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What do you think of my endgame scenario?
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Default Re: What do you think of my endgame scenario?

In all reality, if there were to be a final battle, it would be a duke off between the necrons and the 'Nids, as they are the only races who haven't met yet and are therefore mostly untouched (as each of them are the real superpowers in the galaxy). But i think this is a much more intersting scenario and could occur.
As for the Imperial Truth vs Xenophobia, i think that no-one challenges the Emperor's decrees simply because they have become bitter towards the xenos, as the High Lords of Terra could revoke the decree at any time.

Just my 0.02


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I like the endgame "good guy alliance" optimism....

... but that will all fall apart when it turns out that the being on the golden throne was NOT the Emperor- but HORUS ALL ALONG! In their final exchange Horus defeated the Emperor, but was badly wounded, so started the ploy that HIS badly burned body was the Emperors- and got installed into the golden throne, and was spoon fed psyker souls ever since from the Astronomicon- making the Imperium slip steadilly to a chaos-realm of oppression and daemon-world environments- but on a Galactic scale! For millenia sitting there gloating to the powers of the Warp that fled to the eye of terror..

Who ALL ALONG proclaimed him as the FALSE emperor in their hate, betrayal, and envy!
[it wouldnt be the dark future if there wasnt a bad ending]
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As a tau player, I 100% approve
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