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Default Buildings

So, I just started leraning some PHP, and, I've got this idea...

Have you ever played one of those text-based games where you basically order troops and then tell them to attack another player? There is a multitude of them on the internet.

Text based Browser Game + Warhammer 40,000 = You know where this is going.

However, To do that I would need biuldings for each race to do certain things. Some are obvious: Barracks=Train Infantry. Some are not so obvious.

Basically, what building for each race would "generate points", basically lumping things like food and metal together- everything that feeds troops.

Hope my meaning is clear
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Default Re: Buildings

Like a text-based DoW?

Sounds fun as long as there is Tau.

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Default Re: Buildings

Alright, here's some ideas...

Exodite Camp - generates food.
Wraithgate - generates units.

Squig Farm - generates food.
Da Kamp - generates units.

Nutrient Pool - generates food.
Spawning Nest - generates units.
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Default Re: Buildings

Yea, similar. Except it'd be based more on the codexes and fluff, and with no real graphics to speak of.

Ah, see, thats great Wargamer!

Imperial Guard:
Barracks- Generates Units
Algae farm- Generates Food

Space Marines:
Chapel Barracks- Generates Units
??? Generates Food

Barrkacs- Generates Units
??? Generates Food
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Default Re: Buildings

For the whole Imperium I'd have something like a supply dump generate food.
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Default Re: Buildings

Supply dump! That's great! Thanks Legio!

So then:

Imperial Guard: Barracks/ Supply Dump

Space Marines: Chapel-Barracks/ Supply Dump

Inquisition: Barracks/Supply Dump

Eldar: Wraithgate/ Exodite Camp

Orks: Da Kamp/Squig Farm

Tyraninds: Spawning Nest/Nutrient Pool

Dark Eldar: Wraithgate/Exodite camp?

Tau: Barracks? /?

Chaos: ?/?
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Default Re: Buildings

Warp Pit- generates Units
Spawning ground- generates food

Kroot Camp- Generates Food

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Default Re: Buildings

Woooooo! Now I just have to program it! The hardest part will be making a "logon"... Basically I'm just going to have near-to-codex (or how I'd like the codex to be) lists with some buildings to build them, and then you get to send them off to battle and such. Still working out the combat system specifics.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Buildings

Dark Eldar: WarpGate/Slave camp

Necrons: Tomb Complex/Power Relay

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Default Re: Buildings

Remember to post it up here when you have . I'm looking forward to it.
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