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shadow lord
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Default shadow lord

myself and tyross were hasving a few pints as you do. When i asked if he remembers the shadow lord as the fifth chaos God. I know tyross knows more than me and did say he was the god of mischeive and belives the deceiver of the necrons is a recycled version of him. Anybody knows any more if so answers on a postcard.
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Default Re: shadow lord

lol i remmember him (i wasnt even playing when he was in) he's like a god that feeds himself on the powers of the other gods. hes represented by a vulture me thinks and basicallly the deceiver is him c'tan form
postcard(dunno what that is sorry :P but i hope that helps)
but yeah GW in their infinite wisdom decided he wasnt as good, me i reckon he was cool a renegade if you will from every one (i think you could find more inf o wikipedia but yeah......................) >
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Default Re: shadow lord

Wasn't Malal the fifth God?
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Default Re: shadow lord

Yes. The guy with the copyright upped and legged it, so GW never mentioned him again...
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: shadow lord

he was thrown a reference in Codex:chaos space marines with the paint schemes in the back. from what i've read, greater daemons of malal are humanoid, with both vulture and crocodile parts and 3 eyes. his symbol is a bisected white and black skull, and he is the chaos god of self destruction. he is so chaotic that he craves the destruction of chaos, and so he fights the other chaos gods. hoorah.
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Default Re: shadow lord

Malal is described as being both lupine and crocodilian in appearance, yet still having a humanoid form. Depicted to have six fingers on each hand, five horns and three eyes on his head, Malal is also shown to have sets of teeth that resemble a mix of lions', shark, horse and rat. Malal's symbol is a skull bisected down the middle, one half white, the other half black.

God, I wonder what the rules for him would be, I wanna see a war of gods, but who would be his nemesis!? Its back to the drawing board with me i suppose.
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Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Originally Posted by Avor
I would like the bare legs a bit better if they weren't belonging to a old woman with Grey Hair.

Kinda wrong.
I agree with that, at least try to make her look hot and young!

Anyways, dont give toasty any ideas, he already loves his Sisters too much....
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Default Re: shadow lord

Originally Posted by edraik
I wanna see a war of gods, but who would be his nemesis!?
All of them, probably. He hates his brothers as he hates everything else, and I can't imagine they felt any differently towards him.
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