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Useful Links to 40k Resources
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Default Useful Links to 40k Resources

Please post up any useful 40k links you encounter on the internet.

I'll start the ball rolling:

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Default Re: Useful Links to 40k Resources

While the most obvious site is Lexicanum which for those not in the know is the wikipedia of the 40k Universe.

I don't know how relevant it is to this thread, but a while ago a link to the WargamerAU forums gave the old Necromunda rules that GW hasn't put up on their site. Going along with that there is the GW Specialist Games Resources page.

That's all I can think of right now, or at least have easy access to. I would have posted a link to the Great Crusade Forums, but it looks like they've been eaten by the internet. :-\

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That makes far too much sense to be used in 40k
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Default Re: Useful Links to 40k Resources

Good "How-to's". Also the site of the most (in?)famous dipping guide on the internet. I'm planning on making shotguns partially like those converted in there.

Great terrain ideas and more How-to's. Check out the Necromunda terrain like the reactors and Defense Lasers.

This topic came up earlier in the week for me and also someone else. You can use these pens in place of paints for hard to reach spots. The smaller ones are the most commonly used (005's)

Fun Ork site. My favorite Ork titan ever is in the Mek shop section.

Neodymium magnets at cheap prices.

Notice a trend about me, links, and getting terrain ideas from the site within? More Necromunda-esque stuff.

For the hard-core Tau perfectionist, a quick-and-easy how-to guide about making your own custom sept shoulder pieces.

Regardless of my personal feelings on the quality of many of the main members decency as human beings, the tutorial from the site is still worthwhile.
The modelers salt technique.

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