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the star wars empire vs the imperium
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True, but the Imperium of Man can do it with one salvo of torps. Also, found a better reference for size of the IoM ships: The general rule of thumb is 500 meters per hitpoint (noted as Hits in the Bluebook).

That works out to the Emperor class having 12 hits, or being about 6000 meters (6km). That's a rough estimate as the Divine Right was a little over 7km long. Unique ships don't always follow the rule so there are a few, particularly those in the Segmentum Solar and Segmentum Obscuras fleets that were slightly longer. The Apocalypse class and Oberron were about 8km long. That's understandable given their multi-role capability. These are worthless ships in the game by the way they are only cool fluff and model wise...

Anyhow crew wise again the general rule is 1000 crew members per hitpoint. For ships with carrier bays including Thuderhawk gunships, its an additional 1000 per launch bay, or +100 marines per Thunderhawk (that's about right given a company has 100 and a chapter has 1000 (thralls make up the rest of the crew).

Chaos follow the same rules with some exceptions particularly grand cruisers.

Cruisers were between 3 and 4km long (the Mars was a little over 3.5km long). The Armageddon class of cruisers were 4.5km long. In general we add half a kilometer if its a battlecruiser.

Escorts were about 1km long (24th squadron was probably a bit larger given that they were ECM ships primarily. Given their fluff people put Cobras at 1.5km).

So that means that Imperial escort ships could go toe to toe with a Star Destroyer, and they're firing torpedo as big as Galactic Empire escorts.

And I don't deny that they'd probably do nasty things to Guardsmen, it's just that the difference in damage dealt would be less one sided then you might think. And just how much more powerful a plasma weapon is then a las rifle varies. After all, Tau pulse weapons are plasma weapons as well, and they're not a whole lot more powerful then hellguns. Less powerful in some ways. I'd personally peg the actual combat abilities of the Stormtroopers at somewhere between Imperial Guard Stormtroopers and Skitarii. Well trained and elite, just not quite up to the snuff with the Sisters and the Marines. Also, remember that the Stormtroopers were only the elite of the Galactic Empire. The actual Imperial Army was about on the level of your average Imperial Guard regiment.

And again, the Galactic Empire super weapons are still limited by the fact that they can only travel at light speed. On the other hand, the Imperium of Man has ships that can cross the galaxy in a matter of months (whereas light would take the better part of 100,000 years). Since any given super weapon can only be in one place at one time, the massive imperial ships could just sail around with impunity doling out armageddons like they were candy while the ground defenses of the important Imperial planets eat Galactic Empire ships for breakfast. 'cause while there are the superdreadnaughts, most of the ship strength of the Galactic Empire lies in their Star Destroyers, which a lightweights by IoM standards.
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the imperium wins
i dont think darth vader could kill a titan legion
the imperium could crush star wars with ease
i think the imperator titans would play Soccer with AT-AT
l dont think the standard guns from an AT-AT could barely penetrate termie armour
lets not talk about dreadnought

to begin with: the death star has gone kaboooooom
if those tiny ships destroyed the death star
then a fleet of battleships SUUUUUUUUUURELY can
ground wars:
1 imperator titan can chew through 3/4 of dark vaders army and blast the dude apart
i dont care how much "force" you got
i got a mega bolter
i'm da master
bla bla
u fail

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