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How does the Melta Cannon work?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How does the Melta Cannon work?

No, it's not that simple. If you can contain it so easily, then you can deflect it with a similar mechanism just as easily.
I never intoned whatsoever that it would be simple, just possible. Likewise I never said containment would be easy. Finally how can you prove a similar mechanism would serve the purposes of defence as it would that of offence? Gunpowder has a strong enough charge to shoot bullets just fine, so by your reasoning can I assume it would be just as easy to deflect bullets with it? Accelerating, stopping, and altering the course of something are vastly different operations from one another that each have their own practical considerations.

Your definition of a particle projector is uselessly broad. To the rest of us, and in the scientific world, a particle projector is something that projects molecules or atoms or subatomic particles, generally a specific kind. Same idea as the LHC, but for shooting them at things instead of smashing them together.
Again, the tap above my kitchen sink projects molecules, atoms, or subatomic particles, it even projects all three at once! I think you'll find that "in the scientific world" things are always meticulously described with as much detail as possible. A scientists would only refer to a "particle projector" as such once he or she has already established that it is a short form for a particular device. That may be established by custom (as two individuals talking shop) but it will always be established beforehand.

You mean, yourself and your squadmates?
Lightning documented to have struck next to people with them suffering little to no injury often enough. Lightning is also often hot enough to render oxygen into a state of plasma. Few people, however, survive actually getting hit by lightning. Why would firing objects that hot kill you and your squad if lightning strikes equally as hot, equally as close fail to do so?

It's always described as behaving like one in the fluff.
I've always read a melta gun described as firing thin beams of searing bright light which melt holes through tanks, detonating the fuel and munitions inside them. Flamers described as shooting large gouts of flaming accelerants wide enough to clear streets, fill tunnels, and empty bunkers, then leave them burning (since the fuel, usually promethium, sticks to anything it touches till it's burned itself out)
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Default Re: How does the Melta Cannon work?

A Plasma gun is essentially a chemical thrower, but it projects an encased mass of plasma rather than a burning fluid. This is treating "plasma" as something a little odd, but it is a form of technology that doesn't have a firm foundation in anything we know.

A flamer is obviously a flame-thrower, but the chemicals used can be more complicated than that. There would be variants for different atmospheres or even partial vacuum

A melta-gun fires a form of microwave radiation. When it strikes a target it causes the molecules to vibrate at a high rate, generating heat. It probably doesn't work precisely like a real microwave oven, which relies on rotating polar molecules (water) back and forth quickly.

But it isn't throwing anything tangible. The appearance of a beam would be a result of its effect on air molecules in its direct path.
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Default Re: How does the Melta Cannon work?

Originally Posted by DEF Knight
yes that is how a melta weapon works, as far as I know. on a side note: "lobbing a ball of gas or vapor" is how plasma weapon works, and as far as all the odd sci fi weaponry in 40K its actually amongst the most plausible.
Well plasma isn't exactly a gas although it is derived from gas it has various ionic charges that give it a degree of cohesion where gas will just diffuse and spread out so if you run with that concept and hyper developed it in the 40k universe it's plausible that you can launch a ball of burning plasma at someone. But on the other hand superheated gas would simply diffuse in different directions and rapidly cool it's like when you open a hot oven the there is a blast of heat as hot air rushes out but the further away from the oven you are the less you feel it until it is unnoticeable.

Originally Posted by Ryan Thunder
Eh? What militaries, and since when?

Lobbing a ball of gas or vapour is going to have all the effective range of a humidifier. :P Unless its magnetically bottled or something, but then making a shield to disperse it would be trivial.

Since its plasma, it's also going to cremate every unshielded human being within an unmanageable radius.

I prefer to rationalize it by pretending its some kind of particle projector.
Your not far off with your imagination most of the Plasma weaponry concepts in development work around the idea of using plasma generated by lasers this in theory could case massive lightening discharges, as lightening is plasma presented at the earths surface, this could be used to attack single targets or wide areas

The US military is indeed funding research into creating a non lethal weapon based on this concept a few people on the internet have dubbed it a flash-bang gun. The basic gist is that a laser is fired it generates plasma in the area around it the material that is hit by the laser becomes ionized, these ions transfer to the plasma causing rapid expansion which produces the same effects as a flash-bang grenade. In addition to the flash bang an electromagnetic field who's intensity can be controlled by the lasers intensity, this em field would interfere with the human nerve receptors causing temporary paralysis or extreme pain.

Originally Posted by Cazboab
I figure it just super-heats whatever it hits, to the point the target flash boils or it ignites the atmosphere locally since they beam doesn't have enough energy to light the whole planets atmo and there's no chain reaction due to the air rush caused by the vacuum after the initial explosion essentially blowing the flame out.
I think at the moment thats probably the best explanation we can come up with, as for the scatter well if the result is explosive it's no different from missing with a GL or ML
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