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Kroot Shaper
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It has also been hinted that the Outsider may be able to exert some influance on the Tyranid Hive Mind, as the incoming hive fleets are giving the Dyson Spehre that She is trapped in a very very wide berth.

Tryanids do not feel fear, so they have no reason not to land here unless told not to. True, there may be no food there, but then they would just pass by it, not split around it and keep a huge distance between them and it.
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Nicely condensed and well explained, thanks Nerdex.
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Kroot Shaper
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While it's possible the Outsider does that doesn't really seem likely. The C'Tan aren't psykers. And it just doesn't seem that sonething so insane would manage to be smart enough to say, "if I manipulate/make these creatures and they go feed on everything then I can feed on them." As to why avoid Necron worlds? Well if we assume the Tyranids somehow know about the Necrons itmakes total sense. One, there's no life there to consume. The Necrons (in fluff) are by far the most powerful armies. As Tarkus described it "Necrons are much fiercer opponents on the battlefield." And they atomize what they shoot, destroying the biomass used to create the creature. And they have no biomass, they lose no matter who wins. And think about why the Necrons went into stasis. To wait for life to be abundant again. If they detected all the life of a freaking hive fleet? Now that's something to wet the appetite isn't it? You'd definitely give them a wide, wide margin of safety.
And thanks articulategrunt, you're most welcome.
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Kroot Shaper
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Worth throwing in here, at a tournament i attended recently, the local tyranid and necron players were practically salivating (one player even did a poor impersonation of Dr.Evil to emphasise the villainy of the idea) over something they called 'necro-nids'. Is there something in fluff I'm missing?

Soz, it was just brought to mind by the whole ''avoid the dyson sphere'', and in another note, 40k fluff wise, wat's the dyson sphere?

-From, ur friendly neighbourhood N00B :P
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Fluff wise the dyson sphere is essentially a prison housing the 'Outsider'. Fluff suggests that inside it is a different dimension physically holding the outsider outside the galaxy hence his name. While this could strengthen the idea of the tyranids, a race which disrupts the warp and came from out side the galaxy with the hive mind, different tendrils could even be the different personalities of the outsider. I for one think there is something to necrons and nids but whether it is like that or otherwise remains to be seen.
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