough."
She stood, picking up the fallen warriors sword, and began to walk away.
"Wait!" cried the fallen warrior, as she stopped and turned, "They will need our help. They will destroy themselves in their ignorance, unless we can help them. Contact the Varingir (sp?). They will be needed as well. Keep them whole, or our race, our galaxy will fall." He fell back down, and with his dying breath, spoke true.
"Our time as rulers will end, our empire will be sundered. It will be their time, their destiny to unite the galaxy."
The female looked up, fire glowing in her eyes. Somehow, Farsight sensed she looked directly at him, as she said, "Very well. I will see to it that this future comes to pass. He will follow his destiny."

The vision passed, leaving Farsight with knew knowledge. Somehow, he knew the aliens spoke of him, and he knew what he must do. But how would the Aun react? Uncertainty passed through his mind, before he settled on his course. He would follow the alien prophecy, even if it meant going against the Aun. He would save an empire, and unite a galaxy.

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