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Geneseed traits
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Default Geneseed traits

I looked all over the forum and I couldn't find this anywhere, so if this has already been posted please give me a link and lock this thread.

I was wondering what traits the geneseeds have. I know that the Blood Angel geneseed gives bloodrage, and the Imperial Fists are missing an organ. What about the rest though? Can some one give me a list?

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Default Re: Geneseed traits

The Space Wolves geneseed contains the Canis Helix, which has a number of effects:
1) the curse of the Wulfen
2) it causes the Space Wolves' canine teeth to grow continually throughout their lives

The Raven Guard were almost annihilated at Istvaan V, and the measures Corax took to keep his legion alive mean that their geneseed is somewhat unstable now and as such the rate of recruitment is very low - one reason for their guerilla tactics, as they cannot afford high casualties.

The other First Founding legions have their little quirks, but I'm not sure if they're largely cultural or if the geneseed actually plays a part.
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Default Re: Geneseed traits

Imperial Fists geneseed lack the Belcher gland (unable to spit venom) and lacks the SusAn gland (unable to suspend animation).

Imperial Fists also have an obsession with proving their worth through pain control. Thus, they employ pain gloves as discipline or to prove endurance. Essentially the Imperial Fists try to conquer pain.
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