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Who would win...
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Who would win...

In a fight between Phoenix Lord Asurmen and Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka?

Me and my friend were arguing this (something we often waste time doing), as he is an Eldar/Slaanesh player and I am an Ork/Nurgle player (but we'll save Typhus vs Lucius the Eternal for later). As both characters, the Ork and the Eldar, rely on their prowess in battle to determine their skill, there aren't any special rules we can exploit to determine just who would win. Therefore, I ask you. The Prophet of the Waaagh!, or the first of the Phoenix Lords?
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Depends on the conditions of the fight. In a straight up 1v1 arenastyle faceoff I would favour the Ork. However the Eldar would have my vote in a matchup where terrain plays a role.
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Kroot Warrior
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Thumbs up Go nurgle orks

I think you're right
1 because I play nurgle but also wanted to play orks before I looked into warhammer 40k

And 2 because if you're a prophet of waaagh! Then you're the most amazing prophet I've heard of
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