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Possible or Not
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Default Possible or Not

I was rwading a post by oresshidealling with whether a space marine chapter could get the wrong genseed and i realised that sicne there are two parts to the geneseed that are implanted is it possible for one marine to have a blended version of say Sanguinius and Rogal Dorn's geneseed, which would create a stronger than normal space marine becaues of sanginius's pure skill mixed with Rogal Dorns knowledge, then the red thirst would be canceld out by the stubborn tactuirnness of Dorn, so you would have an above normal marine, and thus an more powerful chapter, thoughts
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Default Re: Possible or Not

They've already tried that, in the 21st Founding. It's also called the Cursed Founding - most or all of the chapters created in this manner didn't do too well, to put it lightly. Karma isn't too keen on messing with the gene seed it would seem.

You can read the other thread as to what happened when they tried to get rid of the Red Thirst/Black Rage through the Lamenters chapter.
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Default Re: Possible or Not

this is the fluff for my chapter.

I am cursed founding which is represented by my appallingly bad luck with my marines on table top and my gene seed is primarily Dark Angels with a few Blood Angels and other "superior" gene seed. The idea was to try and combat the black rage.
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