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Ordo Xenos
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Default Ordo Xenos

Hey, I've got a question. Although the Ordo Xenos are supposed to be unreasonable, cold-blooded alien haters, they also seem to be the ones who are most likely to form temporary alliances with aliens as well as use their technology. In addition, Amberly Vale, from the Ciaphas Cain books, doesn't seem nearly as nasty as much of the information about the Ordo Xenos (and the inquisition in general) portrays them to. Can someone better versed in this topic than I explain them? I don't own the codex, and wikipedia's article on them kinda sucks.
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Default Re: Ordo Xenos

The Ordo Xenos are a diverse Ordo. Their mission is to hunt out and destroy the Alien, much like Malleus hunt he Daemon, or Hereticus the Traitor.

The methods employed vary from one Inquisitor to the next; some will wage open and violent campaigns of genocide, whilst others will operate covertly, studying their enemies and removing them quietly.

Some within the Ordo believe in turning the weapons of the alien against itself, and will employ various alien artefacts, or hire alien mercenaries. The Puritans, however, consider this the direst of heresies.
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Default Re: Ordo Xenos

Since when has there been an Ordo Xenos codex?

Anyway, it is up to the individual Inquisitors how they prosecute their duty, as is the case with each of the Ordos. It is more of a matter of personal taste then any hard and fast rules
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Default Re: Ordo Xenos

Ah, but the Ordo Malleus hates and despises the Daemonic, yet some will use them to fight Chaos.

Its not black and white with the I, some are puritan, some are radical, who may use forbidden means to fight.
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