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the imperium
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Default the imperium

is there any universe that can defeat the imperium? this is how list is as of now that ive compiled.

imperium vs...

star wars-defeated

the battle tech universe is the only one i can think of
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Default Re: the imperium

Star Wars it really depends. The longer the fight the more of a chance star wars would win. The empire tech is geared to fight a few rebels and not an empire. A prolonged fight would cause the empire to generate better weapons and troops in a prolonged fight.

With Halo the Flood would win since imo they are worse than Tyranids. The flood can take over technology and troops while the nids eat living matter throw it in the pool and make more nids that evolves against the enemy. The flood makes more troops so to speak a lot quicker than nids can in a sense. Also flood could have flood russes and land raiders powered by the flood spirit. So I'll say if the can't control the flood quick enough than the flood wins.

Also the covenant isn't a bunch of pansies. In the books the humans have huge problems fighting the covenant and the flood with the elite revolt actualy made it easier to fight them. But I think the 40k human empire seems to have more numbers and would beat the covenant.

The Invid from robotech would probably beat the 40k universe empire. Also the robotech masters with their army of zentrati warriors would probably be able to defeat the 40k human universe.
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